Sunny Side Club
Haughton Green, Denton

Does anybody remember the Sunny Side club in Haughton Green Denton, really a late night drinking club?

Len Harte

Yes, I remember The Sunny Side Club. Wowee!!!
That one hit the old memory banks after over 40 years.

Went there a couple of times in early '70's when courting with Gill, my wife to be in '74.

Her older brother, Steve Crutchley, married Lynda Hewitt in '70 and they moved into a new bungalow on Hillside View, the next road down the lane past the club. Was it Gibraltar Lane?

Steve went in there most Friday nights so he could walk home. Does anybody remember Steve or any of his mates who went in?
I remember Bob Morris, Nat Daniels, Dave Goodwin and Graham Williamson.

Dave Anderton
(Drummer in The BeatLeague and The Principlals)

Was with my brother in law, Steve Crutchley, yesterday Sun 16/12/12.
Had a good time chatting and reminiscing about The Sunny Side Club. It was down Meadow Lane and was located in a very large old house.

When originally opened, it had a gaming room with the necessary licence.
Saturday night was cabaret night with a duo on and quick spots from various entertainers of the day. Probably en route from an evening booking on the way into Manchester for a late night club venue booking.

Don't think they ever had groups on, unless sombody out there knows differently.The order of the time was cabaret, cabaret and more cabaret for the late gaming players and drinkers.

The start of the club decline along with most other clubs of the time, was probably when the gaming licence was revoked.

Ah well, we all lived and grew up through a great period of time. This will never come back. At least we can say we were there and did it.

Dave Anderton
(Drummer in The BeatLeague and The Principlals)

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Topic: Sunny Side Club
Suzie says...
Saw the thread - loved to see the comments. My dad owned the club and I remember going there out of hours when it was empty and playing in the garden. I would have been about 8 or 9 at the time. Would love to know if anyone had any more info or ... Read More
6th August 2014 5:24pm
Gill says...
In what year, I remember Mike and Eunice O'Sullivan owning it, that was 1974ish. Happy Days!!
22nd December 2014 6:29am
Suzie says...
Hi Jill, it would have been in the late sixties when the club was also a gaming club.
8th March 2016 5:57am
BILLY says...
Kenny Bell used to own it, not sure of the year
31st October 2016 4:05pm
Alan Garratt says...
I played guitar in the resident band, "Brainchild", that was about 1972. It was Sunnyside then within a year became Windsor Lodge. Kenny Bell was a co owner, I think there was a husband and wife who also part owned it. I have some photos ... Read More
2nd December 2016 2:58pm
Gill says...
I remember Sunnyside! The good old days!
It was then renamed Windsor Lodge 72-74ish. The group on at that time was Clive Allan Sound, anyone remember them. Derek was in there a lot, think second name was Metcalfe, and Bob the doorman!
22nd December 2014 6:21am
vivien Strickland says...
I remember the Sunnyside. I only went a couple of times, but it was really my younger brother's old haunt. His name is Andy Taylor.
21st May 2015 12:11am
Rob Parkes says...
This club became Marsdens..Run by Tony Marsden ex compere from the Pomona...It didn't last very long though, but we had some great times there !!...I was resident drummer/singer with Greg Francis on keys. I believe Tony is still knocking ... Read More
25th October 2015 12:37am

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