Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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Topic: The Westerner
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The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Ha-ha! Nice one HBT. Yet more repartee. Now look at what the Site-Master has started. Presumably your son hasn't disowned you yet? Wrong junction, railway to reality; what are they? More of a broad gauge buffer stop for those sufficiently ... Read More
1st May 2017 3:01am
The T-Shirt HBR says...
And now it's Barton Square No.9 The annual stock-take/audit at the JM shops was about as much fun as multiple transplant surgery without an anaesthetic. The job had to be done outside of trading hours which meant that we undertook this between ... Read More
1st May 2017 4:15pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Yet another gem, TTHBR, the Hole in the Wall reminds me of Mike Bradbury - known as the Westerner's manager at G&D - we went in after work one sat night and Mike said to the unsuspecting barmaid 'Quick, 2 bottles of (some lager or other) ... Read More
2nd May 2017 3:48am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Nice one HBR. Now you have held up your hands to misdemeanours of the terminal kind (by Hole in the Wall standards), we now know who was really to blame for the not always cordial reception by Eugenio Gomez (aka Eugenio Gomez-Sanchez). As is well ... Read More
2nd May 2017 6:40pm
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