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The Bedford
"Many cosy nights
spent in the back
with the gear"
59th Street Bridge (Burnley, Nelson and Colne) 


Abstracts Admirals
Alan Haven   Albert Hilton and the Hotels - need info
Alberts Alby and The Sorrals (Liverpool)
Alchemists Stone Allan Prior
All Blacks Alan Vernon Set
Al Ritchie and the Invaders Altitude
Amber World  
The Angels (Littleborough, near Rochdale) Annie Haslam (Bolton) new
Apex Jazz Band (Rochdale)  
Archangel Art Nouveau
Art 'n' Soul Atlanta Roots
Atlantics (Blackpool and Fylde Coast)  
Avengers Axis

"I was trying to figure out how I got into soul and it was standing outside the stage door of the Princess Club in Chorlton when I was about 13 on Friday evenings. All the well known Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding area groups played there.

My fondest recollection was listening to the "Undertakers" doing "Mashed Potato" and the "honking" sax sound. It was then I realised that I would love to be in a band with a brass section."

Backbeats Bankers
Barclay James Harvest (Oldham) Barry and the Horizons
Barry Blood   
Beat Boys (Leigh) The Beathovens
Beat League Beatmakers
Beatmasters The Beatones
Beat Street Runners (Hadfield) need more info Bernard Herrmann and the NDO
Bernie Blackburn and Misty Soul  
Bernard Wrigley Big Sound (aka Fat Sound)
Big City Blues Big City Soul Band
Big Three (Manchester) Big Wheel
Billy Atom and The Fallouts (Barnoldswick)  
Black Arrows (Bury)  
Black Cat Bones #1 Black Cat Bones #2
Black Stan Blues Band new  
Black Velvets Black Watch
BlakJaks Blind Dog Blues Band
Blue Angels Blue Angels (2)
Blue Chips  
Blue Days Blue Light (Oxford)
Blue Lords Blue Rondos
Blues Action (Atherton area) Blues Boys (Leigh)
Blues Set  
Blues Syndicate Blues Vendors (Hazel Grove)
Bobby and the Blue Diamonds Bobby Dell and The Dellstars
Bobby Laine and The Confederates Bobcats
Bog Stompers (Stockport) Bo Kelly Legends
Bo Raynors Boris and The Dansaks (Accrington)
Boston Sect   
Boston T Party Bouncers
Bourbon Street BoWeevils
Boydells Vocal group The Boys
The Boys of Chavington (Urmston)  
Bravados (Salford)  
Breakers Showgroup Brent Crude and the Disley Playboys
Brent Rodgers and The Druids (Oldham)  
Brian Marks  
Bridgebeats Brownsville Banned
Bruce and the Spiders  
The Bruff Boys (Preston)  
Buccaneers (Hayfield/New Mills)  
Bujjies/Tiger Tiger Burnage Bugs 
The Bushmen (Ashton-under-Lyne) Buttons
"We never had a van - and no one in our families had a car. If the venue was local, we used a handcart to push the gear to the booking. If not, we caught the bus and hoped we would finish in time to get the last bus home"
Cabaret Five Cadillacs (Dingle)
Carl Dane and The Escorts (Bury) Need more info  
Carol Kaye and the Dynachords Chantelles
Chancellors Chalice (Aussie based band originating from Manchester)
Chapters Chapter Three (Sale)
Chariots The Chasers
Cheshire Plains Cheshire Set
The Chosen Few/Hush - Great site - lots of info!! Chris Nava Combo
Circuit Circus
The Citrons The Clan
Classical Gas - need more info  
Cleveland Fox Band (Bolton/Atherton) Cliff Bowes and The Arrows
Clique Clyne Country Four
Colours   later Mike Rose and The Colours  
Con Brios   (Salford)  
Concords (Leigh) Concords (Knutsford)
Condours Confederates  
Conteurs - Johnie and The Conteurs/Dougie and The Conteurs  
Construction Company Corvettes
Country Gentlemen Crestas
Crooks Brown Band Cruisers
Crusaders (Preston)  
Curly Tops (Barrow in Furness)  
Cyclones Cymerons

I got my solo spot at 10.55pm in the old days - chucking out time.
"Come on Paul, the landlord wants the room clearing, can you sing 'Do You Love Me'?".

