Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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Topic: The Westerner
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Hot Buttered Toast says...
Later in 1973 The Westerner has a Jukebox - stereo no less - suppliers let us put some of our own singles in so Saturday afternoons rang out to All Right Now and My Brother Jake. At a reasonable volume, of course. I have a nice memory of the ... Read More
2nd March 2017 4:51am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Strange thing that toast ! Alien perhaps ? Throwback from the Steampunk era ?
2nd March 2017 4:37am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.3 To Hot Buttered Toast: Welcome aboard matey; no doubt we will have met in an earlier life. As a fellow survivor of the shop of this forum, you have my sympathy where thieves are concerned. As HBT will likely recall, in addition to ... Read More
2nd March 2017 12:08pm
Paul webmaster says...
Inane questions? I worked in Dolcis, Market St and got: "Can you tell me where downstairs is" - yes, down those stairs you walked past to get to me. "Can I try those shoes on in the window" - No, you will have to take a seat in ... Read More
2nd March 2017 4:04pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Ha-ha! Nice one, very good. I recall somebody switching the elements of three-piece suits round to get a better fit on somebody and thus a sale. We weren't supposed to do this but a sale is a sale. Subsequently we ended up with one dog's ... Read More
2nd March 2017 8:50pm
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