Wynder K. Frog

Salford based outfit featuring Mick Weaver on organ. He later went solo under the same name then reverted to his own name. Has played with everybody at some time or other.

Bass player was John Brennan, who was with Life 'n' Soul and now with The Ivy League. They used to feature their interpretation of Oscar Peterson's arrangement of "Night Train". Daring for the time.

John Irving

Conflicting info re the line-up shows:

    Neil Hubbard (guitar)
    Alan Spenner (bass)
    Mick Weaver (keyboards)
    Chris Mercer (sax)
    Rebop Kwaku Baah (percussion)
    Ian Cooper (drums)

    ( More info see below)




Mick Weaver - alias Wynder K Frog - has also played with Wooden Frog (aka Mason - Capaldi - Wood - Frog), Grease Band, Keef Hartley Band, Joe Cocker, Frankie Miller Band, Eric Burdon, Ronnie Lane Band, Marriott-Lane, Roger Chapman & The Shortlist and Taj Mahal & Phantom Blues Band.

Some Wynder K. Frog concerts:

Sunday, October 17, 1965: The Cavern, 8 - 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool 2, Lancashire, UK, with The Easybeats, The Dresedens

Sunday, May 7, 1967: The Redcar Jazz Club, Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK, with The Bluecaps

John H. Warburg



The Sunshine Superfrog LP is very rare and has not .. to my knowledge come out on CD .. however; the "Out Of The Frying Pan" set is out on CD on the British Edsel label .. may be deleted now , but I have a copy , and play it on my ALL BLUES show on kuvo radio here in Denver regularly !! The studio phone lights up every time I play it .. especially the 'Willie And The Hand Jive' track.

Dick Heckstall Smith (R.I.P) is featured throughout, and is heard doing his "two saxes at once " bit on "Willie".

Mick Weaver also was on tour with Andy Fairweather Lowe, and played on his albums during his be Bop N' Holla late 70s period.
(Careful on this point, AFL's Amen Corner keyboard player was the excellent "Blue" Weaver)

We were the opening act on the tour, about 77/78'. I was signed to RCA playing bass in a band called 'Limey'..we put out one album , then got fired from RCA halfway through recording our followup LP!

We did about 16 dates through U.K. with AFL - mainly universities etc. I think Mick played for Joe Cocker as well; not heard about him or his wherabouts as of late. A great player - he had Booker T' and Jimmy McGriff DOWN, boy!!

David Bowker (ex-many Manchester groups)

There was another later  release LP called 'Into The Fire' , but lord knows how to get hold of THAT!

Also the Sunshine Superfrog LP - his first effort; was supposedly recorded in US by session musicians (backing tracks) the organ overdubbed by the frog man in UKk. That was 1967! on Island !

He also played for  Keef Hartley, Taj Mahal , and briefly in Traffic when Winwood left to form Blind Faith . The name Wynder K Frog was, I understand , Chris Blackwell's (head of Island records ) idea to try to sell him as an American act in U.K.  Hence no pics, as I recall of him or band on any of his records! 

Sunshine Superfrog had mini pictures of cartoon frogs on album sleeve and it may have been spelled Frogg, with 2 'G's - need to check on that ! Like I said it is VERY rare , and must be worth mega-bucks to a collector.

PS I'm on radio kuvo.org again on SAT 5pm Denver time ... maybe I'll dig out 'Out Of The Frying Pan'  for my show!!  

David Bowker (ex-many Manchester groups)


As a founder member of the band, my aged memory is that the name belongs to a jazz/blues artist in the U.S. We took it long before the band recorded, Mick kept it ..... Wilf Lewis on guitar along with Alex Kirby on sax (St Louis Union and later EMMY award winning TV director and TV Lion, Witch n Wardrobe director) were also founder members...... Don't know what happened to wilf?????

Marian Stockley (Friday Brown)


To clarify the query on the above, it ain't no American bluesman from way back. I worked as frontman vocalist harmonica player with the Chapters along with Alex Kirby and Dave Webb (St Louis Union) before they teamed up with Mick Weaver.

We tried to form another band after the demise of the Chapters. One of the suggested names was Wynder K  Frogg, double G. This new band didn't happen so the name moved on with Alex and Dave.

The  name was inspired by a book I was reading at the time - the hero being one 'Jimmy Wynder'. This was coupled with Frogg from a song I wrote at the time entitled Frogg Bop Blues. The K came as an abbreviation of the word King from the line in the song 'King of the Frogg Bop Blues'.

Mike Lynch

I'm lucky enough to own a copy of "Into The Fire". Someone in the US saw my comment's on "Out Of The Frying pan" at Aamazon, and wanted "Sunshine Superfrog" of which I have on LP as well, so I sent the LP to the states.

He DVD'd "Fire" for me and returned everything, so I'm a proud owner of "Into The Fire" although not as good as "Into The Frying Pan" well worth having.

Mick's a brilliant player, I've met him as well at "Bumper's Club" in London, no longer there. What a night that was, Mick on one side of the stage, and I think it was Eddie Hardin on the other, two great Hammond players.