Dalesmen new Daltons
Danny and The Dominators   Danny and the Strangers (Stalybridge/Dukinfield)
Dark Four Dave Blakely anbd the Mike Timoney Three
Dave Lee and The Staggerlees Dave Lee and The Staggerlees ( Cornwall)
Dave Plum and The Stones  
Dave Storme and The Crestas Dawnbreakers
Dean and The Defiants  
De Boys  
De Straads (Worsley) Dee and Das (Oldham) - need info
Deke Bonner and The Tremors Deke Rivers and the Big Sound
Dekkers (Whalley Range)  
Del Rios (Salford) Deltas
Deltas (Rochdale/Oldham)  
Deltones (Stockport?) Deltones (Castleton/Rochdale)
Demons Dene Wayne and the Exiles (Crewe)
Detours (Bolton)  
Denims Skiffle Group Deputies Need info
Derek and the Falcons (Whaley Bridge)  
Design (Oldham) Diablos/Venn Tracey and the Diablos
Dice Boys Skiffle Group Diplomats
Dixie's Donts Dollies
Dominoes Skiffle group (Middleton) Dominoes Skiffle group (Leigh/Wigan)
Don Juan Five (Oldham) Dooleys
Dougie and the Conteurs (Radcliffe)  
Dougie James and the Soul Train Downbeats (Swinton)
Dragoons (Oldham) - need more info Dream Machine
Dreamweavers Drifting Hearts
Dyleks (Salford/Rusholme) Dynamites (Blackpool)
Echoes from the Peak  
Eclipse Eddie G Marten and The Sabres (Pendle)
Eddie Rogers and the Avlons  
Editors (Leigh) Edward Jon Dynamo
Electrons Electrons (Burnley)
Elkie Brooks (Salford)  
Emperors of Rhythm Emotion
Engine Eric's Dog
Estelles Exiles (Oldham)
Exits (Rusholme/Moss Side) Exit
Fables (Blackburn)  
Factotums Falcons
Falcons (Nelson/Colne) Falcons (Oldham)
Falkons (Whaley Bridge)  
Famous Watson Browne's Band Federals
Fireflites (St Helens)  
Firing Squad Fitz and Startz
Five Commandments (Blackpool) Flesh
The Flintlocks  
Flintstones (Oldham) Florida Beach
Fly-B-Nites Food
Focal Points (Rusholme)  
FootTappers Formula Five (Middleton)
Fortune Tellers Four Hits and a Miss (Chester)
Four Blades  
Four Escourts (Bury)  
Four Just Men/Just Four Men Four Suspects ( )
Fourtones Four Pennies (Blackburn)
Frankie and The Trendsetters (Barrow-in-Furness) Franklin D and The Senators (Bolton)
Frank Yonco and the Everglades Frankenstein and the Monsters (Sheffield)
Fred and the Flintstone Five  
Freddie and The Dreamers Free Speech (Wythenshawe)
Freeways (Chorlton)  
Fritz, Mike and Mo Friday Brown
Fuzz (Wythenshawe)  
Gary Boyle Gaye and The Guys
Generation (aka Jason's Generation)  Gentle Pulse
George and The Dragons Gerry Storme and the Falcons
Gin House  
Gina and the Mario Three Gina and Romany Rye
Glass Onion Glass Menagerie
Golden Rules Gonx
The Go Go (Chadderton)  
Good Guys Graduates (Oldham)  
Grand Slam new Grand Union (later Wild Thyme)
Grisby Dyke Grit Band - extensive info
Greasy Bear Grave Diggers
Gravy Train   GTs (Stockport)
The Harbour Lights Harlem Jonns Reshuffle (Oldham)
Harlem Spirit Harmony Street
Harpo and Mac (Burnage) Haydocks Rockhouse    
Headliners (Oldham) Hearbeats/Puritans/Nazareth
Hearts and Soul and The Wickeds (Oldham)  
The Heebie Jeebies (Bolton)  
Hellions Hemlock
Henderson Chambers  
Henry Allen Blend   Herbert Warnicks Magic Elixir
Hermans Hermits    
The Hideaways  Hi Five (Glossop)
High Society  
Hiller Brothers Hi Spots (Salford)
Hobos Hobos (Blackpool)
Hobo Flats  
Hollies   The Hornets  
The Hurt (Burnley/Accrington)  
Ian and The Boomerangs Ian Dean and The Brystals
Images (Eccles)  
Impact Impalas
Incas (St Helens) Infinity
Inner Mind   Innovation
In-Sect (Chorlton) Invaders   (Radcliffe)
Invaders (Kent)  
Invictors Irwells
Ivan D Juniors (Burnley)  
Ivans Meads Ivan Brothers
