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The site is home to very many special memories.  This page is our area for the many varied articles that are not easily classified.

Manchester Beat contributor's sites



  • Star Club, Hamburg
    Site includes history of the club plus lists of groups who worked there (some linked)
  • Northen Soul (and Lambretta)
    Some good stuff and Manchester Twisted Wheel memories
  • New Century Soul
    As in the sixties, the NCH is home to the best of the NW music scene. Checkout this site to see just what is happening in the Northern Soul scene


General Band sites

Manchester sites

  • Have a look at 'The Magic of Manchester' - a great article based around musical memories of Manchester (by Aidan O'Rourke).
  • If you no longer live in Manchester (or even if you do) take a look at - great site full of memories. Be careful though, my Mrs thought it was a pickup site for blokes.

Sixties stuff in general

  • Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
    Jon Myer's comprehensive history of pirate radio.  Well worth a thorough read - especially as my memories are short on this area and limited to remembering Radio Caroline playing The Grumbleweeds "Hear my song" and "Mama" when they were very much an Irish Showgroup.
  • The Zone online entertainment magazine - The all round Entertainments Magazine website featuring The Official Fortunes webpage and much more.
  • Manx Giant - From the Wonderful Isle of Man
    The Story Of Radio Caroline North 1964-1968

    It tells the story of the offshore radio station which was anchored off the Isle of Man in the Swinging 60s. The book is the companion publication for the Manx National Heritage exhibition 'Pirates Of The Irish Sea' which will be open for the next six months at House of Manannan, Peel, Isle of Man until August 2009.

  • Paul Wilde has created The Beatles in Manchester website to document The Beatles' public appearances and broadcast history from the city.

    This includes first radio, first TV and first professional engagement under Brian Epstein to occur outside of Liverpool. And did you know the group took part in an outdoor festival, which is regarded as the forerunner to the popular music festivals that take place around the country today in a park in Urmston back in 1963.