Burnley Casino
Yorke Street , Burnley

The Burnley Casino was a early-mid sixties Cabaret Club (2006 picture below), which also featured many famous and not famous groups. It was then in the early 1960s owned or managed by the Howcrofts Brewery, Bolton, who beside this venue also administered the Bolton Casino (later Blighty’s) and I am sure the Wigan Casino which in later years got prominence with Northern Soul. 

The Manager of Burnley Casino at that time was Lew Askew, whom later went on to become Manager of the Empire Cinema (2006 picture below), this was on the Burnley Main Street where they also had groups on from time to time.

At that time I put many groups on at Burnley Casino but to be honest with names do not spring to mind.  One I do remember putting on their was a band brought down from Scotland via the Northern Star Organization (from Nelson Nr. Burnley) they where called Maureen & The Thunderbeats – they where a very tight group with a vivacious front girl singer.

I was later to book cabaret acts into this venue (probably late 60s early 70s) and the Manager at that time was called Mr. Robinson.

I think it was after the Casino had shut, that another Club opened within the basement of  the Old Casino which was called the CAVERN CLUB, this was certainly later, probably in the late 60s (you can see the entrance to this on the photo below).

Today the venue (Old Burnley Casino Club) is called the Burnley Mechanics which has been more recently established since about 1982 and which has got World recognition even today for its Blues, Jazz, Folk etc and was the eminent venue for the Burnley Blues Festival – today the billboards of forthcoming events show many headliners.

This grandeur building attached to the Burnley Town Hall has had long tradition of promotion of the arts, where from the early part of the last century it was actually then  a Theatre called the Burnley Mechanics Institute.

Bryan Yorke

We (the Saracens) had a Sunday night 'residency' here for several months. The Cavern Club downstairs opened before the Casino closed - we played there as well, supporting Johnny Kidd & the Pirates on one occasion.

Geoff Peacock


Casino Club entrance, Yorke Street, with
Cavern Club entrance shown below

A close up photo of the Casino Club main
entrance – now Burnley Mechanics

Burnley Mechanics – 09/12/06

What was the Empire Cinema, on the
Main Street, Burnley as it is today (09/12/06)

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Topic: Burnley Casino
Richard Ashworth says...
The Fourways also played this venue backing Wayne Fontanna and The Mindbenders.
14th May 2014 9:58pm
Nigel Smith says...
No-one seems to remember The Cavern in Burnley, it must have been short lived. I went a few times, in the afternoons, around 1966-ish, I saw a band called The Pirates "so say" ex-Johnny Kidd after his untimely death. Remember it being more ... Read More
30th June 2015 6:33pm
Trevor Fortes says...
I went to the Cavern Club, Burnley at least three times. Was living in Bradford at the time and went there for the soul music, dancing. Great times. Was in 66/67 from memory when I was 16.
5th December 2016 7:37pm

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