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Guys 'n' Dolls  


A couple of clothes shops I remember were PYGMALIA and JOHN MICHAELS. I remember we bought some of our stage gear at Pygmalia. I think it was partly owned by Eric Stewart of 10cc. (I thought it was Tony Mansfield but perhaps that was later - Paul).

The shop was situated up an ally way just opposite St Ann’s Arcade, it’s still there but looking a little desolate now.

John Michaels was in St Ann’s Arcade and was definitely up market. Rather than the normal tat we used to buy this place sold top of the range and style. I had a mate that worked there for a time and the effect of all that quality clobber must have rubbed off on him because he started his own business making bespoke shirts. Check out internaItonal shirt maker.

How many mods got togged out at Barnett for Men?

Danny Hardman

I went to the opening of Pygmalia on 6 November 1965. I'm not sure that Eric Stewart, then a Mindbender, was involved - he wasn't there that day - but I believe three of the Hollies were - Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks. Others I saw that day were Long John Baldry, Mike Wilshaw and Lionel Morton from the Four Pennies, Ric Rothwell of the Mindbenders, 'Ugli' Ray Teret and Cathy McGowan, presenter of Ready Steady Go. 

Liz Williams

I worked at Pygmalia Boutique 1968/1969, Tony Bookbinder stage name Tony Mansfield own'd Pygmalia along with his wife Brenda, Tonys sister is Elki Brooks, The manager at this time was called Keith Plant.

It was a realy groovy time then with great stars just popping in, I used to have my hair cut at Harvey and Ruperts (I'm bald as a coot now) and the clubs were fantastic.

Ray Collier

Jeffries Boutique
New Brown Street

I used Jeffries on New Brown Street, then moved on to use Ivors on Butter Lane just off Deansgate.

Pete Cahill

I worked at Jeffries Boutique 1968/69. It was one of three shops he owned at the time, Paul Adams on Market Street , and another one on New Brown Street which was next door to Ivors but I can't remember its name , but it was staffed by Tony and Malcome both p/t dj's for Ugli Ray.

Martin, who I started working with at Jeffries, later went on to work at Pygmalion. It was a great time and often think of those days. 

Len Davies


Site of Pygmalia
Back Pool Fold
"Top of the Town" back doors
would be somewhere on left.

How did we get the van down here?

I wasn't allowed high heels
So I got crappy low ones from
Timpson and then had the
shoeman add higher ones.

Killed me walking
but made me taller!



Kurtis Menswear  

Kurtis Menswear was the first young man's gents outfitters to bring youth fashion to Manchester. Situated on Fountain Street and High Street they sold Hipsters, Wranglers, Levi, slacks and jeans. They also sold pin through and round collar shirts. I could go on and on having completed almost 20 years with the company.

Jimmy Savile brought gifts from America that he had received from Elvis Presley which we displayed in our windows.

George Best purchased his first leather jacket from me which started his interest in modern mens fashion. He went on to be a fashion icon himself!

Did you send the above article or other Kurtis stuff?  Sorry, lost the other info - apologies, can you please resend?

I worked in the Fountain St. shop mid to late 60s. Workmate of mine at the time was Pete Whetton, ( Pete McClaine and Clan) lots of muso's around, Solomon King, Kevin  Godley, Lol Creme, The Hollies, Graham Goldman. Business was owned by the Schneck family. Howard Schneck (the son) worked in the business, He had a sister but I can't recall her name.

Would love to know what became of them and any of the other folk who worked there about that time.

Great Days. 

Jim Preston

George Best Boutique

It was out of town but George Best opened a boutique on the main road in Sale, just down the road from Old Trafford, in early 1966. If you often hung about he was often to be seen and I hung about often!!

Liz Williams


On the eighth day  

"Originally in New Brown Street, the shop was founded with Mike Slaughter and Jenny, two of the nicest souls it was ever my pleasure to know.

