Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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Topic: The Westerner
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Hot Buttered Toast says...
If the notes are b minor and a flat I've heard them before. Looking forward to Chronicles as are the rest of the 4th world - or is it 3rd ? No, right the first time it was the 4th. Best regards, Lord Z Stafford.
14th October 2017 12:55am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Bolton) says...
The TSHBR has been preoccupied with unwanted, unsolicited, unnecessary, unhelpful, uninteresting trivia from local authority evidently obsessed with spoiling my freedom. How can one be expected to continue the quest for Barton Square recognition ... Read More
10th October 2017 9:04pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Well buckeroo, welcome back TSHBR. Sorry to hear of the plague of Local Authority assaults. Good job things like that don't happen in Bolton! Anyhow, with your kind permission I will extract some of your prose and surgically insert it into my ... Read More
12th October 2017 4:21am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Getting rid of the ten shilling note? I hope you're not serious, I still get my (occasional) bus fares with 'em - and half crowns as well. Have you noticed HBT, there is no preview box on this forum. And the text has been centred. Is it that ... Read More
14th October 2017 7:02pm
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Barton Square Chronicles; the long-awaited resumption (but probably not by many!) Barton Square No.11 Saturday was the busiest day of the week when the shop takings equalled or surpassed the total taken for the combined weekdays. After work we ... Read More
14th October 2017 7:38pm
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