The Groove

The Groove was on George Street in Ashton-u-Lyne. Entry was via the record shop and down into the basement. There was also a ladies dress shop on the ground floor as part of the same unit, all owned by the same family. Think they were called Lilley and the club was run by the son, Greg.

I can recall seeing The Alexis Korner Trio here and The St Louis Union, but there the memories fade.

Dave Ward

Many thanks to Dave Ward for his recollections of The Groove. He flatters me in saying I ran it. My parents owned the premises, and putting on bands grew from some family parties we had there.

One band, almost resident, was Bo Kelly and the Thingamujigs; another, whose name I forget, had Rob Ashworth as singer and Steve Broadbent on guitar.

When it became a venue we kept none of the door income - this was given to a committee headed by Trev and Barry Hilditch, and the idea was to reinvest it into getting better bands. We always thought we were two good gigs from booking The Yardbirds.

Alexis Korner was a bit of a bust as he arrived very late; he played another gig on the way. But we had Downliners Sect and a few other good bands.

My own best memories aren't so much of the place, or the bands: it was the people I met there. Thanks to all.

Greg Lilley

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Topic: The Groove
Mike Hammond says...
Hi my name is Mike Hammond & I am an Ashton boy. Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I remember the name Greg Lilley but I don't remember The Groove club. What year was this ? I'll have to get back in touch with all my old musician ... Read More
5th November 2014 9:58pm
Tony says...
Hi do you remember the globe hotel in the early 70s I know they had live bands on there and the landlords name was jack and his sons name was Ian who worked on trawlers, out of hull, next door to the globe was guest house I recall the people's ... Read More
15th April 2016 2:18pm
Liz says...
I saw Alexis Korner there too. The Groove was in existence around 1964 / 1965 ish but not sure how much before or after that.
3rd June 2016 8:44am

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