Underneath the shop was a coffee bar called The Wishing Well which only a couple of years earlier never seemed to close and was therefore much visited in the small hours of Sunday morning by revellers from The Cavern all nighters in desperate search for something resembling a decent brew before plunging back into the dark , sweaty, loud cellar that gave us all a chance to enjoy a real change society as well as having a damn good time. "


"For my 21st birthday, my then boyfriend bought me a full length burgundy velvet cloak from On the Eight Day when it was on New Brown St. I used to buy embroidered indian voile from Oldham market and make smocks and long skirts and sell them sale or return in the shop. It was the best shop for hippy clothing, jewellery, bags, paraphernalia, etc. and probably the first in Manchester (that I remember).

They moved to Oxford Rd. and after a while, they fazed out the clothes and eventually turned it into the cafe/restaurant."

Sue Platt

On the Eighth Day - I remember their first day, on New Brown Street: saggy settee by the counter upstairs, the hand-made acoustic guitars: beautiful craft work.

I knew that the hippie dream was all over in the early 70s: people from the 8th D on Oxford Road hired a coach to go see Stomu Yamasht'a and the Red Buddha Theatre in Liverpool.

It was a last minute thing, so I jumped on board. Year before it'd be no problem being on your own, you made friends easy. That night, there and back, no one spoke to me; they even took their own food: bread with swirls of colour through it, and stuck to their little clique, shared nothing. It wasn't just them though, it was everywhere, people closed in on themselves, shut off what had once been an open and generous lifestyle. Drugs and their toll took over, people became more involved in own worlds, own experiences. It was all finished.

Michael Murray

Way Inn
Kendal Milne, Deansgate

What a great meeting place, in the small coffee bar with music , chill and chat, then shop, fantastic.

Sue Traynor


Contrary Boutique
Barton Arcade

Hi everyone, reading the messages about the great Manchester shops reminded me of happy times....I worked in an up market boutique called Contrary in Barton arcade next to the Westerner mens wear.Plenty of the beautiful people came to shop and buy expensive clothes there.I was only a kid but felt very grown up we would go for a drink in the Mariners bar after work.Does anyone recall the shop....I worked with Suzanne, Louise Pinder,Sue Burke and Lilian Matthews are any of these lovely people still in Manchester?.

Used to go to Top of the Town on a Saturday night....wonderfully happy memories of the great soul music....a lifelong love.Never had any money for the bus home so we used to keep our slippers in our handbags and walk home! ha ha.

All the best to everyone.

Christine Rogers (was Shipley)

Reading Christine's review about Contrary, brings back many happy memories of my time working there in the late sixties and early seventies.  Mr Griggs was in charge (no first name terms for bosses then!!!)  Mrs Griggss also came in a couple of days a week but mainly came in to check the shop was clean and tidy - (the hoover and duster were permanently attached to her - it would be called OCD today). We had lessons from Mr Griggs on decimalization in 1971.  

Great excitement when a couple of the cast of Coronation Street came in to the boutique, Pat Phoenix in particularly, who use to take lots of dresses ''on approval''.  It was a really fashionable upmarket boutique and very popular.

If Christine reads this - Louise and I are still in Manchester, speak on the phone regularly and see each other occasionally.

Susan Tudor(nee burke)

Hi Sue and Louise so good to be in contact with you. I have very happy memories of working with you both.I recall going on holiday with Louise and her mum and dad to Spain.We were only about 16 or 17 and I got really drunk and poor Louise had to get two blokes to almost carry me back to the hotel! how embarrassing for her....sorry Louise x.

I laughed when I read about Marie Griggs and her cleaning! ha ha....she once made us fill a dustbin with soapy water and wash all the hangers in the whole shop....yes! I am sure she had OCD big time.We did have some great customers real characters and lots of great clothes to sell...maxi coats with trousers to match,wet look tops,hot pants,split knee velvet trousers,maxi dresses, lurex tops brings it all back.

I live in Herefordshire now but it would be lovely to meet up in Manchester. Best regards to all on Manchesterbeat.

