Guys n Dolls

The large shop was Guys and Dolls and the 'blokey shop' was I believe The Westerner, selling ... yes you guessed it cowboy boots, shirts, jeans, etc.

Mo Wright

With regards to Guys and Dolls, I worked there in 1971'ish and later - 1972-1975'ish at the Westerner in Barton Arcade, Manchester - would be nice to hear from any other staff/friends from that era - Barry Shaw, Martin Carling, Dave and Mike (from the Westerner) to name a few. I may have some pictures of The Westerner which I will try and post. Also Roy James Dean who woarked at, I believe, Pygmalia in about 1972 - he also played guitar but can't remember bands name Regards

Phil Nadin

Didn't they have a live DJ on in there on Saturday afternoons?

Salford Lad

I worked at G+Ds around 1971. I had an absolute ball and I rubbed shoulders with some of the most beautiful people in the world.

I remember Ged Sundquist (who went on to be a fine actor), Janet Fearns, Ian (The Westerner)  "Bridie" The Manager and yes the great Al Dean ? who entertained us every Saturday.     

Noel Ahern

So, there I am, sitting with Mike Bradbury (who I'd not seen for over thirty years) and we're talking about the old days at Guys and Dolls. I worked there and at The Westerner from 1970-74 and Mike from 1968-73. Mike asked if I ever saw anyone from those days, mentioning a few who'd been to visit him when he first moved to Wales, including Phil Nadin. Of course I've seen nobody in years. And then, for some reason, I decide to Google Guys and Dolls, and here I am, in Manchester beat and Phil Nadin is remembering me!

So here we go, here's a roll call of those whose names I remember. There are others whose faces I can still see, but can't remember their names. Maybe someone else can fill in a few blanks:

The Manchester boss was Alan Gallagher, supported by Tony Moores, who was married to Anne, the window dresser. And then, in no particular order, other than the people I worked with first; Mike Bradbury, Dave Wild, Ian Farrell, Ian Marriott, Ian Stewart,Susan Drazcuk, Christine Perritt(?), Janet Fearn,Barry Shaw,Phil Nadin, Noel Ahern,Kenny Cummings, Brian King,Mike Comber, Greg Vere, Gerry Sunqist, Bernadette (), Pat, Nick and Paul Cunningham, Alec Green, Al Zabiella, Keith Benson, Ian Balf, Bill Bacon, David Rhodes and Ian Muir. Good crowd - what are you doing now?

I could spend hours telling stories from those days and when I get time I will, but for now, here's a piece of totally useless information I'll share with you. Al Dean (real name Alan Pogson) did indeed DJ at Guys and Dolls on a Saturday - assisted at lunchtime by Andy Peebles! His final disc every Saturday was a special request for David Rhodes. The track was "Sanctus", the music running all the way through the film "If". Not a lot of people know that.

Martin Carling

So there are survivors!  I remember many of the names listed by Martin Carling and Phil Nadin, (including themselves), and like Martin there are many more faces to which I cannot put names.

After Royce Menswear on Deansgate I worked at the Westerner in Guys and Dolls, also on the third floor (going up!) - ground floor accessories and Westerner, first floor Dolls, second floor Guy (or was it the other way round?), third floor sale and cafes, fourth floor admin and display, and I also worked at Barton Square around 1974 I remember the girls shop next door although I wouldn''t have remembered the name, Contrary, but for Christine's post below.

I can add some names to Martin's list: Gavin Aldred (who I think left to work for Littlewoods?), Danny O'Connell (still very much alive and kicking!), and Phil Sergeant (last heard of setting off to walk to India); Bluey from Liverpool (who once downed a pint of Scotch in one and promptly passed out!).  I remember happy nights (and days) in the Hole in the Wall was there a barmaid called Monica?, The Mariners and The Sawyers Arms.

Does anyone remember the mass tin lid battles in which we would frisbee the tops of promotional tin cans at one another across a crowded shop?  Or the boarded up corridor we found on the third floor and, carefully concealed with shirt boxes, an ideal place to get over a little lunchtime excess, it even had toilets!

