Shudehill memories

I bought a Fender bass guitar and Vox AC 30 amp from Highams ( Harmony House )about 1963ish didn't keep it very long, it wasn't in the same league as the jazz bass I used to have.

I also used to spend a lot of time in Shudehill supplies a bit further up the hill, my hobby was electronics ( and still is ), I used to spend that much time in there, my boss was under the impression I worked for them and was just on loan to him.

One of the lads who worked there was Jim Briarly, who with his mate used to play the clubs around Manchester as The French Brothers singing duo

John (Butch) Mepham

I bought most of my early US stuff from the Shudehill record stalls in the sixties - The Drifters - Sanford Clark - Jack Scott et al.

When the Top Rank label folded about '62 I remember one stall holder filling his stall exclusively with mint condition singles from that label selling them for, I think,six-pence a time. What a gold-mine.

Great days.

Tony Dixon

As previously mentioned in the Venues section. My light show at Sloopys etc was driven by projectors pinched ... sorry borrowed from school!

When expansion took place we had to branch out and acquire our very own whereupon I met Tony Stuart at Godleys who stumped up for 2 nice nice new Aldis 1000 projectors. Got all the bulbs and various leads and extentions from this aladdins cave.

I had to walk down Shudehill to catch my second bus to school and was often late and sometimes didnt even make it! Wagging it so to speak.

Grahame Rothwell


Great shots some 40 plus years apart. Oct 2010 pic courtesy Keith Fairhurst.  H Pollock Ltd now on the site of Highams.


My sister worked at Godleys in the early sixties and brought home our first 'state of the art' record player and it's test records along with one of Godley's technicians to show us how to use it. 

Bernice Spark

Must add that as well as having various stalls for books and records, there was the pigeon market, where all kinds of small animals and birds were sold.  After visiting Tib St, then also a pet shop and book shop street, and Bunnies on Oldham St, clothes shop. I would visit shuedhill every Saturday, this would be late 50s. 

John Gledhill

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Josephine Turner
I worked at Godleys Shudehill in the late sixties. I was on the switchboard, typing etc. They had a TV repair shop on the first floor. They sold electronic goods on ground floor. Mr Godley had a partner called Mr Spears and he had a musical instruments shop further up Shudehill on opposite side called Highams?
29th November 2016 5:38am
Alan Starkie
I just thought I'd add a bit of information here. As time passes, memories fade, people pass on but that's life. This may be of interest. I worked at Godleys of Shudehill and was there to the end. I loved Shudehill before that because I was fascinated with all of the shops that sold war surplus electronic stuff of all sorts. Godleys was actually Godley Spears Ltd, the co-owner an elderly gentleman by the name of Mr Spears, an interesting Dickensian sort who sat tucked away in a corner of photographic. They never trusted us to use the tills. Only Mr Godley or Mr Spears or a manager - Jerry White, Mike Kaye or Alice was allowed to ring stuff up for us lesser mortals. Everyone who worked there had to wear white lab coats and our hours were 9 - 6 with a one hour lunch break. At the end of each day, we scattered damp sawdust and swept-up before we could leave. The main shop consisted of hifi (how many of you bought those white box tapes that were sold cheap?), and the photographic ... Read More
5th October 2016 8:11pm
Steve Holmes
I understand but never saw in the labyrinth that was the Godleys empire was a simple recording studio or rehearsal room. I remember the strike in those last days, if memory serves we even went to ACAS ! Also on Monday & Friday afternoons Mr Godley going of to the gym. Brian Jackson was also a till user as was Lawrence Barker (?) from the Cine Department.
5th October 2016 12:50pm
David Hill
I used to work in the tax office in the city centre from 1976 to 1984. Often at lunchtime a few of us would head to Shudehill for the vinyl. I remember the DJs from Piccadilly Radio would offload their freebies to Shudehill so we would pick up their punk and new wave rejects for pennies. The guys working there didn't seem to have a clue about what they were stocking. I picked up perfect copies of the debut albums by the Stooges and James White and the Blacks for 50p each. They are worth a small fortune now. It was a wonderful place.
18th September 2015 6:56pm
Alan Starkie
Looking at the picture of Godleys brings back memories. I worked there until the very end. I was in the camera department with Steve Holmes where we used to spend much of our time hiding behind the cameras in one of the windows. Great memories.
5th April 2015 7:37pm
Dave Grimshaw
Hey these are great photos of Shudehill in the 60's, my dad bought me a record player in the early 60's from Godleys, its was like a Dansette but had a speaker on each side which you could remove, real stereo. Does anybody remember a record shop around the corner on Corporation Street and towards Victoria Station called Ralphs???
Thanks Dave.
9th April 2015 1:07am
Jack Grimshaw
Dave: Check out the Shops heading at main page - coupla comments about Ralphs (which I wandered into lost and dazzled by American music, circa 1968) - also mention of a Ralphs in Stockport. (Uh, we related? You play for Manchester Rugby Club, later in Davenport?)
Jack Grimshaw
Southern California
(ex-Manchester, Gatley, Stockport)
9th April 2015 11:42am
David Grimshaw
Hi Jack. Thanks for getting back. Well I did a family tree a few years back but don't remember a Jack, so your from Gatley, didn't Freddie Gariety live there? Where abouts in South California do you live Jack, I was down in Palm Springs and Borrego a few years back. The Grimshaws it seems came from the Bradford area then across to Blackburn and down to the Manchester area. My e mail address is
Thanks Dave.
10th April 2015 12:22am
Steve Holmes
Remember working with Alan in Godley's and also Edwin Godley (Kevin Godley's father) playing all Kevin's new records in the radio department for all his friends when they came in the shop. Kevin and Lol (Creme) also visited the shop quite often, in the early days of "Flabjoy & Runcilble Spoon" and Hotlegs and of course 10cc ! We were in the window to watch the office girls go home from the CIS building !!!!! happy days.............
23rd April 2015 10:21pm


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