Christine Rogers (was Shipley)

I noted the comment regarding the Coronation Street cast and I do remember selling clothes to various stars of the day - Julie Goodyear, William Roache etc, not surprising as the studio was in the locale. Also Mike Harding, Dave Lee Travis and several musician who were appearing at the Free Trade Hall. And, Rick, thanks for remimding me of the Capri, Capri 2000 as I recall, white ? great to hear from you. Regards Phil p.s. I will be scanning a photo of yours truely in the Westerner which was done for a promo for the Manchester Evening News. 

Phil Nadin

Barbara Dee
Market Street

Barbara D was a ladies boutique on Market Street in Manchester just along and on the same side as Dolcis and Saxone shoe shops. In the late sixties/early seventies they sold fab crochet dresses, tops, skirts and trousers. I've still got my pink, lurex, mini, crochet dress from there in the wardrobe. I often wore it at The Twisted Wheel all nighters in the late 60's.

The Barbara D window was very unusual as it was a red fascia circular window.

I was back in Manchester in the early 90's and the shop front was still there but it was an insurance/finance store. I was back in Manc in early 2000's but it had gone - any pics or memories out there you could post?

Dee Parker

Royce Menswear

I remember working at Royce Menswear in 1969 when it was located in Police Street I think.  We had a gang of youths come in one day and robbed the store after throwing us down the stairs.

Steve Winnick

New Brown Street

I remember New Brown St well, by then I worked at Millgate telephone exchange the  GPO, over the bridge in Salford. Come pay-day we'd hot foot it to a shop at the end furthest from Market Street, owned by the Serene family. My friend and I bought second hand furs, new floaty dresses and hot pants there, then it was off to Annabelles or Mr Smiths in our new togs. Another favourite was Bus Stop Boutique, but we had to save up for a couple of weeks to go there. I still remember answering a call in the exchange and being asked for the number for Bus Stop Bouquet!

I also used to see Geoffery Cohen nearly every morning opening up his shops when I was on my way work down Market Street, he would drive from one to the other delivering stock from the back of his Rolls.

Those days were the best.

June Hulstone


Halon, Newport Street

Hi to all you teens and men I dressed when working as a Saturday girl at HALON Menswear in Bolton, Newport Street at the end of the sixties /early seventies.

Ben Sherman short sleeved button-down collars in Oxford cloth or check was the thing for Mods along with tonic/two-tone parallel trousers,Harrington zip bomber jackets and Crombie navy or black overcoats. We also sold you braces, pocket handkerchiefs and Levi jeans.

We progressed to Black shirts with white ties, slotted seam flares in burgundy, matching patterned shirts and ties, penny collars, big collars, garish kipper ties, wide lapel suits and of course flared trousers!

Sorry guys I was probably responsible for your photos that your kids/grandkids laugh at! But hell I had fun doing it.

What was I wearing? Well I was into Biba, vintage, Chelsea Girl, Minis, Midis Maxis and Hot Pants. I never went out without full make up and of course thick black false eyelashes.

Halon was owned by a trio of Manchester Jewish brothers all known as Mr so and so but I can't recall their actual names. When they came with the new stock on Saturday mornings we unloaded it and had sold most of it by the Saturday night. At the end of Saturday I got my cash wages, caught the bus home got ready to go out and then danced the night away. Fab times and I went on to work as a Fashion Designer and I now lecture in the subject.

Dee Parker



Got my first ever speckled jacket at Bendsons in Bury late 50's. Thought I was the bees knees.

Tony Dixon



For me the centre of the clothes buying scene in Middleton was Benson's boys and mens wear.

My brother Llew worked there, later to open his own shop a few doors down. Studd Menswear is still there today.

Go in and have a look at the picture collection on the walls - George Best, Mike Summerbee, Dennis Law, Colin Bell, are just a few of the names from footy history to regulary make the journey to the shop.

Peter Reid, Ron Atkinson and Howard Kendall also paid their respects and became regular clients.

