Westerner Boutique
Barton Arcade

Above:  Phil on one drunken night (it shows) Note the penny round shirt (G&D special)

Left: Picture of Barton Arcade, The Westerner was on the corner as the road turns to the left.

Phil Nadin

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Topic: The Westerner
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Phil says...
Hi, worked at the Westerner in 1973 with Dave Pearce, Mike Bradbury , Brian King, Rick ford and a few others. Awesome time. sold clothes to Julie Goodyear, Mike Harding but to mention a few.
23rd November 2016 9:46am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.8 To Dave Simmonds. Thanks for your comments Dave; always appreciated. There's still more to come. Following on from Barton Square No.7, the power cuts we experienced at The Westerner naturally affected the Free Trade Hall, ... Read More
30th April 2017 11:16pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Ever so entertaining TTHBR, but sometimes I think you took the wrong junction on the railway to reality (I only say that as I know I did !!) - as for Paul's inane questions - I have an inane statement. Mo son has started going to the gym ... Read More
1st May 2017 12:11am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Ha-ha! Nice one HBT. Yet more repartee. Now look at what the Site-Master has started. Presumably your son hasn't disowned you yet? Wrong junction, railway to reality; what are they? More of a broad gauge buffer stop for those sufficiently ... Read More
1st May 2017 3:01am
The T-Shirt HBR says...
And now it's Barton Square No.9 The annual stock-take/audit at the JM shops was about as much fun as multiple transplant surgery without an anaesthetic. The job had to be done outside of trading hours which meant that we undertook this between ... Read More
1st May 2017 4:15pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Yet another gem, TTHBR, the Hole in the Wall reminds me of Mike Bradbury - known as the Westerner's manager at G&D - we went in after work one sat night and Mike said to the unsuspecting barmaid 'Quick, 2 bottles of (some lager or other) ... Read More
2nd May 2017 3:48am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Nice one HBR. Now you have held up your hands to misdemeanours of the terminal kind (by Hole in the Wall standards), we now know who was really to blame for the not always cordial reception by Eugenio Gomez (aka Eugenio Gomez-Sanchez). As is well ... Read More
2nd May 2017 6:40pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
TSHBR, as you know I'm the secret HBT not HBR - and, oops, I think I mentioned Mike someone or other, don't think anyone noticed so Mike Bradbury who emigrated to Gloucestershire (or somewhere like that) your real name is safe with me. from ... Read More
3rd May 2017 3:26am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
To HBT Sorry about improper use of HBR my man; obviously I confused you with Hot Buttered Roast. That's roast, repeat roast, as in roast potatoes. The question of identities now. The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped, as if anybody needed to ask is what I ... Read More
3rd May 2017 6:23pm
The T-Shirt HBR says...
Barton Square No.10 (Short one) Barton Arcade and possibly our neighbouring premises dated back to the year 1871. We knew this from caretaker Vernon Dall because in 1971, the arcade celebrated its centenary year. Consequently, the infrastructure of ... Read More
5th May 2017 6:24am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Now then Teesh, HBR was my brother, he played drums, I played guitar in the City Limit at a charity competition gig somewhere in Manchester,. I remember we did three songs - Mr Tambourine Man, I understand (F and the D's) and I can't ... Read More
11th May 2017 2:52am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
The City Limits? They forgot Newton's first two laws of rock/pop music. That's Newton Heath by the way, not Isaac. 1st law: Do not go on stage without equipment. 2nd law: If you haven't got a clue about what you're doing, at least ... Read More
13th May 2017 6:43am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.1 I worked at this branch from August 1971 until February/March 1973, transferring from G&D Oldham St as the branch was one member of staff short. I got an extra quid a week for my trouble (Wow, a quid a week no less - soon be ... Read More
21st February 2017 1:59am
Hot buttered toast says...
Saturdays were ace. Last day of the busy week starting with hot buttered toast at the café on St Annes Square ? The manager always asked for 'lashings of butter' Then for lunch at the Mariner ? just off St Annes. Liquid lunches served ... Read More
25th February 2017 11:31pm
Paul webmaster says...
