Technique Reunion 2009

The Oldham based band Technique reunited in 2009 at the Hathershaw Tech School Reunion. (The school where the band formed around 1967)

Following several pints of strong ale, the boys decided it would be good to play again at the reunion the following year 2010.

All the band members who had been with the group at some stage from 1967 through to 1983 met up in Fuertuventura in August this year to rehearse for the gig.

Many thanks to Trevor Haliday, (ex Sweet and Slade) for use of the ‘Stables’ studio and equipment in Fuerteventura.

The band members all flew in from Canada and the UK and met up with Derek Mac (resident) for rehearsals for one week.

The reunion gig took place on the 9th October 2010 at St Anne’s rugby Club in Oldham, where 250 to 300 people attended.
Derek flew in from Fuerteventura and Les and Pete from Canada for the gig. Two other gigs were also arranged at the Peels Arms and the Moorside, both in Oldham.

It was fantastic to have the band back together for a few days and a total of £4300 was raised for charity over the three venues.

There was something special about ‘doing it again’ after 30 years or so and well worth the effort. Back to the Zimmer’s and rocking chairs now for a rest !!


Band line up  
Derek McCulloch Lead Vocal/ Guitar
Barry Smith  Guitar / Vocal
Stu Adams  Bass / Vocal
Ian Wrigley  Keyboards / Vocal
Dave Farnell Drums
Les Andrew  Drums
Mel Brierley   Percussion
Pete Rostern Vocals


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