Jackie Fordell and The Olympics Jackie King and the Four Aces
The James Turner Four (Accrington) Jason and The Argonauts
Jasons Jason T Alexander (Hulme)
J. C. Heavy Jeannie and the Big Guys (Chester)
Jeff High and The Highjacks (Stockport/Cheadle Hulme)  
Jerry Lee and The Staggerlees John Cooper-Clarke (Salford)
John Evan Blues Band/John Evan Band/John Evan Smash  
John Mayall John Senior Blues Band (Wythenshawe)
Johnie and the Conteurs (Radcliffe)  
Johnny and The Avengers Johnny Breeze and The Atlantics (Blackpool)
Jpohnny and The Trendsetters (Barrow-in-Furness)  
Johnny Costello with The Lawmen (Eccles) Johnny Dark and The Stormy Knights
Johnny Dixon and The SemiTones   Johnny Martin and The Paiges
Johnny Martin and the Tremors Johnny Masters and The Mastersounds
  Johnny Peters and The Crestas  
Johnny Peters and the JP's   Johnny Power and the Dynamoes (Oldham) - need info
Johnny Scarlett and The Gamblers (Blackpool) The Jokers
Kalin Brothers  Karl and The Vampires
Karl's Marals - need more info  
Karl Denver Trio The Kasual Five (Ashton Under Lyne)
Kathy and the Boleros Keepers (Oldham) - later Barclay James Harvest
Kellarmen (resident at the Bier Kellar) Kenny and The Cortinas (Swinton) 
Kestrels Kev Curtis and The Four Escorts
Kiki's Kondours Kingfishers  
King Pins  
Kirk Daniel and The Deltas  
Kirk St James and Wild Silk  
Klue (Oldham) Klyx
Kondours The Kon-Tiki's (Bury)
Kremlin 4 Kris Ryan and the Questions (Burnley)
Lancastrians - visit their website Lawrence St James Group
Layabouts (Oldham) - need info  
Lee Fletcher and The Wanderers  Lee Paul and Boys/Electrons
Lee Shondell and The Premiers of Beat  
Lee Wade and The Wild Ones Legends
Lemon House Lemon Line
Les Bluesettes Le Jargons (Atherton/Leigh) new
Lennox Avenue Lexington Park
Life 'n' Soul  Liquorice Fix
Little Frankie Little Boy Blues  (Darwen)
Little John and The Foresters Little Things (Middleton)
Living Dream Lloyds Formula (Bolton)
Love Trade  
Magic Lanterns Magnet trio
Mambos Manchester Federals aka The Federals
Manchester Mob Manchester Impressions
Manchester In Crowd Manchester Playboys
Manchester Prowlers/Prowlers/Todd Miller and The Prowlers  
Manchester Road Manchester Scene
Manchilds Manhattans
Mark Stone Marks and Steadman
Maraccas (Liverpool) Matchstalk Men
Maybellenes Me and The Others (New Zealand)
Measles (Middleton) Medics (Rising Bridge)
Melodybeats Memory Lane
Mervyn and the Shythings (Middleton)  
Merv's Bardots Meteors
Meteors Skiffle Group Michael Haslam (Bolton)
Michael's Angels (Swinton)  
Midnighters (Preston/Liverpool) Mighty Avengers (Rugby)
Mike Cadillac and Playboys  
Mike Curtis and the Estelles Mike Curtis Set
Mike Sax and the Idols  
Milton James need more info Mindbenders
Missin Lynx (Old Trafford) Missing Links (Oldham)
Misty Soul  
Mockingbirds Modrox (Oldham)
Moonlighters (Stockport)  
Moonrakers Moonspinners
Money Money Box Trio
Morning After The Motives
Motown Sect - need more info Mr Mosts People
Mr Smith and Sum People Mummies Darlings
Music Shop Myaks
Nashville Men National Grid (Oldham)
The NDO  
Nevadas Neil Landon and The Burnetts  (Folkestone)
New Boston Sect (Whally Range) Need more info New Religion  
Nightboppers Night Train (Leigh)
Night Train (Sale/Altrincham)  
Nobodies Nomads
Norman Jay Northern Drift (Royton)
Northmen (New Moston/Blackley) Norman Jay and Vintage
Nottingham Green (Stockport) Nyte People
Obediah Heap - Lancaster Oddments
Odd Ones (Salford/Urmston)  Need more info Odd Ones (Wythenshawe)

