Bolton Casino

I took my ex-wife to Bolton Casino on our first proper date to see Del Shannon. He was backed by a great band called John Mac's Flare Band and Del sounded exactly as he did on his recordings with that great falsetto voice.

They made a recording of the show at the Princess Club in Manchester and released it on a vinyl album called appropiately enough " Del Shannon live in England."

My ex later got a job at Bolton Casino in the ticket office but that's another story.

Tony Dixon

I remember the Casino very well. I was the founding member of "The Answers" and at the time was also working for our management company L.E.Agency @ Wigan. I actually booked The Who to play at the Casino on behalf of Bolton College Students Do and coincidentally I booked us as support group "Great Night" culminating in Moony smashing his kit up and Townsend wrecking his Marshall Stack.

The club later closed and re-opend as "Copperfield's" which was one of the First House Group of clubs. ( Alias Dougie Flood/Gerry Springer/Tommy and one other as I recollect) afectionally known as "The Manchester Mafia".

The other clubs were "Blighty's at Farnworth, The Broadway at Fallowfield, Cumberland Club at Eccles, The Bower Hotel and Tramways & Tramtracks.

Following the demise of The Answers "Airport" was born who I was priveledged to be lead singer/front man. Dennis Shuttleworth(Bass Guitar)Kenny Brown (Lead Guitar) and John Shearer "Alias Sacko" on Drums. We were managed by The First House Group (Namely Blighty's) Gerry Slinger was our manager.We topped the bill many times at Blighty's and supported many international stars such as Bill Haley/Neil Sedaka/Scott Walker to name a few. We were voted best group of the year in 1972 with Tony Christie best male vocalist, Linda McMurray best female vocalist and Cannon & Ball as best comedians.

Following our appearance on New Faces we went over to Naples to top the bill at the American Nato Air base performing for all the Generals and Majors. It was Major George Clemons who introduced me to "Jack Daniels Whiskey" and although I'm probably responsible for it's debut in Westhoughton where I live. I still drink it!  Remember!!! "Alcohol Preserves"  Water Rusts. Anyone remember those halcion days???? 

Tom Casey

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Steve Beswick
I found this vinyl album recorded ay Blighty's,Mad relating to the great place Blighty's owned by Doug Flood and Gerry Slinger. Steve B. Sorry I tried to show photos. the page would not let me copy the photo link.
29th August 2015 2:10am
Daniel croke
That's a shame Steve worked there for quite a while, remember Gene Pitney especially.
What a busy place!
Only photographs I have are of Frankie Vaughan at Copperfield's for my 3 years there
9th October 2015 2:04am
Steve Beswick
Hi, I can email you the photos I have taken of the sleeve and back no problem.
9th October 2015 2:47am
Daniel croke
Hi Tom, cant believe it I was talking about copperfields to some coleagues here in inverness. i have just read what you have said i looked at it after, and i thought i had wrote it honestly, i remember dougie flood and gerry springer coming into copperfiels and sacking waiters for a reason that wouldnt be allowed today.Showady wady fighting....I worked mainly at copperfields as a food waiter silver service ( Zia & Fred head waiters) for 3 years but was sent to blightys when they were short.... could go on for ever
27th June 2014 9:43pm
Tom Casey
Hi Daniel great to hear from you its a pity more people can,t get in touch then we could all maybe get together
6th January 2016 12:12am
I also worked at Copperfields for a year, 1973 (approx)when Alistair was Manager and Brian was bar manager. My friends Elaine and Kath also worked there. They had just started when Slinger sacked the original staff and I came a few weeks later. Heard all about it though. Good Times
6th January 2016 3:09am
Neil Smith
I was guitarist in the Eddie Robinson Band and we did alternate gigs at Wigan Casino and Bolton Casino.

We played covers of the latest music but it tended to have quite a bit of brass input which of course gave a 'soul feel' to it all. I remember Eddie's wife singing the hit song Bluebird so it would be about the time that song hit the Charts. My pal was a bouncer at Bolton who lost his job first night due to not stopping a fight.

At Wigan Casino I used to run my van up the side alley and dump gear and leave the van there, only going out
to it in the interval with a girl. Mad times.
4th May 2014 10:14am


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