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Also look at Shudehill Memories - Godleys, record market stall and those great radio/electronics shops.  Bought a couple of Fan 12" there.  Plus my Elpico 2 watt stereo amp! Blasted the neighbours!



Barry's Record Rendevous
The Spin Inn

Rare Records
Tib Street
Hime and Addison

The Music Centre

Sam Taylors

Chorlton - cum - Hardy



E Pemberton

Moss Side
Paul Marsh


Disc City

Mrs A. Bird


Sorry for putting this here. Not one for the purists but I loved these records. Tracks fine - price wonderful!

Ralph's Records
Corporation Street, near Victoria Station

Ad from Grass Eye, Nov 1969


Although some bands bought sheet music, many chose to just buy the record and learn it from there.

Ralph's had a really good selection of soul imports and was the haunt for many of the early dj's.

Ralph's was the place to go - I bought "London Live at the Marque Club" there in 67? - possibly my all time favourite album! Just got a copy again in recent weeks - thanks Malcolm!!!!! Hey I still know all the words and links between tracks.

Ad from Grass Eye, Nov 1969

Phoenix City Smash perfectly reflect the times by having photos taken at many of the in-places of the time. Other pics taken on same day include New Century Hall, Top of the Town, George Best Boutigue and The Wheel - plus Spin Inn (below).

Webmaster with head down, second right.
Wouldn't do that now - a hole at the back!



I used to work at Ralphs Records around 1968-69, it was an amazing place, not just a record shop it was a great  place to meet and hear new music. Great times.

We had to write the weeks new Top Ten on a blackboard. OK till Cliff hit no 1 with 'Congratulations'. Ditsy here renamed him Cliff Richardson ... shamefaced fool ... I never noticed.   

Lynn Richardson

Barry's Record Rendevous
9 Blackfriars St, Manchester

Ad from Grass Eye, Nov 1969

Barrys Record Rendevous on manchesterbeat
Ad from Grass Eye, Nov 1969

Barrys Record Rendevous on

  Barrys Record Rendevous on

Whatever happened to Barry?

My brother used to go there to get all sorts of ethnic music. He was getting into bluegrass - J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, bringing home all that banjo stuff, and driving me and my Mum nuts! To this day I cringe when I hear a bloody Banjo!!

I started going to Barry's because he had a great blues selection, and all the latest imports (not that I could afford them). I was working at Wilson Advertising, as a trainee something or other 1962-63 age 16 - on the corner of Lever St and Dale St - way up off Piccadilly.

So nutter that I was, I used to make excursions there on my lunch hour. I was pretty fast - I could get to Old Shambles in about 5-7 minutes, maybe 20-30 minutes in Barry's then plod up back to Lever St - sometimes without having eaten anything, risking being late back from my lunch hour just to be in his store an extra few minutes.

That place was magic - a whole new world of music from the land of the blues. Smokey Hogg? Who's he? I found out at Barry's

I purchased many discs from there - two that stand out were Jimmy Witherspoon's 'Evening Blues', which I have on Cd to this day - a classic. I bought it because I had never heard that jazz-blues style before and T.Bone Walker was on it!

One tune ;"Money's Getting Cheaper" is performed by me to this day on my gigs here in Denver. Colorado .When I first came to Denver, I got a job as radio announcer on an AM Radio station. They gave me a blues show on Saturdays .. this would be about 1982 .. guess who came to town? Jimmy!

I interviewed him live on the radio via phone, from his hotel room - he invited me down to the club that night for his show. I ended up playing with him that night onstage!!

The other disc that stands out was The Best Of Little Walter on Chess .. not available in UK at that time .. I paid 5 quid at Barry's for the import on Chess .. two weeks later it came out on Marble Arch (Pye budget label ) for what .. 9 and eleven pence .. or something like that .. I was pissed off!!

Great days of discovery, great memories - there was no store like Barry's Record Renezvous!!

