Burnley Mecca
later “Locarno”, later “The Cats Whiskers”

This was another great gig specially built for the purpose and a typical Mecca place of themdays with revolving stage.

Ugly Ray Teret used to be the DJ, besides also doing the Rochdale Mecca.

Lots of headliners here including: Kinks, Small Faces etc etc.

This is where I first saw Manchester band Factotums and what a great group they where, a sort of British Beachboys!, could never understand why they where not big headliners, they just were class!! 

When I was at College at Burnley in the early sixties, we used to go down to the Mecca at lunchtime where they had records spinning, I think it was about a shilling to get in..

The venue changed its name during the 60s from Burnley Mecca, to Burnley Locarno and then in the 70s again to “Cats Whiskers”.  Today this once great venue is a Gala Bingo Hall.

Bryan Yorke


Remembering happy times at Burnley Mecca ballroom and also The Silhourettes and The Dennis Langfield Band with their really good young female singer and the time when Jimmy Savile came.

Jeannie Kelly

Used to go to Burnley Locarno in the late 60's My friend Karen and I used to get the Yelloway coach from Rochdale every Saturday night.  We would literally dance all night (without chemical stimulants!!)

There was a great crowd and you knew everyone, and could join in any dance "line". 

Off to the toilets with our babychams to pour in some brandy nicked from Karens dads stash! No wonder we were all thin, 4 hours of none stop exercise and then the walk home from the coach station'cos we couldn't afford a taxi, it must have been 5 miles!!  NO thought of not being safe.

Can't remember any names or groups that we saw, old brain cells deteriorating fast!! Very annoying when my brain still thinks I'm 18! 

June (Blackstone) Chester

Played here a couple of times - once when the Hollies were promoting their new single 'Just One Look'. A great night - the place was packed, the Hollies being the 'local' group. 

Geoff Peacock

Burnley Mecca – Burnley Locarno –
Burnley Cats Whiskers (in the 60s-70s),
now it’s a Gala Bingo Club ( shown here 2006)

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Topic: Burnley MECCA
Sam Whitham says...
Anyone know the name of the big band theme they use to play as an introduction every night at Burnley Mecca?
31st October 2016 10:38am

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