The Majestic
Accrington Con Club

This is a recent picture of a very well known venue in the 60s which was then called THE MAJESTIC (Accrington Con Club) which was on Saturday and Monday nights.

Nowadays they still have bands but its called Churchills.

I can't remember what bands were on definitely but I know Richard Kent Style was on and lots of other Manchester Bands.

Bryan Yorke

The Regular band at the Con. club was Bob Whatmore.

Bob had a grocers shop in Ormerod St. and had the nickname "Biscuit Bob" but he had a great band and played for many years without going pro.


My husband and I met at Accy Con in the 1950's. The band was" Eddie McGarry and his broadcasting band". I think they had been on radio once or twice hence the name To make sure we got in the place we went to collect tickets in the afternoon then often trotted off to the Odeon cinema cafe for a coffee and to watch out for the Accrington Stanley footballers who sometimes turned up.


I remember talking to Dave Berry ( and the Cruisers) outside of the 'con club' and I'm pretty surre the Animals appeared there. I can only remember drinking soft drinks there, maybe because we were underage. 


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Topic: Accrington Majestic (Con Club)
Ted Baxendale says...
On a recent trip to the UK we were saddened to see that the Majestic Ballroom or Accy Con had burnt down. We played there on several occasions and saw many big groups of the sixties there including The Move,Wayne Fontana, Herman's Hermits, etc. Very ... Read More
10th July 2016 9:54pm

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