The Cromwellian
Bank St, Bolton

It was previously called The Beachcomber, and just a couple of years earlier Hermans Hermits were the resident group and I recall seeing The Who, Lulu and The Luvvers and Spencer Davies Group. 

Eric Sandiford

The Santa Fe Reunion played fairly regular at the Cromwellian. However I recall I got so pissed up one gig, I fell off the stage. This didn't go down well with the Club, our Managers or my mates in the Band. Not to mention the people I fell on !

Hadge Weller




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Topic: Cromwellian, Bolton
Geoff Mann says...
I have the same or similar cutting. I played drums in the second version of The Emotion - Tony Fern (RIP). Bill Bradbury, Robin Harwood, Bill Lever and myself I went to Tonys Funeral, and in true Tony style His sons and daughters from different ... Read More
19th May 2014 8:13pm
Sheila Morgan says...
Cool Well Well Well Geoff Mann !! been a long time dude, hope you are well i will tell Tom about this mention ok Sheils xxxx
20th July 2014 8:51am
Geoff Mann says...
Hi Sheila
Long time eh just seen your message so yes Three years late
Cheers Geoff x
7th May 2017 7:19am
Sheila Morgan says...
Eric and Geoff are old friends of mine and we all could be found at the Cromwellian on a regular basis, well well well guys its been a long time!! Eric was Best Man at mine and Tom's wedding... Good Day's much love Sheilsx Hey Eric and ... Read More
20th July 2014 9:03am
Eric Sandiford says...
Hi Sheila
Great to hear from you and Yes the Crom was a great place then we played every last weekend in the month, and I do remember I was best man at you and Toms wedding. Have met up with Tom a few times this year.
22nd July 2014 8:36pm
Richard Houghton says...
I'm doing some research into the Who and I'm trying to find when they played the Cromwellian Club. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who witnessed the show too.
30th December 2016 2:11am

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