Bolton Nevada


I played in the Phil Foster Orchestra for a couple of years in 67/68, we had loads of bands on stage on Sat nights including headliners from that time.

Names that I remember were: The Warriors (Jon Anderson of 'Yes' singing with his brother), The Wheels, The Factotums, The Cymerones, Love Affair, Dave Dee Dozy etc etc, The Tremoloes, The Equals, Amen Corner, Newton's Theory, and a lot more.

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates should have appeared but unfortunately he died in a car accident on the journey from Bury to the ballroom.

I think Pete Bocking was playing guitar over at Bolton Palais at the time for the Les Moss Orchestra as well - very good player I remember - Fender Jag through a piggy back cream Fender Showman.

I'll probably add a lot more in a while as I've got a fair selection of memories......Jimmy Savile at the Three Coins, later Beat City, was good...old Jag car with a RR radiator screwed on the front for show !!!!   

Paul Shaw

This takes me back to the mid sixties when I was in a band called A New Generation. We played there on Saturday nights and were always fascinated to watch the dancers make their way around the floor, anti-clockwise, like they were still in their day time roller skates. Fell in love with a lass called Norma. I wonder what happened to her?

My brother and I later moved to London and got a deal with Island Records as The Sutherland Brothers. Great days and warm memories of the place.

Gavin Sutherland

Oh The Nevada, what a fantastic place to play, I remember playing there several times in the sixties and early seventies.

I first played there with a band from Little Hulton called The Answers and then later with the Wigan band Rainbow Cottage.

I remember Gavin Sutherland's band A New Generation (Smokey Blues Away) and played with them several times when I was with The Answers at places like The Pink Elephant, Aspul and Hindley Manaco. They were a great band and I just loved Iain's red Vox 12 string pear drop guitar.

Other bands I remember playing with at the Nevada are The Detours and Mike Hurst and The Trekkers.

Great Days.

Brian Gibbs

Just read the comment that Gavin Sutherland posted together with the one Brian Gibbs wrote. I was the drummer and formed "The Answers" who also had Dennis Shuttlworth (Bass Guitar) and John Davies (Rythm Guitar & Keyboards).

John died following a car accident on the way home from Rivington Barn. Does Gavin and his brother Ian remember us taking them to the Kohinor Indian Restaurant at Farnworth following their performance at the Pink Elephant Club at Aspull - Wigan.

The Answers were one of L.E. Agency's top groups at the time and then along came The New Generation.

I thought Ian was brilliant on his 12 string Vox Pear Shaped guitar and was not surprised to find out much later of the success he and brother Gavin had (Sutherland Brothers & Quiver)and the single "I am Sailing" (Rod Stewart) which Ian wrote good luck to you all!!!! and spend it wisely.

Tom Casey

Went to the Nevada regularly in the late 60's and early 70'a. Great atmosphere. Saw Hot Chocolate there in 1971 just after they recorded 'Love is life'. The Fantastics were brilliant especially their version of 'Exodus'.  Remember also seeing Gene Pitney and Pickettywich. 

David Brown

Crowd scene looks like the late 50's or very early 60's


Band is the Phil Foster Orchestra which was quite a bit bigger in the late 60's

I was the lead singer with the Phil Foster Band and the resident group the Falcons during the sixties.

The Falcons  played cover versions of  all the hits of the period  plus many other songs.

The line up of the Falcons was ;  Mike Taylor (lead Vocals), Clive Mitchell (lead guitar), Paul Shaw  (rhythm guitar/vocals) Ian  Mc Ewan (Base Guitar/Vocals), John Howarth (keyboard) and Neil Mitchell (Drums/Vocals).

Some great top groups visited the Navada, some mentioned by Paul. There were also many lesser known, but very popular groups, such as The Summers who would now be refered to as a Beach Boys tribute act. There were also some very entertaining cabaret bands like the Black Abbotts with their front man Russ Abbott.

Those were very exciting and happy times.