Phil Wood, Pete Cowap, Pete Maclaine, Dave Barrow, Sad Cafe, Graham Nash and of course the Measles, Mickey Dolenz (Mr Samantha Juste) also made there way to the shop.

For a small shop it has a great history and one day maybe someone will take the trouble to write the story of Studd's place in dressing the stars of the 60s and 70s. Not forgeting the stars of today who still call in to say hello.

Glyn Griffiths

I rember Bensons shirt shop  - it was on Old Hall Street, painted white. I remember Man City getting kitted out with suits.

Alan Crompton 

I worked at Bensons for some time from late sixty-five.

At the time I started at Bensons the guy who managed the Peter Pell tailors shop in Middleton,  was none other than the late Barry Norton who left to open a shop in Chorlton cum Hardy whom which I also ended up working with. " Norton Barrie menswear",  which along with "Studd menswear",  became synonymous with dressing the North west footballers and bands  of the time and continue still to this day .

Bensons had four shops selling boys and menswear I worked between Bury and Middleton.  In Bury I worked with Frank Rostron  who left and went on to John Michael in St Annes arcade and then on to become a well known shirt maker in Manchester.

Llew Griffiths worked in Middleton and later became manager of the branch and to all intents and purposes was the guy who got me into the mod scene and fashion. The shop buzzed with just about everybody from Langley the Limit and the Middleton Music scene.

I left in 68 to go into window display and trained with Alexandre the Tailors until 71 when I went freelance and then started to work with Llew and his then partner Jack in theirnew venture Studd Menswear - great times.

Graham Fairhurst

Studd Menswear

Studs was the best shop ever. I had an account with them in the 70s.  I had never seen such top class fashion. I remember buying a leather coat from Stud and the only other person I saw in one was Lewis Collins of the Professionals.

I have some great memories of Stud   - I was in there every pay day that was once a week in the 70s.

Alan Crompton 


Studd menswear on manchesterbeat

Moss Side

Backtrack Boutique

Anyone remember Backtrack Boutique on Yarburgh Street, Moss Side, Late 60s/early70s ? There was a hanging sign outside with a huge headshot of Jimi Hendrix. My only purchase was a 'Free Angela Davis' T-shirt.

My one regret ? I never managed to salvage that sign when the shop was vacated.

Phil Roberts


Tiny but bang up to date.  Run by lovely young couple.  The first week it opened I bought a black crepe double breasted, wide lapelled coat/dres,  a black stetson with white band and a grey/black feather boa.  I was paraded around Oldham Market to show off the outfit.  I was a very petite 15 at the time and starting my first job, felt dead glam.

Tragically, the young male owner died during a routine dental op.  I think his wife's name was Chris.

Ann Faris

Were GO Boutique and Crowthers original Oldham shop in Henshaw Street one and the same?

David Lees

Oldham Street

We were asked about the clothes shops on Oldham Street.  I bought my Madras check trousers, pacamac, white denim jacket, etc, from C&A.  Not very cool, I admit.  But what were the other shops?

Paul (webmaster)

Guys and Dolls


Bunnies on Oldham Road was if not the first, then one of the first youth shops to cater for the new teenage market.  I first went there in about 1960, when still at school and was sent home from school a few times for jeans being too tight and shirts too colourfu.

John Gledhill



For me, the real clothes shops for "yer urban mod" were the local stores that tried their best to match the fashions - while really only being interested in workwear and school uniforms.

Moss Side/Rusholme guys went to Baines on Claremont Road - probably started there by getting school pants and a cap, then progressed to fashion and then workwear, all from same shop.

I remember buying hipster pants, cord jackets, a reefer jacket, a Dave Clark Five shirt, cravats and a matelot t-shirt from there (thats the ones that were bold blue and white horizontal stripes).

Oh and the reefer jacket I cherished so much came from there as well.  It had thick buttons on with anchors.

My coolest outfit, possibly 65/66 was a brown cord jacket, brown cord trousers, a cravat and cotton check (as in cowboy/lumberjack) shirt.  Geez I was cool and all from Baines.

