29-35 Oxford Road - then  moved to  Deansgate.

Anyone any idea when?  

Great shop with a very wide range of gear - although perhaps more interested in supplying schools, etc, rather than groups.

The original Oxford Road shop had a small window for brass instruments, which was of great interest to me.

Paul Mlynarz

My dad bought me an acoustic guitar from Mamelocks in 1961. Having mastered the simple C, F and G chords of most of the groups I soon moved on to the wonderfully varied chords used by the Beatles.

A school friend of mine built a bass guitar in the woodwork shop, but forgot to strengthen the neck. So on tightening the strings the neck stared to bend into a curve! 

Dave Jackson

Mameloks (Oxford Street) to-day
(photo: S Bunyan)


I have fond memories of the Manchester music shops back in the sixties.

I have a rare Radiotne guitar it is similar to Pete Townshends first guitar, but a non cutaway version dating from 1934.  My late father Wilf Bayley bought it new from Mameloks on Oxford Road when he was 15.

He was a semi-pro until about 1951 when I was born.

I also have the guitar he bought me from Barratts in 1966, an Eko Ranger6 it is still in good condition unlike the Radiotone. Since I was 10 or 11 we had built many acoustic guitars, not very good but we would buy many parts from the shops in Manchester at very reasonable prices.

Dave Bayley

I recently inherited a beautiful old Gibson L30 (made as from 1937, I believe) from a relative living in Greece.

It took me ages to work out where it originally came from, but there were a few clues from the faded label inside the battered guitar case.

At last: 'Mamelok in Oxford Road, Manchester'.

Despite its 'dainty' proportions, it plays like a dream with a good strong tone.

Rupert Sutton

Just got round to reading comments about the Manchester music shops which I found really interesting.

I bought my first drum kit from Mameloks on Oxford Road. It sparkled more than any other in the shop so at 15 I thought it was the best. It was an Edgeware glitter kit and my parents were guarantors for the HP on it. I can remember my dad being chuffed so he could have a go on it as he was an ex drummer with the LNER brass band and later with The Ivy Benson womens band (only male). He taught me some of the basics but said I`d be better having proper lessons.

I went back to Mameloks and booked lessons with Ken Leyland I think he was the drummer with the BBC NDO orchestra.
After playng with a couple of groups I upgraded my kit to a mahogony Premier also bought at Mameloks. 

Jeff Hyde

Hi Jeff, I also had drum lessons at Mamelok's on Oxford Rd between 66 & 67. Can't remember the teacher's name but he had a beard and his wife was a TV actress. He sometimes had "mass" sessions with all the drummers he was teaching in a large 1st floor hall near by.  I bought the Premier mahogany kit as well. I thought I was real cool when playing in my group (The Tridents) but probably not!!!! 

Brian Nuttall


I´m a Swedish musician who happened to buy an instrument, which, judging by this label, once was sold by Mamelok Brothers in Manchester.

The instrument, a banjo, was most likely sold around 1935, so I reckon the label, with it´s jazz instruments, is from the same time.


Per Falt

I certainly do remember Mameloks on Oxford St /Rd.

My dad bought me my first guitar there  - a Hofner Colorama in 1960.  Great place at the time and I think they moved to Deansgate afterwards of which I was kindly reminded last week by Kevin Parrott who spotted me playing it on a old photo in Germany 1966.

Nice one Kevin.

Roy Mozley


Manchesterbeat - the sory of 60s music in Manchester area

I spent 8 very happy years working for Bob or Mr Mamelok as he had to be called in front of the customers. :-)

I joined them in 1985 when they were based on Deansgate Mc, up until he retired in 1993 and Mamelok Musical Intruments sadly closed.

They moved to Deansgate when the BBC acquired the site on Oxford Road. I seem to recall it was around 1973/4 Mameloks Musical Instruments moved to Deansgate. The BBC opened on Oxford Road in 1976.

