The Tender Trap

'Tender Trap' Bacup. Another club run by Mike Carr (of Masque/Medici/Three Cellars/Sinking Ship -fame).
Ran for two years.
Opened by featuring Screaming Lord Sutch. Great times.

Much more but - hey that would be telling.

Ray Sanderson/Atlas

I remember doing an all nighter at the club with The Travellers. We were on with Screamimg Lord Sutch that night and as part of our act we used to do a Lord sutch type act using a coffin. We had the cheek to ask him if we could include this song in our set, and to my amazement he said yes. Strange Eh?,

Dave Brierley

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Topic: Tender Trap
Richard Ashworth says...
I was in a group called The Fourways and we played here on a regular basis. The guy who owned this place also had a place at Milnrow named The Three Cellars. Good days.
14th May 2014 10:01pm
Brenda-Marie Costello says...
Hi Richard, I remember your group well. Michael Carr was my fiancé, sadly killed in a car crash in March 1968. They were such happy days. xxx
3rd July 2014 7:08pm
richard ashworth says...
hi mate its nice to here that you remember the fourways and your bang on their what good times we had keep in touch x
28th December 2015 9:19pm
Gerry Brogan says...
I worked for Mike Carr and was at the Tender Trap when Screaming Lord Sutch was appearing. He set the bloody stage on fire during his act!!!
5th July 2015 10:11am


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