I remember dear old Alan Dean on Saturday afternoons and the first day of the sale when, in an attempt to limit the number of people in the store at once we roped the front doors shut, opening them by a few inches to hand out ˜first come/first choice" tickets (well, it sounded like a good idea at the time!).  We slacked off the rope and opened the door slightly whilst one of the staff, I don't remember who, extended his hand through the doors bearing a ticket.  The mob on Oldham Street spotted our mistake in a flash, the person holding out the ticket had all the others in his other hand  - whoops!  I wouldn't have said he would have fit through that gap but  he did, like a cork out of a bottle!  Then it was run like hell for the basement and side door to mount a rescue mission!  We got most of him back but all the tickets had gone and the Police were becoming increasingly concerned about the size and demeanour of the crowd so we had to abandon the plan and it turned into a free for all - that was a fun day.

The last time I saw any of the old crowd apart from Dan must have been better than thirty years ago when I would play pool with Tony Moores in the Spread Eagle next door to Robinsons Brewery.  I also went up to visit Phil Nadin (how' s it going Phil?) in County Durham where he had just moved from Stockport.  I remember on that trip someone trying to steal my car, a MK1 Capri, which I suppose pretty much dates this little memoir!

Ric Ford

My Mum Kitty Lomon used to work in Guys and Dolls on Oldham Street. I used to go with her on Saturdays (no idea why a store would allow you to take your child in for the day) and it was the most amazing place. Mary quant Makeup, and George Best had a concession in there. I remember seeing him there. His shirts were soo fasionable then, purple with big round white penny collars!!!

I also remember my mum buying me an Afghan Hound coat from there because she got a discount. I really was the coolest kid around, if the the smelliest, I have never known anything like that smell ... I'm surprised anyone came near me!!

Mandy Lomon

Many thanks for all the posts regarding Guys and Dolls and the Westerner and Pygmalia (early 70's manager Roy James Dean) in Manchester, any of the lads and lasses who want to share memories of the time please contact me Phil at - I will be trying to post some images of the shop to Paul@manchester beat - Remember the Hole in the wall? good drinker at the time - Mike Bradbury will remember ! Especially how he used to get free drinks LOL.

Phil Nadin

Reading through the comments about Guys and Dolls really put a smile on my face.

I worked there, I think in 1976, at the Sterling Cooper concession.  I wish time had been a little kinder on the old grey matter because I just can't remember any names...apart from Elaine Jennings, oh and I think Sarah the window dresser who was dating one of the Stockport FC players at the time.

I was only 15/16 but felt oh so grown up...and yes we used to go in The Hole In The Wall regularly.

We used to hang out with the guys from the hairdressers on the second floor,anybody remember Dougie,I wonder if he is still cutting hair? We regularly went to The Great American there was a place...Tony Wilson could regularly be seen there!!  Then it was on to "Slacks"...OMG I cant believe I was doing these things at this age!!! Oh...My name..Denise!!


Nice to welcome Denise to the forum with her comments on Guys and Dolls - especially with reference to the Hole in the Wall and the Great American Disaster ! If you ever frequented such places on Saturday night and say several unrully lads and lasses (mostly from G & D and The Westerner) then apologies, that was us. You couldn't miss Barry with his King Charles hair style and umbrella !