David Bowker

I worked next door to Barry's, at a small advertising agency called Davis Advertising during 1967-1968.

It was great being able to slip next door during the lunch break and shift through the hundreds of 45's and albums they had in stock as well as listen to  the latest albums booming out in the store.

They changed the window display every week, and it was always an exciting to have a look at the new stock (an imports) in the window.

They had a good stock of soul, jazz and the latest "underground' releases - I well remember staring at the debut Santana release and trying to work out the design, and pondering whether to really buy Zappa's Lumpy Gravy and Rueben And The Jets albums on the meagre wages to hand.

Tony Burke

My father was Barry Ancill who sadly died in in 2006 from cancer.

I was delighted to hear the kind comments about his shop on Blackfriars Street. Ater Blackfriars Street he opened a shop in St James Square and then in later years started to sell ticktets from a new business - Picadilly Box Office - selling tickets for all the major concerts around the country.

He loved his jazz and he was a big fan of Frank Sinatra. Over the years he met many major music stars, and loved to be a part of everything in the music scene. 

Elizabeth Copeland (nee Ancill)



Ad from Grass Eye, Nov 1969

There was the ‘SPIN INN’ on Cross Street and an excellent shop with cool stuff was ‘HYME & ADDISON’ you could get some good US imports from there. If I’m not mistaken they had another shop somewhere in south Manchester. Anyone know where?

There was also DJ Kenny Edmund's shop in Salford, with a small outlet in a shopping centre in Rusholme.




The Music Centre
Ashton New Road, Bradford, Manchester

The Music Centre on Ashton New Road, Bradford Manchester, selling radiograms and tellys, was officially opened in about 1958 by Benny Hill and the Actress Kay Kendal. Crowds blocked the roadway as queues formed to enter the tiny shop where the two stars sat at a table handing out signed photographs: which I received and have since lost.

Peter Bradford



Hyde Road, Gorton

Kofflers were a Radio and TV Shop on Hyde Road (the A57) in Gorton.  They also sold luxury items such as washing machines and fridges - they were the height of luxury in 1950's Gorton. 

In, I think, 1957 they opened a record department in the basement which was run by a member of the Koffler family.  He was quite a cool dude by the standards of the day and as well as stocking the usual hit parade pap, he would come up with some really unusual stuff. 

The first record that I remember buying there was a Leadbelly 78 which I think was on the blue Vogue label. 

Soon after I made a major purchase, the LP 'Murderer's Home' recorded at Parchman Farm (Parchman State Penitentiary).  I've still got the LP which is close to unplayable.  The 78 is being looked after by my son-in-law, a pro jazz musician who still uses a wind-up gramophone.

For some reason the record shop didn't seem to last very long, shame really.

Pete Crooks

Jones's Record Shop


Robinsons Records

Situated at the bottom end of Blackfriars Street, Robinson's was my favouite haunt for cut price albums including lots of blues and R&B stuff.

The owner of the store, Arthur Robinson used to visit the USA and import albums and 45's.

I bought up a shed load of budget albums on the United label, (a budget label from the USA issued by the Bihari Brothers owners of Modern, RPM and Kent Records) including Howlin' Wolf, loads of B. B. King compilations, Gene Phillips, Ike & Tina and the full series of blues compilations of blues recordings from Memphis, Arkansas, Detroit, Mississippi, Texas, West Coast and California blues.

United was an ultra-budget label with no sleevenotes, no inner sleeves, even some of the covers were recycled!

I am not sure what year it opened but I used to go there on my way to Old Trafford on Saturday's.

Tony Burke


The Spin Inn
Cross Street

Next to Top of the Town

Great shop - bought my second favourite album ever there - Outward Bown (The Alan Bown!).  Favourite album is "London Live at the Marque" - yes, with Alan Bown Set.