I'm still in contact with some of the other lads who worked for Mameloks, so if I'm way out I'll update.

Wayne Larkman

Hi, I once bought an Ibenez semi acustic guitar in 1974 & played in a band called Tramp with Eddy Maran on vacals & my brother Gary on drums & did spots on the Working Mens Clubs around Manchester. Having saved up enough money I then bought my dream guitar that was a Fender Telecaster from Maelok & this was on Deansgate in Manchester.

Antony Mason

I have been handed a Ukelele Banjo which has the name "Perfect Mamelok Tone" on the headstock. It is from around 1930 to 1940. Does anyone know if this was produced for or by Mamelok Music Manchester UK?

It has lots of decorative mother of pearl inlays on the headstock and on the fretboard.

Stevie B

I'm living in Dublin, and just picked up a Premier Royale with the Mamelok's retailers tag attached to the shells from Deansgate. This kit has seen better days but I'm restoring it to its former glory at the minute and I'll be leaving those tags on for a little extra history. Anyway, just to let ye know that a little bit of Manchester has made its way back to Ireland.


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Topic: Mameloks
Douglas Cook says...
I worked in the shop for a few months in 1952 after coming out of National Service and waiting to go to Bretton Hall Teacher training College. I met my wife whilst there as she worked just up the road as John Barbirolli's secretary, (not Sir ... Read More
12th March 2014 7:47pm
Rob staff says...
I've got a parlour guitar .which hse the label of"mamelocks of Manchester" ,with the phone number of "ardwick 1935". It's a lovely piece of kit with a stamp,on it that say s"original hopf" Superb tone,I love it ... Read More
17th September 2014 7:41am
Brian Berney says...
I also worked for Bob Mamelok, starting in 1976 after coming back from playing American air bases in Germany. I was there on and off for a period of 13 years. I left in 1983 for a short period to work for Paiste Cymbals as a rep but ended back up ... Read More
10th October 2014 1:49am
Jane Mamelok says...
It is so good to see so many fond memories of my Dad (Bobby Mamelok) and the shop on Oxford Rd and Deansgate.
Ardwick 1934 was the old phone number up to 1968 and the invoice is my Dad's hand. Sadly Bobby passed away in 2011.
Jane Mamelok
17th July 2016 2:29am
chris jones says...
What a super bloke your dad was Jane :) I was in his shop,whenever I could. I worked across Deansgate where he bought his models. The last model shop on that site since the late fifties has finally gone.
10th October 2016 12:03am
Brian Berney says...
Hi Jane

So sorry to hear of your fathers death. Very sad. Super guy. Hi Chris, I remember you, if I remember rightly you worked there many years.
10th October 2016 3:20pm
chris jones says...
Hi Brian, nice to hear from you, I've sent a friend request on Facebook, cheers
11th October 2016 12:09am
Harry Rowlinson says...
In late 1978 at the age of 17 I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, previous to my visit to the shop I had been informed that left handed guitars were considerably more expensive so I purchased a basic right handed acoustic guitar with ... Read More
4th November 2014 1:38am
Zoltan Horvath says...
Brian Berney: I was lucky to get a Hondo II bass guitar. The label says it was sold by Mamelock ltd on Deansgate. The cousin of the previous owner played it in a punk band in Salford in the 70's and that's all I know. Do you have any idea ... Read More
13th September 2015 1:45am
Gordon Holmes says...
I Have a Rogers Acoustic Guitar (With and electric pickup screwed to the neck base.) This I purchased NEW in 1957 oct. Also still have the receipts and original case and strap.
25th March 2016 3:28pm

On a Rogers 60s kit


16th August 2016 1:53am
Pandora Allen says...
Fascinating to see Brian from The Tridents post above. I have a "rip" of an acetate 45 of theirs done as a cd conversion for somebody a few years ago in Ashton in Makerfield. Think it Over c/w Spanish Harlem. Don't think that single ... Read More
16th September 2016 1:14pm


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