Talk of the North

The Talk of the North was converted into a Night Club from the old Majestic Cinema (where I first saw The Wizard of Oz').

I think this would be 1962-1963, I know that when St Pauls YC were running their monthly dances at Eccles Town Hall, that the 'Talk' was never that full. Joe Pullen started getting better acts on the night we had dances. With the demise of the YC in 1963, his competition had gone.
I remember lots of great nights at the 'Talk' for many years after. My sister worked there, so complimentary tickets were always available.

One evening I was stood at the bar with Tom O'Connor as he downed a couple of whiskies, 'dutch courage' before going on stage.

No matter what the venue it was always easy to rub shoulders with the performers before and after the show, there was not the madness associated with celebrity as it is today.

Albert Beckett

Before it was named the Talk of the North it was just The Majestic Club they had disco nights for youngsters.  I remember going there for the first time - I remember they played Cilla Black's Anyone who had a heart. It was 1964 and I was 13 years old

John Walker

I used to work at Barclays Bank next door to the Talk of the North and quite often went there - seem to remember it was OK to go with your mum and dad!!! and I think I saw David Whitfield there when I was with them - I have his autograph.... 

Janet Gregory

Does  anyone remember  my  dad? He  played  the  Talk of  the  North  on  several  occasions -   he  was  a  comedian  named  Ronnie [Cease] Smith.

I  would love  to  be  able to  get  a bill  poster  or  something  with  his name  on  it. I  have  not  got  any memorabelia  of my  father. Does  anyone  remember  him or  seen  him perform  and  is  there  anywhere I  can  get  a  acts  bill  poster  with  his  name  please help.

Mark  Smith

It must be 40 years since I was there, and I was in the area last week but could not locate a site where it might have been.

Somebody mentioned it was next door to Barclay's Bank  at 331 Liverpool Road, but the land is not big enough.

Please advise.

Keith Baron

Hi  Keith

I was the owner of this great club and  yes it was big enough. Please beleive me every time I drive past I even question myself to think that the international stars and the amount of people that this club used to get in is quite good. 

In fact it was  the brain child of Joe Pullin and Fred Talbot.

I often sit back and think about the artists that I had there and when Joe and Fred had it.

Thank you.

Roy Mozley

This picture was taken in  the Talk of the North office when Joe Pullen owned it.

I was in Tenerife recently and Barbara Law who was quite famous as a glowing singer  gave this to me.

On it, from left to right, is Joe Pullen, Matt Munroe, Barbara Law, Tom Jones & I think, Mike Newman (comic).

They had all appeared there in the last few weeks.

Roy Mozley

Hi  Janet Gregory

Am I correct to say your dad Ronnie C Smith was the comedian?  If so,  your dad was a great comic - well liked.

I am sorry to say I dont have any pictures or any adverts but will ask around!

Roy Mozley

Hi  Mark Smith

Ref your request were the site of the Talk of the North.

The club was pulled down about five years ago for appatrments that never got of the ground. 

The site was up for sale for many years  - it is an empty building site now   - still next door to Barclays Bank, Liverpool Rd, Patricroft, Eccles.

Roy Mozley

Advertised Sat, 19 Aug 1967

Joe Pullen and Roy Mozley
at the re-opening of the club

Roy Mozley receives the Club Mirror Award for The Best Club of the year from Drifter Johnny Moore. 


Image courtesy Roy Mozley

Another great pic from Roy Mozley!

He adds " I found this in my files one of the great summer seasons at Blackpool in 1964.  Tthe amount of star artists on this picture is un believable!  Here we go - Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Marty Wilde, Matt Munro, David Whitfield, Morcambe and Wise, Jimmy Clitheroe, Des O'connor, Karl Denver, Barbara Law, Eden Kane, The Dallas Boys, Sooty and Harry Corbett., Pinky and Perky, Peter Butterworth (Carry On films), Lonnie Donegan, Danny Williams, Edna Savage, Daley and Wayne, Jimmy Edwards, The Vernon Girls, Billy Fury (at the back of Cliff Richard, you can see the hair).

What a great photo!" 