Paul (webmaster)
Thats me, bottom left, with Phoenix City Smash outside the shop

Gary Laine and the Spin Inn, I got most if not all my records from this wonderful establishment. Gary was a real star sifting through all the inevitable junk that was being released, or escaping in those days! He kept a selection of discs for the regular jocks on one side each week and we simply turned up and paid ... took the bag of tricks home and sorted which to keep or not!

Real cool dude was Gary.

Graham Green DJ

Wow! I was a regular at Spin Inn and actually dated with Gary Laine for a while. He was a wonderful guy! He had an assistant called Linda.

He would sometimes DJ in Top of the Town, next door to Spin Inn. I wonder where he is now??

Would love to catch up him or anyone else who used to frequent Top of the Town/Spin Inn My email is chrisby53[at] I am now living in Penang Malaysia. Cheers!

Lynda D

In it's day, The Spin Inn was one of the coolest record shops it the UK.
Great staff and a great selection of often hard-to-get discs - I've still got many of them.

I had a soul band called The Executives and when we visited Manchester we often played next door at the Top Of The Town and invariably I blew a lot of my earnings at The Spin Inn.

Sadly, these days there are few shops in the UK that Kept The Faith like Spin Inn.
I live in London and a really decent record store with clued-up staff is a rarity.

Roy Carr
(ex-NME, VOX, MM etc)

Sample poster by Bob Lee


Penny's Record Corner
Princess Road, Moss Side

I sort of remember the shop but never bought anything there.  But the Army and Navy Shop next door was my number one place for jeans.  Bought my first Wranglers there - 3 pounds 12 and 6d I think.  Hard when only on 6 quid a week working at the CWS.

Paul Mlynarz

Hi, Pennys was opened and run by my classmate George (spud) Penney's mum when the shop they used to have on Denmark Road was closed down,( I think demolished).

I remember in the very early 60s going round to spuds and seeing all these black guys buying stuff like bill blacks combo, bill Doggett and earl Bostic, before I ever saw a Jamaican record. 

The first labels I remember seeing were Melodisc and Bluebeat, and artists such as Higgs and Wilson, Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Decker etc, etc.  that shop had the first stereo player I ever saw, it was an american cloumbia never seen one since but it blasted out all that stuff out.

His dad used to do radio repairs and was still charging accumulators for really old wirelesses until I left school in '63 the other big sellers in that shop was Irish music. Cheers!!

Tony Roberts


Disc City
Cross Lane, Salford

I thought I would send you a photo of this record shop where I used to buy most of  my records when I was young.
It was called Disc City record shop and was on Cross Lane in Salford, sadly long gone.
The first record I ever bought was "Once Upon a Dream" by Billy Fury.

Peter Quigley

Marshall's Record Store  

Paul Marsh Records
24 Alexandra Road, Moss Side

Paul Marsh was a small record shop, situated on the bustling Alex Road in Moss Side, it always seemed to be full and there was always a queue to use one of the 'Listening booths' at the back of the premises, there was a gizmo on the counter for removing the centres from the 45s, I would imagine many subscribers of Manchesterbeat popped in at one time or another.

Phillip Roberts

Both sets of my grandparents lived in Moss Side, one near Maine Road the others nearer to Hulme so  a walk on Alex Road was inevitable and a look in at Paul Marsh essential. During the mid 1960s I recall they sold and played a lot of ska and bluebeat music not surprising because there was a big West Indian community in the area. The sound came booming out.

I also recall a shop nearby called Berkhams (I think that was the name - not sure of the spelling) that sold lots of ska and bluebeat, rock steady along with pop stuff.

They used to have racks outside selling cut price ska records on labels such as Treasure Isle, Dr. Byrd and Island (yes the white Island label). I did buy some discs from there including an Earl Bostic 45.

I recall some of the labels had water damage too! I also bought a John Lee Hooker album, second hand on Marble Arch, which I still have, either from there or a junk shop nearby.

Tony Burke

I went to school at St Bedes' on Alex Road and made my first 45 purchases at Paul Marsh's shop. The water damaged discs from the outside shop on the corner further down included Coxsone singles by Jackie Mittoo and Island white label. No soul just West Indian music at that shop.