Anyone else remember The Great American Disaster pub in the early 70's ? regards

Phil Nadin


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Topic: Guys n Dolls
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Lorraine says...
came across Manchester beat by chance looking for old eateries such as great american disaster and was quite suprised to find the "Guys n Dolls" article as i worked there about 1974 in the westener department with Rick and his Hair ha ha! ... Read More
16th March 2014 5:52pm
Lorraine says...
Other names that come to mind are Paul Muir from Birkenhead Allen Chunks Dennis, Gavin and Dianne, Jewish Stuart, Julie and Camp jimmy who took centre stage on the till circle on Ground floor. Also the manager Keith Raggart. Did one of the lads ... Read More
18th April 2014 6:15am
Phil Nadin says...
Knew Ric (Ford) well - his then girlfriend was a pretty thing called Carol ??
29th April 2014 3:12am
lorraine says...
Yes both carol and rick had very long hair. A Status Que thing going on perhaps, Phil were you a Blue coat once up on a time?
21st February 2016 9:55pm
phil says...
hi Lorraine, not sure what you mean by 'blue coat' but I did work at Butlins Minehead in 1974 in the bars, left the Westerner in March 1974, came back to Westerner October 1974 - Mike Bradbury was manager at the time. short time there then ... Read More
22nd February 2016 4:24am
lorraine says...
So a bit of a connection with holiday camp then. It was only after jogging my mind back in time that I distantly recall that we may of had the odd chat here and there outside barton square westerner when there weren’t enough customers to keep you ... Read More
2nd March 2016 8:33am
phil says...
Hi Lorraine, yeh, 'Briefcase Mike' a great bloke to work for and, as he'll surely remember, the one who introduced us all to Black Label whisky. Happy days, ragards Phil
7th March 2016 4:20am
Anne For. says...
Anyone remember the trendy clothes shops, on Oldham St. 2007? That seemed so far in the future to be futuristic! As I remember it was cave like with a spiral staircase.
20th April 2014 6:40am
Paul says...
My mum worked in 2007 with the "spaceman"I've been trying to find contacts pictures for her but can't find anything
30th November 2014 12:24am
Lynda Chaisty says...
I remember a clothes shop on Oldham Street that was made to look like the moon surface or something like that, it also had a very narrow spiral staircase.
20th May 2015 10:16pm
Julie Hickson says...
I remember 2007, I had a conversation tonight about it with my sister. We both worked at guys and dolls in the 70s around 74/75 Diane Gardner was manageress of ladieswear she married Gavin Aldred
6th August 2015 7:45am
lorraine says...
were you julie hickson known as julie
womble i was lorraine greenall then
and worked in the westerner you went
out with paul muir in the end did you
go on to work in kendal milnes shoe
departement on deansgate
26th August 2015 6:33am
Dave Kenigsberg says...
Hi Lorraine, Do you remember me French Dave. We used to work together in the same department.
26th August 2015 2:45pm
lorraine says...
Bonjour French Dave.
Thanks for the mention.
Was there a Steve Henshaw or Dave Mason who were floor managers?
Dee remembers Quinto from The Westerner,he moved from London to Bury.
I remember Jackie a friend of Sue
& also an Irish girl called Cora.
9th September 2015 3:51am
Dave Kenigsberg says...
Hi Lorraine,
Yes I remember all those names and
Steve Henshaw and Dave Mason were floor managers.
Best Regards,
French Dave
12th September 2015 5:51pm
Julie Hickson says...
No that want me! I was Julie Gardner Diane'said sister
30th January 2016 9:10am
lorraine says...
I do remember the lovely Dianne didn’t realize she had a sister that worked there, Didn’t they move to st martins in the fields when they got married?
21st February 2016 9:58pm
Lorraine says...
Finding “Manchester beat” as I did, was really a pleasant surprise, although it was along time ago it does in all honesty seem like only yesterday. Gerry sundquist was one of my “fave” actors in the 70’s not realising that it was our ... Read More
