The New Sunset 77 Club
Chorlton on Medlock

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Alan Phillips
The flyer must be 1967.

You had to knock at the door and a shutter would slide back so they could look at you and decide whether to let you in or not.
It would be one of the first gigs that Jason (Wally) and we played publicly after a few gigs at “The Anchor’ youth club at the Baptist church in Urmston. I think Wally had just arrived in the country. What a contrast! This mainly West Indian place was full of men with Zoot suits (made from yards and yards of cloth) dancing with large white ladies (one with a beehive hairdo) to really loud bluebeat and ska music. After 10mins of writhing on the dance floor they would disappear for a while…

Despite this scenario, people were very well mannered and sort of old worldly polite! They had a big pan of goat curry on the stove to get round the licensing laws of the time. I remember it was full of bone splinters and was very spicy.
2nd November 2014 8:41pm

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