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We all have a story to tell - no matter what part we played in the Manchester music scene. This part of the website allows us to tell that story.

Manchesterbeat would like to thank all concerned for allowing their stories to be told on this page.

Graham Attwood Great list of Graham's groups in a career lasting 50 years (ouch, sorry Graham)
John Bracewell My introduction into the music business came when I joined the Boys Brigade Band at Morton St. Methodists in Middleton ...
John Brannigan From a scuffy kid from Wythenshawe (his words) to working with the highest grossing record seller ever on a block buster Las Vegas show to start in March 2011.
David Bowker Incredible story of a life-time in groups - Manchester, Bahamas, Seychelles, Beirut and then the USA!
An excellent compillation of PC's career
Pete Crooks

Pete has been around since the early days - a member of The Red Rose Skiffle Group, The Sioux City Six, The Mayfair Jazzmen and others. 

He writes a good story does Pete!  Sadly, since writing this Pete has passed - we greatly miss his incredible sense of humour and amusing tales.

Tony Garrett Tony has worked with many groups and extensively in the Manchester cabaret scene.
Harry "The Fwuerk" Greene Its been a long time coming and ... here it is.  Harry was a very well known "character" in the mid-late sixties local group scene.  Some would say "larger than life".  Forty plus years later and he's still the same.
Great story from Les - ex-Electrons, Wheels, etc
Brian Higham

Brian was manager at Barratts of Manchester for many years, played with the legendary Harbour Lights and has a wealth of knowledge of the manchester music scene at the time.

Jeff Hanlon He started his career trying to play like Elvis presley's guitarist James Burton and closed it playing alongside the guitar legend.  In between, Jeff became an agent, artiste manager and promoter - often all three at once.
In this fine article, Pete Houston, recalls his experiences of gigging in Germany. Great reading!!!
Tim Jackson Tim gives us a glimpse of his times around the Magic Village scene, towing Greasy Bear home, an Eccles squat and running a lighting desk for Black Sabbath. Good story reflecting the late 60s scene.
Norman Jay After a lifetime in the business, Norman is still Swinging the rock and Rocking the Swing.
Ted Johnston Great story - especially how the group almost became "The Little Sisters of the Poor" - read it to find out why.
Clive Kelly Amazing pictures that reflect an amazing journey in life. Clive owned the CubiKlub in Rochdale (amongst others) and now lives in Brasil, where he works to secure a future for the Amerindian tribes and protect our oceans.
Russ Lee Russ was there in the early skiffle days, as a member of Les Skifflettes and otherNelson area groups.  Great reading.
Lenni Many would know Lenni from his work with Sad Cafe but his interesting story ranges from recorder classes at school through Carol Levis discoveries, Opportunity Knocks, St Louis Union, Ztony Christie and others.
Brian Lewis Brian experienced life on the road with Sir Cliff as a member of The Shaows - not  lot of folk can say that!
Mike Lynch The voice of The Chapters and Money, Mike has had a long and successful career.
Ian McNab Ian tells his humorous story of life as a roadie with Johnny Peters and the Crestas  and later with Alan Clarke, Graham Nash, Butch Mepham, Pete Bocking and Derek Quinn in The Fourones
Tony Meadows Tony tells a comprehenvice story of his time with The Spots - great photos and lots of cuttings.
Webmaster and Superstar (failed) Paul Mlynarz finally tells his story.  God, its boring.
John Needham John tells a great story of his progression from drumming with the Sea Cadets to playing huge festivals in germany on the same bill as Bo Didley, Chuck Berry, Chicken Shack, Black sabbath, deep purple and the Byrds (and that was just one gig!).  Loved his comment when auditioning for his first group - when asked who he last played with, his answer was "The Cadets".
Alan Powell, drummer with Ivan's Meads, Richard Kent Style and Hawkwind and others, has given us permission to include this piece about recording at Abbey Road, taken from his forthcoming book "A Drummer Remembers"
In this fine article, Pete Houston, recalls his experiences of gigging in Germany. Great reading!!!
John (Butch) Mepham Story of John's groups in the formative days of Manchester beat.
Paul Murray Paul was with Engine, the Pickwicks and Money. Good story of his time in UK and Eurpoe.
Michael Parkes "took us from Freddy and the Dreams to John Lee Hooker and Howlin Wolf and we found we liked it there". Interesting stuff Michael!
Barrie Seddon Starting off in 1960, Barrie is still playing.  As he say's - Ïts been a great 57 years!"
Peter Shelton A great story of Peter's times in the early days of the beat scene. Also, Peter has compiled an excellent book on the history of groups on the Blackpool and Flyde Coast. He has graciously allowed us to use much of his work on the site.
Pete Taylor Pete was with The Pulsators, Pete and The Persuaders and The Sioux Showgroup for many years.  His story is a great read with lots of pictures - brought back many memories.
Paul Stevens From The Javelins and Emperors of Rhythm, Paul has had a highly successful career in the industry.  Impressive reading.



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