6th February 2015 6:35am
Barry says...
Hello Lorraine This is my first communique to this site. I was the aforementioned young man who did the art and design work from 1973 to 1978. The 'drawing room' on the top floor in fact measured around 5000 square feet - some drawing room, ... Read More
6th February 2016 8:21am
lorraine says...
Barry so nice to hear from you, we did share a few treks to and from Victoria station via guys and dolls you did always carry your umbrella on those dark winter mornings and nights. I worked in the westerner, wasn’t really the glam or trendy type ... Read More
21st February 2016 10:08pm
Barry says...
Ha ha! Good to hear from you Lorraine; I vaguely recall the Strider bit! No you weren't geeky and probably no more shy than I was. You were slim, had dark clothes and long dark wavy hair. You might have been a student. I never bothered too much ... Read More
22nd February 2016 5:37am
Lorraine randall says...
Hi everyone I worked there 1970's. Does anyone remember the store detective who wore a white trench coat and white boots? Her nickname was Tara King meant in a kind way. Also does anyone remember a young lady who had an accident there when a ... Read More
26th March 2015 4:44am
Dave Kenigsberg says...
I worked in Guys and Dolls . I am French and my name is Dave. I worked there until the shop closed. I worked with Steve who was the floor manager.
13th April 2015 1:01am
Dee Chadwick says...
Ha great to read up on Guys n Dolls Oldham Street – didn’t the carrier bags have a psychedelic picture of a man in loons and platforms? Worked there as a Saturday Girl! and holidays etc. for a few years whilst at uni to late 78, when I moved to ... Read More
8th August 2015 8:14pm
Charles Bibby says...
I've only just discovered this page, casually Googling, first the MSG (Manchester Sports Guild), then Guys & Dolls. As Alan Gallagher's surviving, and almost secret Partner, (the one he kept hidden at home), it was lovely to find all ... Read More
24th October 2015 6:09pm
Charles Bibby says...
Noel's memories are so good, of those wonderful, sex filled and musically tinged, heady days of Guys & Dolls. He knew that the Great Al Dean, was in fact, Alan Pogson,(long time live in partner of Bill Bacon. Did you know them at the sticky ... Read More
24th October 2015 6:54pm
Charles Bibby says...
Can't help thinking this should all be on a Facebook Page, where we could get interested parties to put pictures to faces and stories to those! I've got pictures , but have yet to work out adding them in this obscure way! Many of mone are ... Read More
24th October 2015 7:05pm
Charles Bibby says...
Just remembered the surname of the Girl I remembered in Dolls, Gillian Richardson and her husband was David. Great friends and great company. Alan Gallagher's Lawyer of course! Just read, was it John Bracewell, who began his music career in the ... Read More
24th October 2015 10:34pm
Charles Bibby says...
Sorry, I could get boring, but nobody mentioned Frank Rostron, who remains a
friend, but now lives in Naples, Florida, USA. He began his career at John Michael, in the capable hands of Alan Gallagher. did well didn't he?
24th October 2015 10:50pm
Neil Entwistle says...
The store was officially opened by Lulu and I think PJ Proby I was a 10 or 11 year old who was to be the next Flaxton Boy so I was part of the opening
Not many people know this
2nd February 2016 6:23am
Barry says...
This is the second attempt at this blog, seeing as the broadband packed up during the first attempt. The system I have should be burned at the stake and the ashes scattered but not in hallowed ground, lol! You're right about Lulu ... Read More
6th February 2016 4:52pm
Barry says...
Neil Sorry mate but two previous attempts to reply have apparently not succeeded. You are correct in that Lulu was the principal celebrity on the opening day of the G&D store in October 1970. However I have no recollection of Jim Proby appearing ... Read More
6th February 2016 5:43pm
Barry says...