O'Haras Playboys (Sheffield)

Oliver's Twist (Burnage)
The Olympics Omnibus(Salford)
The Orbits (Stalybridge) new Orions
The Orphans (Stockport) Outrage - great info from Olaf Owre
The Pages The Paiges
Paisley's Rainbow (Salford)  
Pandemonium Paradise (Stockport)
Passion Waggon (Rusholme)  
Pat Casey and The Sovereigns Paul Beattie and The Beats
Paul Fenda and The Teenbeats Paul Stevens and the Javelins
Paul Stevens and The Opposition Pathfinders - Kirk Price and The Pathfinders
Penguins (Ashton)  
Pennine Five Peppermint Ice
Pepper Tree  
Perfect Circle The Petals
Pete Bocking 6  
Pete Cowap Pete Elliot's Hobos
Pete Maclaine and The Clan/Dakotas Pete and the Persuaders
Pete and the Pulsators Pete and The Rebels
Pete Latham and The Stormbeats (Salford) Pete Sands and The Saphires
Pete Trent and The Travellers  
Phantoms Phil J Corbett and The Coasters
Phil's Swaggers Phoenix City Smash (Rusholme)
The Phsycic Pink Engine
Plantations Pollution (Rochdale)
Powerhouse 6  
Pressmen The Principals (Salford)
Prowlers/Todd Miller and The Prowlers/Manchester Prowlers  
Proud Paws The Puritans
Purple Gang  
Puzzle Pywacket
Raging Storms (Burnley)  
Ranchers (Salford) Rangers (later Klyx)
Rainmakers Rainmakers Skiffle Group
Rainy City Blues Band  
Rappids Rats
Rattlesnakes Ray Black and The Steeltones (Powerhouse 6)
Ray Landon and the Midnight Hour (Accrington)  
Redcoats (Reddish) Red Jets (Rochdale)
Reg James Explosion Reggie Coates and the Tuxedos/Reg Coates Combo/Reg Coates Experience
Red Sox Skiffle Group  
Remo Sands and the Spinning Tops Renegades
Renegades (Warrington) Re-Sounds
Rev Black and the Rocking Vickers (Blackpool) Rhythm and Blues Incorporated (Southport)
Rhythm Rebels (Oldham) Richard Kent Style
Ricky Adams and the Steeltones Ricky Shaw and The Dolphins  
Rising Five (Burnage) Roadrunners  (Flixton)
Rogues (Salford) Rogues (Oldham)
Royal Variety Show Roy and the Rest/Restless Four
Rumble Fat Band  
The Sabres The Sabres - St Helens
Sad Soul  
Saffron Sandford 5, Gorton
Saints and Sinners  
St Louis Union Sample Folk
Santa Fe Reunion - extensive info !! The Saphires
Saracens (Barnoldswick) Savoury Duck
The Scene (Warrington)  
Scorpions - fabulous history of the band from Olaf Owre Sean and the Sonics - Middleton
Sean Fowden and the Wyverns new  
Sean's Image (Sale/Altrincham ) Second City Sound
Secrets of Manchester Seduction
SemiTones Senators (Leigh)
Senators (Gorton) Senators (Blackpool)
Shane Fenton and The Fentones  
Shaun and Sum People Sherie Paul and The Shapiros
Shmoes Shyms (Wigan)
The Sidekicks Silhouettes (Colne)
Silks Sinders
Sins of the Family  
Sioux / Sioux Showgroup plus Pete Taylor's My Story Six Lancashire Lads - info needed
Skid (Inner Mind)   Skifflettes (Nelson/Colne area)
Skorpians (Didsbury)  
Skyliners Sleep
The Sleepwalkers (Blackley)  
Slim Traynor and the HillBilly Bandits  
Smokestack Sneakers