Brian Jones

I used to 'work' (my pay was a couple of brand spanking new imports from Jamaica!) at the brother-shop to Pail Marsh records in the underground market off Market St in Manchester.

I haunted the place between 1972-77 every Saturday, usually the worse for wear after a Friday night at the West Indian Centre on Carmoor Road followed by the inevitable trip to the Western or the Reno, fortified by some curry goat along the way! Amazing people, amazing music - happy days.




Tib Street

No idea what the shop was called but for me, it was the best.  Counters full of cheap 45's, mostly ex-jukebox!  Temeber buying an EP of Yuri Gagarin's messages from space.  Worth lots now, I understand.

Paul (Webmaster)




Sam Taylors

This was a shop on Silver Street in Bury. They had a record shop inside. in the mid 1960's I had a school friend whose very glamorous Auntie worked there full time.

She had access to the very thick singles catalogues that retailers were given to buy/order their 45's. We used to look up all the Northern Soul titles that we loved from the Youth club and later the  Twisted Wheel. The disc labels I remember were Red and Black Atlantic, Stax, Fontana, Tamla etc

Dee Parker


Ralphs Records

Ralphs Records had a branch in Underbank Stockport for a while. I worked there Saturdays and College Holidays for a while. I used to deal with the soul side of things and sold the various American imports and UK represses (not always that legal) we stocked.

Reggae was also a big seller and I remember an album called RockSteady with Dandy being a good seller.

Close to Ralphs was a small club where I seem to remember Jimi Hendrix being advertised. If he did appear I did not go as I had no time for rock music.

I have had my own record/music based business for 30 years and still enjoy soul music and release tracks via my RealSide label.

Terry Thomas

I remember Ralph's on Underbank. I dug out two Minit LPs  bought there around 1972 - when I first discovered the joys of New Orleans R&B. One is 'We Sing The Blues' a great compilation with Ernie K Doe, Chris Kenner, Irma Thomas, Benny Spellman  The Showmen, Jesse Hill etc. The other is Ernie K Doe's "Mother In Law', a good collection from the 'Mother In Law' man! Both were bought with no inner sleeves and were housed in a thick card sleeve, the edges were a bit worn, what do you expect for LPs that were ten years old. But they were authentic US albums! I think I bought some other stuff there around the same time, possibly some more US blues albums on United or Crown - I will have to check.

Tony Burke

Mrs A. Bird


E. Pemberton and Son


W. Walford

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Topic: Record Shops
Barbara Willoughby says...
Anyone remember Disc-o-Tec at the top of the escalator in Ashton under Lyne precinct.
21st August 2015 11:37am
Alan Kirkby says...
I remember Barry Ancill record shop in Blackfriars Street off Deansgate very, very well.In early 1960s this was THE PLACE buy Jazz records from, terrific selection and choice!! Barry was also real nice man. I recall he had very attractive female ... Read More
5th June 2016 9:15pm
Alan Smith says...
I am trying to trace any info on a very old gramophone shop on princess road from the late 1920's/early 30's (it belonged to my wifes grandfather arnold peake) ...does anyone have any vague leads i could investigate. Cheers
20th July 2016 8:23pm
Paul webmaster says...
Hi Alan There's an excellent facebook group full of old Mc/r images - I haven't seen any relevant pictures BUT ... there's a couple of guys on the site who seen to have access to lots of images/info. It would be good to ask them. Best ... Read More
20th July 2016 9:01pm
Paul webmaster says...
Hi again Alan
Facebook page is Manchester Memories and History