I made no errors or omissions so I don't know what is going on here. If you have a problem with my mails for any reason then I would appreciate your pointing out why this may be.

With appreciation
6th February 2016 4:58pm
Barry says...
Re: Great American Disaster, the Hole in the Wall etc. Belated reply to Phil Nadin's comment. Yes Phil, we had a few laughs in the GAD, that is, after you discount the posers and some of the malcontents that appeared later. I used to have one of ... Read More
6th February 2016 6:50pm
phil nadin says...
Nice to (eventually!!) hear from you. Hope you are well. As you can see my last blog was Jan 2014 - I have been intouch with Ric (Ford) but Danny (O'Connell) seems to be bemused by technology but is still knocking about Manchester. Will reply ... Read More
6th February 2016 10:29pm
Barry says...
Phil Great to hear from you and you must bring me up to date with all your goings on. Of course I remember Tony; he was a great bloke and I couldn't forget the others. Incidentally when I got called upstairs to Alan Gallagher's office in ... Read More
6th February 2016 11:13pm
Mandy Lomon says...
Hi, are there any pictures of the store? With my mum working there is the seventies I would soo appreciate any pics that anyone would have?
26th May 2016 9:18am
Barry says...
Hello again to everybody. It's gratifying to see such familiar names; of those I worked with and those I was close to. I hope that the years have not been too unkind to you all. It's perhaps a sobering thought that even the youngest of the ... Read More
14th February 2016 12:13am
Barry says...
This is the rest of yesterday's (13 Feb 2016) resume of former staff at G&D. I must have sent the incomplete first part by accident. Concessions at Oldham St: As said, I recall no George Best outlet. There was Sterling Cooper with Beverley ... Read More
14th February 2016 5:44pm
Dave s says...
Hi Barry was interested to see that steeds hairdressers had a space in g and ds that must have been after new brown st was demolished to make way for the Arndale centre I worked at steeds at n b st. The two bosses were Pete ::::: and Alan goldstone ... Read More
11th May 2016 3:26am
Baz says...
Hello Dave Sorry about the belated reply; it's all down to problems with my broadband, the computer, the firewall and probably to the curse that somebody probably has put on me, lol! I well remember the shop in Cannon St circa 1971. I was ... Read More
29th September 2016 6:03pm
Baz says...
Just remembered

Pete at Steeds was named Pete Beardow if I have that right.

29th September 2016 6:08pm
David simmonds says...
Hi baz ,sorry to say this but I found out on another thread that Pete beardo had passed away a few years ago. Andy haslam who was an apprentice now has his own shop in didsbury apparently.
29th September 2016 9:27pm
Baz says...
Dave Genuinely very sorry to hear that Pete Beardow is no longer with us. He had a great sardonic sense of humour which I found out when Steeds set up shop in G&D. He seemed to remember my visit to his other shop and we had quite a few laughs ... Read More
30th September 2016 6:00am
phil says...
Hi Baz, don't blame the firewall when the firestarter usually does the dirty deed dirt cheap !! Sorry, was that a reference to Prodigy or AC/DC ? Ho. ho, anyway, how yer doin' mate ? I've just got back from Whitby with a pall on a tea ... Read More
30th September 2016 2:38am
Baz says...
To: the Born Again Geordie of North Manchester aka Zenon "The Electric Axe" Stafford Can't understand it! I built the firewall myself from three tons of refractory firebricks salvaged from a works boiler in Heywood. Used fifty kilos of ... Read More
30th September 2016 6:49am
phil says...
Only if you tell me the story of Father Poablo and the John Lennon guitar !! Have you noticed that the Manchesterbeat clock is wrong ? Still not heard from Dan - are you sure we didn't leave him in that nightclub in Manchester in 1973 ? Catch ... Read More
30th September 2016 11:27pm
Baz says...
Phil Tales from the Big Empty Space on the top floor at 35-43 Oldham St, Manchester 4 (or wherever) Ah yes that comes from somewhere deep in the past. Father Pablo and one C. Devine's juvenile excursions into primeval rock music of 1962/63 or ... Read More
1st October 2016 8:05am
Phil says...
Tale-Master, the reference to John Winston was that said musician wanted to emulate said Winston but alas, as you said, plugging into the mains was not a great idea. (That part of the story still reminds me of the late, great Winston IV which, I ... Read More
21st October 2016 2:18pm
Baz says...
To the Power-Monger of Barton Square Methinks you are right about said ghost trains on East Lancashire lines in this case Rochdale-Bury-Bolton etc. which closed in around November 1970. I've worked with one or two mystics who maintain that the ... Read More
29th October 2016 10:51am
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