I think I got my pac-a-mac from there.  Now, they were cool.

I remember going back to Manchester many years later and the shop had swapped sides but it was still Baines.  Fond memories - great shop.  I am sure no one will remember the atmosphere of shopping at Matelan.

Or the HUGE (well it seemed huge to me) jeans store on Princess Road, next to the Wycliffe Cinema and near the Nile. Got my Wranglers there about 1966 for three pounds twelve and six. Good place for Ben Sherman shirts as well. Opposite the Sports Depot, my fav shop for years as a kid. Now  thats a whole new set of memories.

And what was the shop on the corner of Stockport Road and Kirkmanshulme Lane - was it Artizan (thanks Steve)? Great shop - great gear - lots of hipsters and striped tops.

In town, and around 1969, I used to go to the second hand clothes shop near the George Best hairdressers - The Village Shop? It was down some stairs and quite small. Second hand crushed velvet trousers with rips in the bum, and a fur coat. I looked so cool.


Seven Miles Out

A wonder fully 'trendy' shop with an eccentric owner. Selling clothes, furniture and quirky things.

Mike Meakin

The absolute BEST shop in Stockport in the 60's ---- must have spent a fortune there. Jo


I loved shopping at "7 Miles Out" some great stuff for my flat in Heaton Mersey..and a FAB pair of Royal Stewart Red  Tartan pants that I wore to pieces.. Long before those Bay City Roller guys.

BUT..the best thing about the quirky 7 Miles Out was....They had a Mountain Lion walking about the store..!!! yep True... ask anyone who knows.   

I was happily wandering around the furniture dept one Sunday evening and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this Mountain Lion walking about as if he owned the I scooted out quickly with me Red pants and lived to tell this tail..!! 

Derek Alltree



The Toggery
Mersey Square, Stockport
Branches in Bury and Bolton

For lots more info, including an interview with Mike Cohen, click here

Owned by Mike Cohen, who I think was the Hollies first manager. He also managed the 'Toggery Five' who featured Paul Young.

Joe Moss

Yes! The Toggery! Sky blue AND pink, button-down or gingham collar - tab collar shirts. They had em' all!

Beatle Boots, by Annello and Davide , from London. Winklepickers galore - got mine from there and stashed them in the garden shed. My Mum did not allow me to wear pointed toe shoes 'said they were 'common'! So when I went out at night, I'd change into them in the shed , and back into my regular shoes via the shed when I came home! This went on for years!

The Toggery had leather waistcoats in all colours , leather jackets. Lots of leather, amazing trousers, suits , you name it . VERY well stocked shop - just like Carnaby Street, without actually spending the money on train fare to go down to London to get the 'gear'.

A great place to spot Wayne Fontana , or Graham Nash or Allan Clarke on any given day.

Dave Bowker

I worked at the Toggery in Bury and Bolton in 1964 till 66. I often wondered what happened to some of the other guys who worked there  - Les Machin and Laurie Jaycot, both great guys.

I remember Michael Cohen. I will be intrested to see if anyone remembers me?

Mike Looker

Hi Guy's & Girl's
I've just read your Clothes Shop page and thought I'd let you know that when Michael Choen had The Toggery my mate Linsey use to work they.

I've jsut posted a comment on The Toggery Five's You Tube Song " I'd Rather Be Out With The Boy'" about that big window on the front of the shop. It must have been 30 to 40 feet high ! One big sheet of glass ! I had never seen such a large sheet of glass that big ! Do you rembemer it ? It made the shop stand out!

The Goood Old Days ! I met Elkie (Elaine Bookbilder) Brooks in them days. I had a great but all to brief time with Elaine. Such is life.

Peace & Luv

Terry TelQuiero Robson


Anyone remember "HALON" in Stockport ? It was not as fashionable as the Toggery, but not bad either. They sponsored a group called "The Halons".

