St Paul's Youth Club
Francis St, Monton Eccles

In 1960 I became a member of St Paul's YC, Francis St, Monton Eccles, which was principally run by Ben Williams and Bob Holman. At that time Robert Powell was a member of the club, until going on to greater things.

As a means of raising revenue, the club launched a series of dances, which became ever more popular.

I would say at that time we were one of the most successful amateur operations in quite a large area, and must not be confused with Eccles YC, Chadwick Rd, Eccles. All the dances were a sell-out.

As you can see by the extensive information I have supplied, the main venue was Eccles Town Hall, and the most popular group was Johnny Martin and The Paiges. I recall a gig at the Drill Hall Clifton where Ricky and Dane Young played.

The YC was closed down, unfairly, by the then vicar, Edward Ingham, and some of the members went on to establish the Phoenix YC in premises at Egerton St, Winton, Eccles

Albert Beckett


3 Dec 1960 18 March 1961
6 October 1961 2 Dec 1961
27 January 1962 13 February 1962
14 April 1962 19 May 1962
23 June 1962 3 Nov 1962
22 September 1962 24 November 1962
19 Jan 1963 16 Feb 1963
16 March 1963 26 October 1963
16 November 1963 21 Dec 1963

Whilst helping to organise dance's for the above YC at Eccles Town Hall in early 1963, I wrote to NEMS Enterprises, Liverpool to enquire about a group called The Beatles.  The above is a copy of the reply I received, which needs no explanation.


Thanks for these Albert - happy memories!  I was at many of those Eccles TH events.  I was also in Rev. Ingham's church choir some years before that. 


Chris Jones


(all mages courtesy Albert Beckett)

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