Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Photo above of yours truly (one on the left) in the Westerner, Barton Arcade, the stagecoach was the window display.

Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

Don't remember too many cowboys wearing flares but remember wanting one of those jackets. 

Picture was taken for a promo in Manchester Evening News.

Image courtesy Phil Nadin.

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Topic: The Westerner
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The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
To HBT Sorry about improper use of HBR my man; obviously I confused you with Hot Buttered Roast. That's roast, repeat roast, as in roast potatoes. The question of identities now. The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped, as if anybody needed to ask is what I ... Read More
3rd May 2017 6:23pm
The T-Shirt HBR says...
Barton Square No.10 (Short one) Barton Arcade and possibly our neighbouring premises dated back to the year 1871. We knew this from caretaker Vernon Dall because in 1971, the arcade celebrated its centenary year. Consequently, the infrastructure of ... Read More
5th May 2017 6:24am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Now then Teesh, HBR was my brother, he played drums, I played guitar in the City Limit at a charity competition gig somewhere in Manchester,. I remember we did three songs - Mr Tambourine Man, I understand (F and the D's) and I can't ... Read More
11th May 2017 2:52am
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