Odd how toast crops up a lot around the site. Simpler times, I suppose. I worked at CWS and used to whip out to Parkers, Amber St, for tea and toast with mates from different departments. Parkers always cut the toast into three strips - which I ... Read More
25th February 2017 11:52pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
I found your 2008 UK reunion with Pete McClain and Butch Mepham interesting. I met Pete at Urmston Men's Club in May 2014 along with Derek Quinn and Eric Haydock. Pete particularly was a great bloke; a true gentleman. I'm still learning ... Read More
27th February 2017 12:32am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square 2 The Westerner shop consisted of a ground floor level and a basement. All of the western stock; suedes, leathers, denims etc. were displayed on the upper level. Some of this stock bore The Westerner brand label. The basement level ... Read More
27th February 2017 1:25am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Later in 1973 The Westerner has a Jukebox - stereo no less - suppliers let us put some of our own singles in so Saturday afternoons rang out to All Right Now and My Brother Jake. At a reasonable volume, of course. I have a nice memory of the ... Read More
2nd March 2017 4:51am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Strange thing that toast ! Alien perhaps ? Throwback from the Steampunk era ?
2nd March 2017 4:37am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.3 To Hot Buttered Toast: Welcome aboard matey; no doubt we will have met in an earlier life. As a fellow survivor of the shop of this forum, you have my sympathy where thieves are concerned. As HBT will likely recall, in addition to ... Read More
2nd March 2017 12:08pm
Paul webmaster says...
Inane questions? I worked in Dolcis, Market St and got: "Can you tell me where downstairs is" - yes, down those stairs you walked past to get to me. "Can I try those shoes on in the window" - No, you will have to take a seat in ... Read More
2nd March 2017 4:04pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Ha-ha! Nice one, very good. I recall somebody switching the elements of three-piece suits round to get a better fit on somebody and thus a sale. We weren't supposed to do this but a sale is a sale. Subsequently we ended up with one dog's ... Read More
2nd March 2017 8:50pm
Hot Butteerd Toast says...
Old ones are the best mate. I worked for FHW on Market St and Mansfield in Barton
Arcade in early 70's. Mansfield was a bit classier though the customers didn't seem to know that.
3rd March 2017 3:32am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Paul, your 'downstairs' one is good, however, I once worked at a seaside resort where there were drunken youths at weekends. (never!). The police used to park up at the top of the beach banks in case of trouble and as I was passing the time ... Read More
3rd March 2017 3:46am
The T-Shirt HBR says...
And Now, it's Barton Square No.4 Ha, with thirteen threads so far, this forum is beginning to rock and roll. The following didn't qualify as an inane question but begs another question; namely should The Westerner have launched its own brand ... Read More
3rd March 2017 10:30am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.5 I referred to the back door from the basement in the last posting. In theory, it represented a rear exit from the premises via a staircase. In practice, however, it was different. It is doubtful that this woebegone corner of the ... Read More
11th March 2017 7:41pm
The T-shirt HBR says...
Barton Square No.6 In the scheme of things, and on the one hand, there were those predictably trendy fashion shops, e.g. George Best and others like them. On the other hand, there was us! Though the Barton Square staff were a motley crew, ... Read More
14th April 2017 8:00pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.7 Not everything at Barton Sq revolved around immature behaviour and symptoms of a disturbed psychosis. When we were busy, we took things seriously and worked hard as required. In 1972 as many may recall there was a series of ... Read More
30th April 2017 6:08pm
David simmonds says...
Please ttshbr more on Barton squareGrin made my day
30th April 2017 6:52pm
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Bolton) says...