You could also buy "Allan Allen" button down collar shirts from there, which were made in Stockport by Alan Cheetham, who was an agent, and managed a few groups as well. 

Rob Parkes

There was also a Halons opposite the Wimpey/A1 on Oxford Rd.


Almost sure there was a branch on Deansgate between Royce Menswear (where I pretended to work) and the entrance to Barton Arcade approximately opposite the cinema.

Ric Ford

Remember it well  - bought my black knitted Beatles slim tie there & still have it ! Next door was the Touchstone Pub plus a Fishmongers run by Pete (The Fish) Staples, who was drummer with Gordon Robinson Septet - regulars at the Bamboo Club Hazel Grove

Peter Fone

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Liz Sherwood says...
Anyone remember Ronald Keith's, an amazing shoe shop on Albert Sq. ? The shoes were pretty expensive, like £7 - £8 when they cost about 69/11 at Saxone but the designs were like nothing else.
13th April 2014 8:34pm
Chris says...
Re. Baines. Rusholme. Remember Baines well, but also there was a shop on Wilmslow Rd. On the block where The Sher Khan is now that sold similar gear, Tab Shirts, Cord Jackets. And another just off All Saints, down some steps. Cannot remember the ... Read More
3rd May 2014 3:38am
Jean says...
Sid Baines was a lifelong friend of my father's. Dad used to work there on Saturdays and just before Christmas. Sid was a lovely man.
5th February 2015 2:46pm
Melanie Chaloner says...
Talking about clothes, do any girls remember Crowthers? There was one on South King street and maybe one somewhere else in town. Also one in Oldham. They sold forties inspired jersey dresses that were very short - this was around 1969. My friend got ... Read More
31st May 2014 1:44am
David Moore says...
I worked at Halon menswear in the mid 70s, at their head office on Oxford Road, then in one of their 2 shops on Deansgate. Owned by 3 brothers, Mr Lawrie, Mr Fred, the other I can't remember, plus a son, Mr William. I remember receiving a pay ... Read More
7th September 2014 9:28pm
johnny brannigan says...
I remember going for an audition with the Halon band at the Stockport shop. I was working with a band called The Society at the time. Although I liked the idea of working with a band with a clothes shop connection they had no bookings so I stayed ... Read More
5th August 2015 11:56pm
Bev Turner says...
In response to David Lees' question about Go Boutique and Crowthers .... Go Boutique was owned by John and Christine Crowther and it was THE only place in the late 60s/early 70s to buy your clothes and accessories. I loved that shop! After ... Read More
16th October 2014 6:51am
christine Rogers says...
Hi Bev Turner, I recall Crowthers well too.It was in King St west(?)on the right hand side.Saved up to buy an outfit there ...pale pink short dress with buttons on shoulder and beads to match...felt like a million dollars on a night out in Top of ... Read More
19th October 2014 8:51am
kris Radcliffe says...
Remember it well used to model for John and Chris at their fashion shows
29th September 2015 6:38am
Roland Towey says...
The shops we used for our shirts Ben sherman,,single colours.Jay Tex chequered.we're Browns and ivors on Brown street Manchester.
17th November 2014 9:45am
Derek Radcliffe says...
Yes Graham Nash's wife was a part owner of Pygmalia. Frank went into partnership with Mike Summerbee making bespoke shirts, he is now living in Florida.I used many of the Manchester shops but Studd was a leader when I wanted the smartest suits !!
19th November 2014 8:40am
Sue says...
Does anyone remember the clothes shop at Rhodes Bank, Oldham, late 60s I think? It had a huge image of Jimmy Hendrix painted on the front wall and you had to climb a steep flight of stairs up to it. The guy running it wore a pin striped suit with ... Read More
1st January 2015 8:18am
mick ward says...
yes I remember the shop with front covered with a picture of Hendrix, you had to go up some tight little stairs to the second floor to be greeted with these huge shirt lapels
I remember he had a moustache, they had great clothes, and nice people
8th March 2015 9:06am
Sue says...
Thanks Mick, I think the owner was called Terry but I can't remember the name of the shop.
8th March 2015 5:50pm
mick ward says...
hi sue I think it was called go boutique, mike.
9th March 2015 1:53am
Sue says...
Ah! Yes, I think that was it, thanks Mike.
9th March 2015 2:05am
Andrew E says...
Does anyone remember the shops around king st? Zap, Paris Dix Sept (with a cafe and waterfall between first and ground floor or does my memory deceive me?), Firorucci, Damien & Jason?
15th February 2015 6:47am
Mark Read says...
I remember Damien and Jason, worked there when it first opened in 1972... June 26th!
12th August 2015 3:38am
janet hirst says...
I worked on Saturdays' in '69/'70 washing hair at 'A Cut Above The Rest' on Back Bridge St (around the corner from George Bests' boutique,) it was owned by a fellow called Denny. Damian and Jason started out there before ... Read More
7th April 2016 1:18pm
Viv says...
I remember Paris Dix Sept.. corner Deansgate and South King St; it was owned by Tariq who's family lived in Hale Barns. Fiorucci on Police St behind where Waterstones is now (Old Kendals furniture/food building) I still have my leather jeans ... Read More
15th February 2016 5:47am
Tariq Siddiqi says...
I bought the George Best boutique in 1973 and called it Paris 17..then within a year oped a mini fashion store 105/107 Deansgate called Paris Dix banned from driving so I moved to London 1979/1980 along with Peter Stringfellow .. you can ... Read More
21st June 2016 11:36pm
Viv says...
Hi Tariq I'll contact you on Twitter FB. I knew Naviede really well 1980's I'm so so sorry and shocked to hear such sad news. I remember you're moving I think to St Christopher's Place in London. I still have a pair of ... Read More
22nd June 2016 12:23am
Tariq Siddiqi says...
Hi Viv,

