Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped
Ha-ha! Nice one HBT. Yet more repartee. Now look at what the Site-Master has started. Presumably your son hasn't disowned you yet? Wrong junction, railway to reality; what are they? More of a broad gauge buffer stop for those sufficiently deluded to think anybody other than JM would employ them. Well that's two of us at least. I wondered if and when you might resume your erm, comments on this once proud bastion of Manchester commerce. It wouldn't come as any surprise if after JM Ltd had vacated the premises, a team of biologists and archaeologists had descended out of nowhere to serve a preservation order on the back door cobwebs. No great crested newts; just Barton Square's resident nest of venomous spiders. I suppose that would come out well in a list of pseudo intellectual Euro-funded vanity projects with no purpose; the bank having to structure their operation round the detritus we left behind. Put your hand behind the cash dispenser and one of those things will ... Read More
1st May 2017 3:01am
The T-Shirt HBR
And now it's Barton Square No.9 The annual stock-take/audit at the JM shops was about as much fun as multiple transplant surgery without an anaesthetic. The job had to be done outside of trading hours which meant that we undertook this between the closure of the shops at 6pm on Saturday and re-opening at 9am on the following Monday. Perhaps needless to say, we were obliged to work through Saturday night into Sunday, therefore by Sunday morning, we were all whacked out. I don't recall that we actually got paid for any of this but on Saturday evening, the company did at least pay for a meal for us, in our case at The Mariner on St Anne's Passage, or for G&D staff at Oldham St, it was the Hole in the Wall. I suppose that being young lads, it was more of an adventure than an obvious drag and there was plenty of tea and coffee available at Barton Square. So for the annual stock-take of 1972, after locking-up the shop, we convened as usual in The Mariner's for our ... Read More
1st May 2017 4:15pm
Hot Buttered Toast
Yet another gem, TTHBR, the Hole in the Wall reminds me of Mike Bradbury - known as the Westerner's manager at G&D - we went in after work one sat night and Mike said to the unsuspecting barmaid 'Quick, 2 bottles of (some lager or other) before the trouble starts' (looking towards the door) - I went with it not having a clue what Mike was on about. By the time the barmaid had got round to asking us what the trouble was Mike again ordered 2 more bottles 'before the trouble starts' We got the bottles and was half way down when a now suspicious barmaid asked what was the trouble. Mike's immediate reply was 'we haven't got any money to pay !' True story, and we did pay for the beer !! regards Phil.
2nd May 2017 3:48am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped
Nice one HBR. Now you have held up your hands to misdemeanours of the terminal kind (by Hole in the Wall standards), we now know who was really to blame for the not always cordial reception by Eugenio Gomez (aka Eugenio Gomez-Sanchez). As is well known, to Senor Gomez we represented Anarchy in the UK (so many ways to get what you want; I use the best, I use the rest etc). You couldn't really blame him for assessing us in the way that Tomas de Torquemada viewed heretics and malcontents during the Inquisition. I think it had something to do with long hair, being young, being not of the right calibre to grace his establishment - that sort of thing. However, I wasn't required to plunge my arms into boiling oil or verbally renounce Satan and I did get on with him later. This of course was after (a) he came to the conclusion that we hadn't been sent by the Kremlin to spy on his restaurant, and (b) I got on well with his staff, particularly the girls (no, not that well) Yes ... Read More
2nd May 2017 6:40pm
Hot Buttered Toast
TSHBR, as you know I'm the secret HBT not HBR - and, oops, I think I mentioned Mike someone or other, don't think anyone noticed so Mike Bradbury who emigrated to Gloucestershire (or somewhere like that) your real name is safe with me. from now on I'll refer to you as .. er .. Mike ! Anyway, I wonder if one day TSHBR will disclose his secret identity. If he had ever seen the CB's playing live he would not what that stood for but that' another story. Oh, and by the way very best regards to Webmaster Paul (secretly known as Paul) for the interest and amusement that this page has brought to the unsuspecting world. Some say that Manchester was just an industrial Yorkshire that produced some fine music. I say I grew up a Mancunian and proud of it ! If you in any way care for the Manchester culture, contribute to any of the pages here written. And I think the lad from Wythenshawe was called Canny O'Donnel - he worked in the famous G&D and / or Westerner along ... Read More
3rd May 2017 3:26am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped
To HBT Sorry about improper use of HBR my man; obviously I confused you with Hot Buttered Roast. That's roast, repeat roast, as in roast potatoes. The question of identities now. The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped, as if anybody needed to ask is what I was born with. It reflected one's family affluence (or lack of) during my formative years being dragged up in Ghetto No.5 in the English quarter of erm, England. The person next door was He Of No Underpants; his sister was She Of Loose Morality (very popular girl she was). Of course TTSHBR was a bit long for some people, so to friends, I'm Teesh (my enemies call me something else!) As for other miscreants of the floor-dossing variety, wasn't this the same one who 'played drums' in the City Limits during their Autumn 1973 tour? As for pride in the Roman garrison known far and wide as Mamucium; I wouldn't have worked anywhere else. Does anybody think I would have lowered myself by frequenting Barton Squares and ... Read More
3rd May 2017 6:23pm
The T-Shirt HBR
Barton Square No.10 (Short one) Barton Arcade and possibly our neighbouring premises dated back to the year 1871. We knew this from caretaker Vernon Dall because in 1971, the arcade celebrated its centenary year. Consequently, the infrastructure of the place was beginning to show its age in some ways. Sometime in about 1972, there was a developing problem at The Westerner involving an atrocious smell which permeated the basement before reaching the upper level. It was the stench associated with sewers and we had put up with this for weeks until it became unbearable. It was traced or more appropriately nosed out to a vertical metal drain access cover on the wall in one of the changing rooms. Eventually, somebody with dyna-rod type equipment, came to sort it out. I watched in trepidation as the operative removed the metal hatch not knowing what to expect. I suppose there was a morbid fascination with what might be inside that subterranean recess, i.e. I didn't really want to look ... Read More
5th May 2017 6:24am
Hot Buttered Toast
Now then Teesh, HBR was my brother, he played drums, I played guitar in the City Limit at a charity competition gig somewhere in Manchester,. I remember we did three songs - Mr Tambourine Man, I understand (F and the D's) and I can't remember the third. We weren't very good as it was our first (and only) as the City Limit however we won the talent competition. No idea how! And, yes, I noticed that you wrote on the eve of Star Wars day. If Winston was still alive (instead of riding round on the ghost Manchester Line to Bolton) he would respect the sentiment of honoring the day of the 4th. Paul, we may be heading for the longest thread on this site, unless you know different? And, although some of the writings seem a tad ficticious, most are completely made up. (Except for the references to the Westerner, Barton Square or G&D) Regards Zenon (Phil)
11th May 2017 2:52am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped
The City Limits? They forgot Newton's first two laws of rock/pop music. That's Newton Heath by the way, not Isaac. 1st law: Do not go on stage without equipment. 2nd law: If you haven't got a clue about what you're doing, at least don't make it too obvious. The gig was at the Newton Heath Necropolis or whatever they called it. Cigarette smoke? There was more pollution in there than the engine shed round the corner. Amplifier wattage and power? My Samsung mobile has more grunt. You wrote and I quote: "I remember we did three songs - Mr Tambourine Man, I Understand and I can't remember the third" No, it wasn't called I Can't Remember the Third, it was probably something else. If the CLs won the competition it must have been because your brother-in-law bribed the judge. Star Wars? Winston? 4th and 5th May? You've gone over my head with that. You might have gone to grammar school but I had to sweat it out in Saint Darren and Saint Tyler's ... Read More
13th May 2017 6:43am
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