Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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Topic: The Westerner
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The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.1 I worked at this branch from August 1971 until February/March 1973, transferring from G&D Oldham St as the branch was one member of staff short. I got an extra quid a week for my trouble (Wow, a quid a week no less - soon be ... Read More
21st February 2017 1:59am
Hot buttered toast says...
Saturdays were ace. Last day of the busy week starting with hot buttered toast at the café on St Annes Square ? The manager always asked for 'lashings of butter' Then for lunch at the Mariner ? just off St Annes. Liquid lunches served ... Read More
25th February 2017 11:31pm
Paul webmaster says...
Odd how toast crops up a lot around the site. Simpler times, I suppose. I worked at CWS and used to whip out to Parkers, Amber St, for tea and toast with mates from different departments. Parkers always cut the toast into three strips - which I ... Read More
25th February 2017 11:52pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
I found your 2008 UK reunion with Pete McClain and Butch Mepham interesting. I met Pete at Urmston Men's Club in May 2014 along with Derek Quinn and Eric Haydock. Pete particularly was a great bloke; a true gentleman. I'm still learning ... Read More
27th February 2017 12:32am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square 2 The Westerner shop consisted of a ground floor level and a basement. All of the western stock; suedes, leathers, denims etc. were displayed on the upper level. Some of this stock bore The Westerner brand label. The basement level ... Read More
27th February 2017 1:25am
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