The Moon
Foundry Street and Sandy Lane

Dukinfield had a great disco called Hiccup's the former Moon. and before that it was the Oxford Cinema, its now the site of Morrison's supermarkets petrol station,... Hiccups opened its doors in 1974 as a disco pub, then later about 1976, it was late night licensed till 2am, opening mon,thurs,fri,& sat, it has a Facebook page now with over 200 members, log in at.... Hiccup's disco Dukinfield.

I was a very lucky person to have worked at Hiccup's as a resident D.J. for over 4 years, with other D.J.s including Les Shaw, Johnny Simms Dave Parker, Steve (Goodie) Gooderson and many others.

I had many a great night there, with the staff and the manager, Mr Gordon Chadwick. pictures now on Facebook. Thanks for taking the time to read my slot, hope the memories flood back to you all.

Roland "Roly" Hough

I use to go to Hiccups - they were great times.  DJs Pip and Dave Parker - what a good time.


The Moon opened in 1969 in a building that was the former Oxford Cinema. It was situated on the corner of Foundry Street and Sandy Lane, Dukinfield.

I can clearly remember queuing up outside on opening night, not knowing what to expect. But once inside, it was unlike anything I'd been in before. The "Moon" theme was acheived by using lots of metal sheeting and decorated to give a lunar effect and I was really impressed with the lighting, which used motor driven coloured spot lights as well as the usual Ultra Violet and Flashing lights, popular in the 60s. The DJ booth was situated right on the smallish dance floor and the sound was terrific with a deep base that reverberated through the floor.

The music was mainly Northern Soul with Bob and Earl's "Harlem Shuffle" and Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels "Break Out" and "Devil in a blue dress" being the stand out records on opening night. But Blue Beat and Ska was also popular with the likes of Prince Buster, Desmond Dekker and the Aces and the unforgettable and banned Max Romeo with "Wet Dream"

Everyone had a good time at the Moon with great audience participation.

I can clearly remember everyone on the dance floor singing "I can't get no sex in Ashton" to the Rolling Stones hit " Satisfaction" and also singing "F... Off, F...Off" in the chorus of  Kasenetz Katz hit "Quick Joey Small"

Sad day when it closed, but it later reopened as "Hiccups" and then "Drifters" and after lying empty for five years, it was finally demolished in Feb 1989 to make way for Morrison's Petrol Station.

As a final anecdote, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red fame, once siad that as a boy living in Denton, he was able to sneak into the Moon in Dukinfield, which fuelled his life-long liking for soul music.

Dave Jones

I went there once, Boxing Day night...

Couldn't get home, no bus, no taxi, nowt... me and my lovely girlfriend Christine "slept" in a shop doorway bloody brrr (with good bits) ;-)

Great club though, that night is obviously still in my memories, we drank warm and flat Watneys Red Barrel disco beer in a F*cking crater... fantastic!

John Harvey

I worked  there in the 70s as a dj (ferdy).  Remember playing Candi Staton for my then girl friend erina, and parts of the Moon still were there up stairs while Hiccups was on full swing, also ran the djs at the Caven a/u/l.


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Janice McCann
Tonight I'm thinking about my times at the Moon, as my best friends daughter is celebrating her 18th birthday to
night at the Moon in Frankfurt. Hope she has a fab night as we had in our Moon in Dukinfield, happy days :) :)
28th January 2017 8:32am
Norah Mears
I loved going to the Moon
7th August 2016 10:13pm
Loved the moon in the early seventies, northern soul sounds like "spooky s day off, the Fife piper and the opening track was always touch of velvet, sting of brass....check them out just as good today as then....long live mods. !!
16th October 2015 11:44pm
Davec Connor
We used to go down on our lambretta scooters Dave Connor Frank Chambers Manny and Goody, had some brilliant nights there on Saturday's and then birdcage on a Sunday.
29th August 2014 6:25am
Are you the dave Conner who moved to Wales ,but originally from Stockport ,can't remember your mates name ,but between us we could do the dancing bit I lived in Hyde at the time
20th September 2014 5:38am
David connor
Bloody hell Sanny, yes it is, you'll never guess, I was in Hyde a few weeks ago and I tried to find you, knocked on a few doors and then went down to see if I could find Frank chambers but no luck, if you want to bell me 07974079961 I'll come down and see you.
13th October 2014 6:19am
David Connor
Hi Sanny, yes it is, contact me on 07974079961.
13th October 2014 6:26am
veronica green
Great times. I went to them all  - good days xxGrin
23rd April 2014 2:34am
Don Fish
For a little while in 1970/71 I DJ'd on a Tuesday night "Rock Night" The pay wasn't great but was boosted by free booze (Newcastle Brown) and burger and chips.

Although it was busy, we stopped due to my college commitments but still a good memory.
15th March 2014 6:23am
David Grainger
I was a DJ at The Moon, Pennine ApreSki Lodge, Barbarellas in the late 60's. Final appearance at The Moon was in March 1970, got married the following day and sold all 500, 45rpm 7 inch discs filed in "coffin" boxes in Manchester for a pittance! I worked for an agent, Alan Devine, English but with a mock American accent, who booked me, Mark Anthony and others in his stable into the clubs and mobile discos for weddings, parties etc. At The Moon we played American Soul, Northern Soul but never "Bubble Gum Music " I do remember Ugly Ray Terret being around but no others. We got our import records from various shops in Manchester and there was a vibrant exchange/loan system in place between DJ's. At The Moon the Dj worked in a "space control module " with twin decks, a lighting panel with levers and switches which we had to change each disc. The booth had a small dance floor to the right of it where the best dancers could show moves as well as on the metal main dance floor. The seating ... Read More
12th March 2014 7:41pm
Vernon Smith
Thanks for that write up David, I'm having fantastic flashbacks about Saturdays, at the Moon, and Mondays I seem to recall.
A few records that immediately come to mind are, Bunny Sigler - Let The Good Times Roll,Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love, Little Richard - I don't want to discuss it, and Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit...and what about the Moon Bus, put on by the S.H.M.D. bus company..Happy Days
3rd October 2014 7:52pm

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