Hime and Addison
37 John Dalton Street

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Pete Martin
I have just watched the beginning of Where Eagles Dare and told my wife that I bought the LP of the sound track from Barry's Record rendezvous on Blackfriar's Street. I used to call in there from time to time as I did in most of the record shops including one that doesn't seem to get a mention here, Hime and Addison. I have good reason to remember Hime and Addison as they used to sell the Free Trade hall tickets. I was a Bob Dylan fan and wanted to buy tickets for his 1966 show, the night I shared the stage with Bob Dylan. A bloke I worked with used to know Marjorie who sold the tickets and he told me not buy tickets because they were planning to put seats on the stage once they had the plan from Dylan's people of how much room they needed. As soon as they were released she saved me two and I ended up sitting next to the grand piano that he played. This was the iconic night when the Judas chant was heard - all in all a pretty good night.
12th January 2017 10:16am
Alan Kirkby
Yes I remember Hime and Addison,
I recall it was off Albert Square,
John Dalton Street I believe (could be wrong)
If I'm not mistaken Hime and Addison was
owned by Barrys Father.
I moved south appx 50 years ago but have
many memories of Manchester, I send all
my best wishes from one Manc to all other
12th January 2017 10:18am
Bernie Higginson
I bought my first record from Hime and Addison. It was "Skin Deep" by Duke Ellington, featuring Louis Bellson on drums. My friends and I used to go there most Saturday mornings to listen to records in the little booths and then buy them. Most cost 6 shillings (30p), but Decca records only cost 5 shillings and seven pence (27 and a half p).
Hime and Addison's had its own special smell as you walked in. It must have been the smell of the material the discs were made from mixed with poor ventilation and teenage bodies.
My friend Ged Doran and I were big Bill Haley fans and when he had a new record out, we'd rush down to John Dalton Street to buy it.
Most of my early collection was bought from Hime and Addison. Happy days!
21st January 2017 9:21pm


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