The TSHBR has been preoccupied with unwanted, unsolicited, unnecessary, unhelpful, uninteresting trivia from local authority evidently obsessed with spoiling my freedom. How can one be expected to continue the quest for Barton Square recognition ... Read More
10th October 2017 9:04pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Well buckeroo, welcome back TSHBR. Sorry to hear of the plague of Local Authority assaults. Good job things like that don't happen in Bolton! Anyhow, with your kind permission I will extract some of your prose and surgically insert it into my ... Read More
12th October 2017 4:21am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Getting rid of the ten shilling note? I hope you're not serious, I still get my (occasional) bus fares with 'em - and half crowns as well. Have you noticed HBT, there is no preview box on this forum. And the text has been centred. Is it that ... Read More
14th October 2017 7:02pm
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Barton Square Chronicles; the long-awaited resumption (but probably not by many!) Barton Square No.11 Saturday was the busiest day of the week when the shop takings equalled or surpassed the total taken for the combined weekdays. After work we ... Read More
14th October 2017 7:38pm
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Barton Square No. 12 Part 1 The second part of B/Sq. 11 is out of position. Anyway, talking of celebrity figures and so forth, the shop played host to several well-known personalities from TV such as Coronation St. From Granada's production ... Read More
14th October 2017 8:10pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Much preferred Yes at the FTH - Chris's long scale bass! Outstsanding. Regards Zennon
15th October 2017 3:56am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No. 12 Part 2, DJs Alan Pogson as mentioned in the G&D forum was the resident DJ at Oldham St for about five years. Yes I'm aware he didn't appear at Barton Square but I'm fairly sure he performed from the Westerner ... Read More
16th October 2017 7:26pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Bus fares, or should I say buzz fares in your language- remember gannin on't bus wi' wazzums? How do you spell wazzums anyway? No buzz fares now son - bus pass!! best regards Zennon.
15th October 2017 3:53am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Beamish and Consett) says...
Hadaway an' the proverbial brown stuff man. Northern power house; they know what they can do with that. Need to be independent. Northerners will do the job properly. 192 years ago, a journalist from London made a two day coach trip to see a ... Read More
15th October 2017 4:29am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Langley & Heywood) says...
Bus pass if you're travelling after 9.30am but not at five-thirty in the morning if the car breaks down. It's something like fourteen quid for an all week ticket. This car's more reliable and I'm still working at least for the ... Read More
15th October 2017 4:37am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Look forward to it TSHBR - will be in Blackpool in 4 weeks time for weekend. P.S. answer is not to go for transport at 5.30 am - only 1 5.30 in my day. Uriah Heep would never be up at that time - even to play Gypsy or (was it) Come away Melinda! ... Read More
16th October 2017 1:34am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Blackburn and Accrington) says...
HBT When I find the notes I made for the remaining Barton Square chronicles, I shall resume. G&D plus The Westerner were both worthy of resurrection, post-AD 2000. Have a look at some of the shops now and they're staffed by accountants or ... Read More
11th October 2017 4:55am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
If the notes are b minor and a flat I've heard them before. Looking forward to Chronicles as are the rest of the 4th world - or is it 3rd ? No, right the first time it was the 4th. Best regards, Lord Z Stafford.
14th October 2017 12:55am
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped (Manchester) says...
Barton Square No.11 (continued) Some people probably held a fantasy view of life in the city centre, as did my parents' generation. To these, we had a glamorous existence away from factories or offices. In 1971 at the G&D store, I had been ... Read More
14th October 2017 7:50pm
T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Early start but not much say in the matter. However, this suits me well because if I scale down my work hours, I'll retain the early session and be finished for about 8am then the rest of the day is mine. Blackpool? We'll see; hasn't ... Read More
16th October 2017 6:58pm
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.13, Alan 'Al Dene' Pogson It can't be said that I knew AP aka 'Poggie' very well or had much to do with him because he operated in a different circle at John Michael Ltd. Poggie presented his show from an ... Read More
17th October 2017 6:17am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.14, Al Dene 2 Alan was something of an enigma from my point of view. He could sometimes be amiable yet other times he would blank you out. His personality seemed complex though he would come alive presenting his show. On one ... Read More
17th October 2017 6:40am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.15, Al Dene's Not So Legendary Space Capsule David Simmonds - are you still watching? Sorry that these messages are so short - I have no control over this. Anyway, in 1975/76, the G&D store underwent a partial makeover with ... Read More
18th October 2017 9:07am
The T-Shirt Has Been Ripped says...
Barton Square No.16. AD's capsule 2 We were told that the galvanised monstrosity was supposed to be a space ship! Eh? Toilet in space more like it - a cosmic khazi. No design, ergonomics or anthropometric considerations. I had to duck to get ... Read More
21st October 2017 3:19pm
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Never a dull moment TSHBR. Bet you would have made a fine graphics person. i knew one at G&D first time i met him my opening conversation was "want a polo mate?" He accepted and we became friends and collegues.Happy days - regards ... Read More
21st October 2017 8:51pm
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