Jeff Hanlon
ex Mr. Smith & Sum People, Shaun and Sum People

He started his career trying to play like Elvis Presley's guitarist James Burton and closed it playing alongside the guitar legend.  In between, Jeff became an agent, artiste manager and promoter - often all three at once.

Read his great story in Audience magazine - go to page 30.

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Topic: Jeff Hanlon
Linda Gorton says...
I have just read the retirement tribute to Jef Hanlon, his family must be very proud. We were friends in the 60's and even then it was obvious with his talent and qualities, he was destined for a successful career. When not working Jef could be ... Read More
14th March 2014 9:59pm
RayLoretta.Weedall says...
Just seen the comment from Linda Gorton about Jeff Hanlon we were all friends in the 60s would like to contact Linda if you have an email address thanks ray/loretta weedall
9th December 2015 8:54am
Linda Gorton says...
Hi Loretta & Ray. I would love to hear from you. I have asked Paul to pass my email address on to you. Hope to hear what you have been up to all these years. XX Linda
14th December 2015 5:44am

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