The Solitaires (Bury)   
Somebody's Corporation Some Folk
Some Other Guys So On and So Forth (Burnley)
Sonny Kaye and The Reds (Liverpool)  
The Soundcasters  
Soul Creation Soul Executives
Soul Messengers Soul Purpose
Soul Toppers  
Soul Staxx Soundcasters (Accrington)
Souncasters (Swinton) The Sovereigns
The Speakeasy Sphinx Trio more info needed
The Spinning Tops Spirits
Sponge   Spots
Spring Square Routes
Squires (Stalybridge) Stage 4 (Urmston)
Starlites - Stan Ellison
Starliners Showband Startones Skiffle Group
Statesmen Stackwaddy
Steeltones Stevie's Fix
Strand Showband (Sale)
Stormbeats Strangers
The Strangeways (Bury) Strictly for cash
Studio One Band Stuart Charles String Band (Salford)
Stylos The Styx (Bolton) new
Sundowners, Steve Reno and, Toni Somers and  
The Sundowners (Wythenshawe) Sunshine - need info
The Swaggers - Swallows
Sweet Chariot (Salford) Sweet Life
Sweet Marriage Swinging Hangmen (Haslingden)
Syd and Eddie The System
Takeovers (Hyde) Talismen (Withington)
Tamla Express Tangerine
Taveners TD and the Shakeouts
Technique The Way We Live/Tractor
TK5 (Collyhurst) Three Aces (Bury, Radcliffe) - need more info
Three Speed Walking Stick (Glossop)  
Tick Tocks Tactics Tiger Fog
Tiger Tiger/Bujjies TNT and The Dynamites (Oldham)
Toby Twirl Todd Miller and The Prowlers/Manchester Prowlers/Prowlers
Toggery Five - excellent history of the band  
Tom and Smiley Tom's Rigg   (Middleton)
Tomorrows Children  
Tony and The Presidents (Walkden) new Tony and The Senators
Tony Manton Set  
Tony Marshal and The Deputies (Hadfield) Tony Merrick Scene
Tony Ravell's New Voyage  
Top Katz (Fylde Coast) The Tornados (Barrow)
The Torrents (Wythenshawe)  
The Trackers/Her Union Tractor / The Way We Live
Treacle (Oldham) Trek (The Wirral)
The Trendsetters (Barrow-in-Furness)  
Tribunes Tridents (Sale/Altrincham)
TriStar Airbus  
Trollz The Troyes (Stockport)
TT Walker and the Strollers Tudor 4 (Warrington) Need more info
Tuesday's Child Twilight's Mood (Salford)
Two's Company Tynfoil (Wigan)
Ugly Ducklings (Salford)  
Uptown Line UZ
Vampires (Salford) The Viceroys (Bolton)
Vicki & Her Ladybirds  
Victor Brox Blues/Soul Train The Vigilantes (Darwin)
The Vigilantes (Warrington) The Vincents (Stretford)
Vince Reno and The Sabres (St Helens) Vince Storm and the Tempests


Vivas Voodoos (Oldham)
Vortex Five The Vulcans (Atherton/Leigh)
Wall Street Warriors (Accrington)
Wayne Fontana/WF and the Jets/Opposition   Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders  
The Weather (Accrington) The Webb (Burnley/Acrington)
The Weys  
Wheels Whirlwinds
Wild Life Wild Silk : Kirk St James and Wild Silk
Wild Thyme  
Wimple Winch  
Windsor Set (Oldham) - need info Wolf and Griff 
The Woodlanders Wynder K Frog
Ye Counts  
Zeberdy's Crowd Need more info The Zenons (Worsley)
The Zephyrs  

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