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Jack Grimshaw
Moments we probably remember forever ... first airplane ride, first schoolyard fight, first serious kiss (Gee, so that's what tongues are for!) first serious bedroom (or backseat of a car behind a Salford pub/couch at a drunken college party in Stockport/beach on Ibiza) engagement, first legal drink, first rock-n-roll show, first car. There's another just as memorable - first record bought. For me, it was "Diana" by Paul Anka. It was 1957. I was 11 and a Manchester boarding-school dweeb; Anka was a precocious 16, Canadian and well into a singing/songwriting superstar career.  I bought the 78 at Minay's record shop on Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy. It was an easy walk from my home at 11 Strathmore Avenue, Whalley Range - a house that bears only a passing resemblance these days (thank you, Google) to where I grew up. I followed it with "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard (execrably recorded the year before by Pat Boone ... track it down, listen and ... Read More
15th April 2015 8:54pm

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