@TariqSiddiqi twitter

Would be nice to hear from you xx
7th November 2016 6:34pm
michael marsden says...
Hi,I worked at Damien and Jason 1976 to 79,great times x
27th January 2017 9:46pm
Patricia says...
Remember Crowthers. Had some beautiful clothes from there. I also remember a shop in St Annes Square on the same side as Exchange theatre walking towards St Annes Church. Does A nyone remember the name of it. I had lovely clothes from there also
26th February 2015 9:05pm
Linda Gorton says...
I remember Crowthers they sold lovely cloths, wish I had saved some of them. I liked Wallis cloths too, I still have a black lace Wallis dress, it must be nearly 50 years old now. It still fits but I couldn't wear it, the legs have gone now. I ... Read More
8th March 2015 3:46am
Dee Parker says...
Hi All
Was the shop you were thinking of Marshall and Snelgrove? My sister bought clothes from there when she worked in Manchester.
14th November 2015 7:46am
Mads says...
My Grandma was the manageress of Janet Hunt and mum Mum and Aunty worked there its lovely reading all it. My Grandma loves fashion now!
30th March 2016 5:32pm
Sue Frome says...
It was called Janet Hunt. My sister was a Saturday girl in the early 70's sold Cacherel and Daniel Hechter. Other shops in King Street were Elle and Cresta. Also Keith Scarrett shoes.
24th November 2015 7:46am
Sue Frome says...
Oops mean Ronald Keith shoes, Albert Square also French Dressing next to Damian and Jason, a school friend's mum was the manager. Sterling Cooper on Cross Street, 40's inspired clothes.
24th November 2015 7:58am
Viv says...
Elle was amazing worked across the road 1974 but couldn't afford to buy anything there.. though I eventually bought something in 1979 pale pink Chippie dungarees (£50?!)
15th February 2016 5:41am
A.N. OTHER ANON says...
I got my dress for my/our "Engagement" party from Janet Hunt in 1974! I still have it!! (2016)
I weighed 8st!! & the dress cost £36:00 - which, in those days, was approx 2 times my weekly pay!! (approx. £800.00-ish equivalent in 2016!)
25th February 2016 12:32am
Janis Wilkinson says...
For Linda Gorton, I think the shop in St Annes square you were trying to remember, was Lucinda Byers. I remember Crowthers too, my friend Irene was the Manager there. I bought tons of stuff there.
20th June 2016 11:43pm
Jay Peacock says...
PATRICIA - might that shop have been called 'Chloe' ? I know it was on Cross St in Manchester but it might have moved there from St Ann's Sq. not sure, but thought it was worth a suggestion.
22nd November 2015 10:45pm
Viv says...
Yes I remember Crowthers.. bought some black shiny 'wet look' jeans in 1973/4 and other things there.
15th February 2016 5:38am
mickward says...
does anyone remember harry fentons, Yorkshire street Oldham, we used to go in for the button down shirts, and the ones with a bar you used to screw on on the collar, at this shop I remember les olroyd bjh used to work and always used to see him in ... Read More
9th March 2015 2:02am
Stuart Wilson a.k.a. Brown says...
Help???? Does anyone remember the name of the studios in the old church hall (now a restaurant bar) on Wilmslow Road, next to Wilbraham Road junction, Fallowfield? And who owned it/ran it please. For years I seemed to think it was the original Kevin ... Read More
15th March 2015 4:34am
Mike Gillett says...
Hi Stu
Cant remember the name but I recorded there a few times for the BBC who ran the studio and would broadcast live
Our pianist them was Ritchie Close who died very young but was an exceptional player

