Wickers Globe Trotters Club
Crown Point. Denton

Does anybody remember the Wickers Globe Trotters club at Crown Point, upstairs a cabaret club (later to become Reit's) and down stairs a classy cellar restaurant and drinking venue, ground floor was a wall paper and DIY shop all run by two Whitely brothers. 

Len Harte

Owned by Kevin and Paul Whiteley, brilliant club, great cabaret shows, dancefloor, restaurant. Great memories - spent most of my Friday and Saturday nights there. 

Gill Unwin

I used to be the DJ at the original Wickers in the mid 70's. Great times and memories! Pete Maclaine was the compere and singer - absolutely brilliant performer. Irene Cronin worked on the bar and the Whitely brothers owned the club which attracted some of the great Manchester acts on the club circuit at that time such as Duggie James and the Soul Train. Happy days.

Robert Carter

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Topic: Wickers Globe Trotters Club
Dawn Hayes says...
My Dad used to be on the door at the weekend's. I enjoyed being allowed to go and watch Dougie James and the Soul Train
6th May 2014 9:12pm

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