Jim Rooney adds some great stuff!
20th July 2016 9:14pm
Barrie Seddon says...
I remember Barry Ancill I worked for Phillips Fontana records they were in Lloyd Street and I use to go to Barry's a lot lovely chap always had a big smile and a great shop.
7th January 2017 9:40am
Pete Martin says...
I have just watched the beginning of Where Eagles Dare and told my wife that I bought the LP of the sound track from Barry's Record rendezvous on Blackfriar's Street. I used to call in there from time to time as I did in most of the record ... Read More
12th January 2017 6:33am
Paul webmaster says...
Just adding a page for Hime and Addison - thanks for your comment, Pete
12th January 2017 10:14am
Alan Kirkby says...
Yes I remember Hime and Addison, I recall it was off Albert Square, John Dalton Street I believe (could be wrong) If I'm not mistaken Hime and Addison was owned by Barrys Father. I moved south appx 50 years ago but have many memories of ... Read More
12th January 2017 10:15am
Barrie Seddon says...
Yes Hime and Addison was on John Dalton Sreet, Barry's dad run the shop if I remember it was called rare records as well you could get records from there where no other shops had. Great memories from some really good years.third
12th January 2017 8:24pm
Alan Kirkby says...
I recall Rare Records was originally
in Barton Square,which is/was?between
Deansgate and St Annes Square. Rare Records opened here appx 1960 then remined here for next few years.
12th January 2017 11:52pm
Pete Martin says...
Aye it was. I remember going to Barton Square to Rare Records but I think it was somewhere else as well. Barrie Seddon said it was part of Hime and Addison and this could well be the case but my memory isn't up to remembering that.
12th January 2017 11:59pm
Alan Kirkby says...
I noticed I spelt remained incorrect.
12th January 2017 11:59pm
Alan Kirkby says...
I recall Rare Records was originally
in Barton Square,which is/was?between
Deansgate and St Annes Square. Rare Records opened here appx 1960 then remined here for next few years.
13th January 2017 12:13am
Barrie Seddon says...
Sorry I was wrong rare records was not Hime and Addison it was on John Dalton Street number 36 and had three floors closed in 1981 owner was Irving T. Wilson and the manager was Sid Scrivings correct me if I am wrong.
13th January 2017 5:23am
Alan Kirkby says...
Sorry can't correct you I no longer
Lived in Manchester in 1981 left Manchester many years before.
13th January 2017 7:12am
James Percival (Bicester) says...
It moved to Wilmslow at some point. In 1986 I applied for a job in Wilmslow but didn't get called for interview
8th January 2018 4:55am
John Reynolds says...
I refer to the comment from the Ralph Records Stockport listing . The listing is correct about Jimi Hendrix appearing near to the shop . The club was called ' The Sinking Ship ' and was just behind Ralphs Records and Hendrix played there in ... Read More
16th April 2017 9:11pm
Brian cordwell (Bury) says...
Concerning the record shop on silver street. Sam Taylor's was a sports shop, next door was Norman helms shop which sold electrical goods . Down stairs at helms they sold records ,l remember the lady would play your selection. Hope this helps ... Read More
23rd July 2017 11:24pm
James Percival (Bicester) says...
My Manchester record buying years were much later than most of you - 1979-1993 (ish) The one I am most intrigued about is Ralph's Record Rendezvous. One one of my first dedicated record buying trips with a friend in 1979, I recollect visting a ... Read More
8th January 2018 4:41am
James Percival (Bicester) says...
Here's my list: Manchester (1977-1992) • Unknown - Station approach, near Piccadilly. I recall the ‘Abba Arrival’ display in the window around 1977 on my visits to Manchester, but I never bought anything from there. It was open until well ... Read More
8th January 2018 4:52am
James Percival (Bicester) says...
Thanks, Gary. I did find the name shortly after posting. It was a southern based chain by all accounts
12th February 2018 9:30am
Ted Johnston (Yenihisar. Turkey) says...
Hi Paul. Re Disc City We used to go in there for sheet music and I got chatting to the owner , a really nice guy , I mentioned that I was after a Stratocaster so he told me he could probably have one shipped over for me, so I traded my old guitar ( ... Read More
27th January 2018 12:16am


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