Clive Kelly - photogallery

Such a small part of an incredible life!

A few images of Clive Kelly, ex CubiKlub owner who now lives in Blackpool, following a highly eventful life in Brasil.

Clive is dedicated to the survival of the Amerindian tribes and is currently working on the development of an Amerindian Ethno Eco Theme Park.

Everyone off to the Bath Festival Festival 1970


Chief Raoni giving Clive a lipdisc hole. 
Clive is know as Raincloud when living in the jungle.

  Clive in 1961
A Kelly Sell 'n Tell Clive's photo exhibition - Surinam Castle
A local school visit aboard Clive's Survival Ship Captain Clive's dog on watch
Clive and the last remaining survivor of the Bat Indians A club Clive built on an island - sunken boats he raised up and cut up.

Above: Chief Raoni in Brasilia hopspital after being abandoned following a world tour.

Right: Selling Peace signs at the isle of Wight Festival

Clive and Jacyra in Bonaire

Raoni Clive and Anna 1968

Clive teaching Amerindian culture in a Carribean island school

One of Clive's theme clubs in Brasil



Lord Eric Band England 1993 ( Ex Ginger Johnson'sDrum Band) Clive second left


Sir-Robin-Hanbury-Tennyson-founder Survival International at wheel of Clive's Survival boat. 1977
Clive, Eric Suga with Eddie Sandamex, manager 
Purple Haze in front of painting of Chief Ranieri and Clive.

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