Mike Taylor

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Dave bromiley
Funny thing was my mate phil was playing with Nidge years later as drummer-for some reasons Nidge needed a 2nd guitae so Phil said etc He met usin a small cottage just outside quick audition didnt get the job funny old life s-t-p
17th September 2016 9:24pm
Dave bromiley
UnsureHey all you Factotum fans who could forget em one of the reasons at the time i wanted to get better on guitar and i did ended up here in germany as a musician and stil am spankthatplank and thanks love Dave
17th September 2016 8:52pm
Ian McEwen
Great to read all the comments about the Navada and the groups who played there on Saturday nights. I'm not sure if any of you still ever look at this site but it would be great to hear from Mike, Paul and John after all these years. Drop me a note at
2nd March 2016 3:44am
june burrows
Mike Taylor....are you the same Mike Taylor who sang with the Terry Reaney Band at the Manchester Ritz?
8th January 2016 7:13am
John Howarth
I played keyboard at the Navada every Saturday night from the age of 15 in 1965 till 1968 in the Phil Foster Orchestra and The Falcons.We all got the sack in 1968.Jack Howarth my father got me the gig originally and ironically did a dep on Baritone sax the night we got sacked in 1968.We laughed about this for a long time after! I have many happy memories including one New Years Eve maybe 1967 when Johnny Johnson and The Band Wagon appeared,I was told that there was about 3'500 people in the Navada that night. Happy Days.
30th November 2014 9:33am
Melvin Booth
How are you doing John? They were happy days (6 years) I spent at Harker and Howarths and what a fabulous keyboard player you were. Happy days indeed.
30th November 2014 12:55pm
Joycelyn Bainbridge
Hi Melvin, remember me , maybe not, I worked in the record department at the same time , I had worked there for some time when you started, now correct me if I am wrong but you had lovely red hair Grin xxx
13th October 2015 5:05am
Melvin Booth
Hello Joycelyn, I certainly do remember you very well.
Spent many a lunchtime break listening to records ( in the booths) them were the days, no headphones. The "lovely red hair" left me for a mousey colour 25 years ago, now the hair itself is leaving me ha. The Jocelyn through me for a minute as we all just called you Joyce. I remember you were extremely good at your job and were always very active. I hope life has been kind to you. Best wishes Melvin. X
13th October 2015 6:16am
Paul Shaw
hi John.....good to hear from you on Manchesterbeat........please drop me a direct email if you want to get I touch.....Regards, Paul Shaw
30th November 2014 6:52pm
Melvin Booth
I came across this page by accident whilst searching for John Davies. I was totally surprised to see posts from Brian Gibbs and Tom Cassey from the answers. It was John who encouraged myself and Rodger Bridge to take up the saxophone. We never got to play with our heroes The Answers but did join Tick Tock Tactics becoming Santa Fe Reunion. Not long after John left the Answers he became our lead vocalist notably we performed "Resurrection Shuffle" at an opportunity knocks audition with John singing. Very very sad loss. On a brighter note it was good to read comments from Brian and Tom. I can picture you all now in your flower power outfits and every time I list to Dismal Day "Bread" I can see Brian playing and singing and Denis with his semi acoustic Epiphone bass, I loved his bass playing. Thanks to the Manchester Beat we managed to get most of our old band together a few weeks ago after 42 years. It would be quite something to hire a venue and fill it with all ... Read More
14th November 2014 11:20pm
Brian Gibbs
Hi Melvin, I just read your nice comments about The Answers and in particular John Davies. The Answers were my Beatles and John was and still is one of my musical heroes. When I first joined The Answers he was playing an Eco Florentine electric guitar and doing awesome vocals. I used to spend all the time I could with The Answers who were based at Tom Casey's family home in Little Hulton. Behind the house was a great big barn part of which was a snooker room with an old solid fuel stove which kept the room boiling hot during the cold winters which was great cos we used to practice in there. In the early days we used to get taxi vans out to the various Manchester clubs, my first being The College Club with Jack Diamond the compere. I remember playing at The New Century Hall one Saturday night with The Answers supporting The Herd (Peter Frampton) and The Fantastics. The place was packed and John knocked them dead sitting on the front of the stage singing The Bee Gees "I Started ... Read More
26th December 2015 10:37am
jules m
Was a regular at the Navada during the mid 70's. Enjoyed the skate nights and weekend disco - also the half and half they had on special occasions! Remember Bob fact I think he still has my copy of Wilson Picketts "Mr Magic Man"! Saw the Glitter Band, Major Lance, Bay City Rollers and many more. One track sticks in my head from spinning around the rink with bells on my skates....Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher. Great memories!
9th October 2014 6:03am
Tim Holden
I went to the Nevada at least twice a week from 1968-71. It was skating most nights with fixed memories such as the first occasion you managed to turn around and go backwards, never being sure if the girls were more impressed by the excellent skaters or those of us earnestly trying to improve. I don't know why we thought that it was attractive to the other sex to be seen constantly falling, tripping and wiping out but it worked. It was hard to actually pursue a date with a girl because we were always moving and it was noisy - similar to the later club scenes so we tended to meet the girls one week and then set something up for the next. I remember seeing the Sweet after their second big hit (Poppa Joe?) and being impressed by both how heavy they were live and how Orange (sic) their new fame-financed amps were. I can endorse the comments about us running up and down the stairs to the top bar in our skates and not even using the rubber stoppers. A highlight was New Years eve ... Read More
28th March 2014 9:25pm
Brian Hayes
The photo of the organist is Ron Stuart. He was playing there when I worked there until from 1972-1974 before I went to University, when it was a skating rink. Ron, a quiet and unassuming man did a couple of stints for skating dances such as the Glide Waltz or the Ten Step in Two Circles (still makes me laugh). We, in our red jackets and bow-ties were obliged to join in/ teach these antiquated dances. I worked there with Bob Yates, Joe Donnelan and Mick Walsh. What happened to them I wonder? Thursday was best night for skating. I always opened my DJ stint with Harold Melvin. I can't believe we used to skate down the open tread staircase to the bar without even holding the handrail. Who remembers, "Slowly, please, slowly and stand still please. Now if you'd kindly like to leave the floor and please stop as you reach the barriers and please walk behind the barriers"? I remember a group called Melanie who were due to play on a Sat. night. There was almost a riot as a lot of folk not ... Read More
12th March 2014 8:01pm

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