The Blue Lagoon
Blackburn Road, Bolton

The Blue Lagoon was on Blackburn Road, just outside Bolton town centre, next to the Wryton Stadium where they held the wrestling.

It was run by an Eddie Gent, who always wore a trilby, and was for 15-18 year olds, so no alcohol until it changed later on into one of Bolton's "dives", incorporating a casino!

I remember seeing the Four Pennies there, also Tony Sheridan.

John Buck

I made a mistake here, it was originally called the Drumbeat when it was run by Eddy Gent, and became the Blue Lagoon later, when it was a night club and casino.

John Buck

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Paul Johnson
I think this later became the Neptune?
The first Nightclub I ever attended....
12th August 2014 6:52am
Neil Smith
Very late night spot in Bolton, run by John (Polish owner) and compere was Eddie Earl (formerly of Hippodrome Club, Farnworth).

Trio did backing on stage; Terry Walkden on Keyboards, Neil Smith, Guitar and Keith Haslam on Drums.

Later Terry and Neil went to Bolton Palais in the resident Les Moss Band.
4th May 2014 10:23am
Jim Morris
The Blue Lagoon owner was Polish, but called Adam, not John. Frank Holt was the doorman there. Also, it was next to The Wryton Stadium, but on Higher Bridge Street, not Blackburn Road.
12th May 2015 11:02pm

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