Mike Masterton

Me and my  band The  Calgary  Stampede (we  tryed  to  be  a poor  mans  Alan  Bown  Set) supported  Wynder  K. Frog at  The  Queen  Mary Ballroom  located  inside  Dudley Zoo  in The  West Midlands.

After delivering  their  own  set, they then  backed  none  other  than Jimmy Cliff! A great  night  and  yes  we  sha* ourselves  especially  our  hammond  player!

Thank  god  I was  only the  lead  singer  (dead  easy  to  blow  Jimmy  Cliff  away, NOT!).

Any body  else  remember  when  you  got  a buy  one  get  one  free  with  the  two  great  stars  dong  a double  act? The  venue  had  two  stages  facing  each  end  of  the  dance  floor so  just  to  make  matters  worse  we'd  got  ourselves  a  logistic  "face off"!

Charlie  Butterskin - Mute(stage  name  '66)

Ian Cooper, the drummer with Wynder K Frog is currently playing drums with me (Mark, bass) in The Tailormaid Band, a 12 piece soul band based in the Llyn peninsula , North Wales.

Mark Jones

I am Ian Cooper the drummer for Wynder K Frog in the mid 60s when we were signed to Island records and managed by Chris Blackwell. The info on the site is incorrect as to the line up at that time.

Mick Weaver  Keyboards
Ian Cooper   Drums
Bill Simmons Sax
Ron Carthy   Trumpet
Allan Peake  Bass and Vocals
Norman Mather Lead Guitar

The band broke up in Sept 67 when Blackwell needed a replacement for Steve Winwood hence Capaldi Mason Wood and Frog.

Any one requiring further info please E-mail me. I still play in an eleven piece Atlantic Soul band.

Please visit www. Tailormaidband.com

Ian Cooper

I used to work in the Don Read Agency (Bolton) as a booker. I lived in Darwen at the time, and managed this group for a while.
I'm pretty sure that there was a drummer at the time called Jason Theaker.

I remember most of the other lads mentioned on this site!

Peter Yates

I was married to Bill Simmons (with out a D ) who was the sax player. Ian Cooper has said the correct line up for the band . And I don't remember you??
I will ask my friend what happed to Jason.


I was the infamous WKF referred to on this site. Peter Yates' contribution is absolutely correct. There was a drummer called Theaker, but his first name was Drachen. He eventually played with "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown". If you read this Mr. Yates, I remember you very well. Great old memories.

Mick Weaver





Sunshine Superfrog Island ilp 944/ilps 1967
Out Of The Frying Pan Island/UA ilp/ilps 9082 1968
re-issued Edsel 1996
Into the Fire UA 1970
Turn On Your Lovelight / Zooming Island wi 280 1966
Sunshine Superman / Blues For A Frog Island wi 3011 1966
Green Door / Dancing frog Island wlp 6006 1967
I Am A Man / Shook Shimmy & Shake Island wip 6014 1967
Jumping Jack Flash / Baldy Island wip 6044 1968
French EP

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Topic: Wynder K Frog
John H. Warburg says...
17th May 2014 9:10pm
John H. Warburg says...
Just a few gigs added - would be great to add some more.
25th June 2014 9:01pm
tony carter says...
I remember one of our very early "gigs" with "So-On & So-Forth...We played with "Wynder K Frog"...This must have been around 1964...The "gig" was at "Great Stone Edge" farm in "Blacko" (in ... Read More
13th January 2015 11:43pm
Rod Connah says...
I was at school with Allan Peake and Norman Mather in Darwen ... WKF were an amazing band, used to see them regularly at the Beachcomber in Bolton ... great days.
12th April 2015 11:25pm
Phil palmer says...
I bought a copy of ''Lovelight''/''Zoomin'' after having heard it at (I think) the CONCORDE club which was then in Bassett, Southampton. Zooming still sounds great today. When/where are you playing next, Mick? P.S. ... Read More
8th November 2015 10:30am
steve unsworth says...
watched Wynder K Frog many times at Leigh Beachcomer mid 60s.Great times,happy days. Thanks for the music. Steve.
13th April 2017 9:27am
John Murray says...
Wynder K Froggatt played many times with Jimmy Cliff at the Queens Head Erdington as did the Idle Race.
19th April 2017 6:56am
Paul Bradshaw says...
Chris Mercer is now based in Portland Oregon and is very busy with session work and writes horn charts. He sometimes plays with an amazingly talented lady called Duffy Bishop who's web site is worth checking out in of itself. Public television ... Read More
21st April 2017 6:04am
Christopher Spinks (Norwich) says...
I am a mature (60 yr old) student at the UEA undertaking a Modern History degree. As part of my 3rd year work studies I am doing a dissertation on Sould and its impact in Norfolk in the 1960s and 1970s. I understand that a lot of bands from the ... Read More
20th July 2017 1:13am
Mick Weaver (Torrance Ca USA) says...
"Jason" Theaker was actually Drachen Theaker. Sadly no longer with us.
13th August 2017 11:35am
Pete Royle (Stretford) says...
John(Drachen)Theaker originally played with Stretford group 'The Vincents' 1962/63. He lived in Middleton and in 1963 left 'The Vincents' to join Lee Paul and The Boys/The Wheels. There are photos from '62/'63 on 'The ... Read More
25th August 2017 8:31pm

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