11th December 2015 9:42pm
Jay Peacock says...
OLDHAM St, Manchester. There was a boutique there very late 60s / early 70s called 2007 AD. Anyone remember it ? I can't trace any photos of it but would love to see one posted on here if anyone's got one.
24th April 2015 4:44pm
Michelle sephton says...
Just asked the same question jay pea ock
2nd June 2015 2:46am
Barbara Willoughby says...
I remember 2007AD ( or was it 2001AD ) The outside of this trendy boutique looked like it was covered with white snow. I bought a maxi dress there and some items were priced in guineas.
21st August 2015 11:13am
Janette Jones says...
Was that the one that was white with round cave like windows and a spiral staircase, near to C&As i bought my first maxi coat in there loved it.
11th January 2016 10:27am
Steve says...
Yes, it was (cave-like, white walls). My sister used to work there and I'd love a photo of it for her.
21st August 2016 10:35pm
Elaine James says...
I'm Sure it was called 2007,the windows were done like a snow cave, I bought a green halter neck maxi dress from there in 1974...still have it, its in the attic with a few more special memories from the 70's!!
15th November 2016 3:15pm
Steve says...
Great memories from you there - amazing that you've still got a dress from there! I really need a photo of the place, either of the outside of inside. Would love this for my sister who used to work there in the eaely 70s.
16th November 2016 6:40pm
Ann Sent says...
I remember Pygmalion owned by Graham Nash and Tony Hicks. I and my friends used to go down after work, before it was opened and occasionally Tony and Graham were there and they showed us some of the clothes for the boutique then we would go to ... Read More
29th May 2015 11:12pm
Michelle sephton says...
Does anyone remember a shop in city centre manchester on oldham st and market street corner called 2007 AD if so has anyone got a photo please
2nd June 2015 2:44am
Tony Flynn says...
I remember it, my girlfriend (Now Wife of 40 years) used to shop there. I was white on the outside and had arched windows which looked like an entrance to a cave. Oldham street was great in the 1970's, Starting to look good again now with some ... Read More
24th October 2015 1:47am
Steve says...
I've been looking for a photo of this shop for a while. My sister used to work there and would love to get a photo for her. Hope you find one and, if so, are happy to share.
21st August 2016 10:33pm
Mark Read says...
I remember the shop Don't Know think I bought a blue velvet suit there early 1972... thought it was the best thing ever... growing up in Salford this street was like another world to a 15 year old!
12th August 2015 3:42am
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