Robbie Wiliams and Gary Barlow of Take That rehearsing  at
The Talk of the North  when I used to do some dates for them in 1992 - Roy Mozley

I worked at the Talk a couple of times with a duo called The Alexis Brothers before Roy took over. Joe Pullen was a stickler for tradition - ladies could not wear trousers and men had to wear shirt tie and jacket. We were told that we were welcome to have a drink in the club after our set but we had to put on shirt and tie etc!

We wore either white suits or hippie style kaftans and coloured jeans. One time we were told not to wear the suits because Frank Ifield was top of the bill and he wore a white suit. You may remember that the dressing rooms were under the stage and the stage rose on a hydraulic lift up to the club itself. On one of the nights the lift stuck halfway up and poor Frank had to climb up the last few feet to the actual stage, getting oil all over his suit!

He had a lovely young lady with him whom I eventually recognised as Ayshea Brough. I was told she was the daughter of Peter Brough, of Archie Andrews fame, and although Frank was pleasant with us in the dressing rooms she totally ignored us. I think she was a tv presenter on a children's programme but I can't be sure.  (She was, her program "Lift Off with Ayshea was produced by Granada and featured many local groups - Paul.)

The Talk was certainly "the" place to work.

Bob Ainsworth

Can anybody tell me when did Matt Monroe actually appear at the club. Myself and some friends went to see him but I can't remember when it was exactly.

Somebody told me that on one occasion a live animal circus act appeared at the club, can anybody verify that as a fact.
Thank you.

Alan Roberts

My father Jim Harvey  used, as a free lance photographer, to do  lots of work at Talk of the North and Joe Pullen gave the eulogy at my Dad's funeral in 2007.

Maybe his work would reveal some stars -not Robbie I'm sure; twas well before his time.

Deb Newell

I will never forget my mate's engagement at the Talk.  His name was the late Peter Walton - he turned up in a leather coat which in those days cost a few bob ,the bouncers Roy would not let him in, he ended running back to winton to change coats  - ruined the whole night.

Tony Bailey

I remember Roy Mosley when he lived on Grasmere Cresent over the road from my cusons Kevin & Steven Dunne starting up his own group, and later at the Brown Cow Pub Winton. 

Talking to my Mother today she was a cleaner at the talk for quite a while on about £3 week ha ha. in the 60s.  We talked about the old picture house and how it changed into a place for young generation to go to, queuing outside with Beatle boots, Dave Clark Five shirts, girls with bells sewn round hems of dresses.  It was the place to go massive queues down Liverpool Road. My Boy Lolly Pop number one ha ha how times change never to be seen again. 

Tony Bailey

Browsing this site brought back many fond memories of the Talk. During the 70,s I palled around with Rory Hadfield the Bass guitarist with the Images, they used to play at the end of the evening for folks to dance.

During this time I had the pleasure of meeting many of the acts of that time, and even to enjoy a curry with some at the Medina restaurant on the bridge.

At this time Roy Mozley was a guitar/vocalist,who used to do a very good rendition of Dont let the sun catch you crying, its good to see how well he's done.

Joe pullen left me a lasting memory, for which I still have a photo when he invited me to dress in Edwardian clothing and to accompany him on a Xmas tour of Manchester on a stage coach. The best of times 

Mike Steward

Many happy memories at the Talk of the North.  Lived in Patricroft and Peel Green. I married Roy Talbot - his father Fred Talbot was a partner of Joe Pullens and they ran the the club together.  Fred is still going strong at 93. 

We saw all the good acts, Tom Jones was brilliant, most of the good comedians were on stage including Ted Lune, George Roper and one of my favourites Tommy Cooper who could drink anyone under the table when we stayed behind after a show. 

The Strand Show Band and Maori Volcanics were fantastic.  I remember the steaks being cooked to perfection.  And yes there were live animals on - y father in law tells us funny stories about acts with animals,  those were the days.  

Ann Talbot

Hi Deb Newall
Sorry to say this but I feel quite sure you are mistaken about the rules reference leather jackets. When Joe had it these was his rules and then as times changed it was Roy's rules and leather coats were allowed in with the doormen  - we still have quite a few photos of people in the club with leather coats.

Sorry Deb  -  wrong person, right club, wrong time.


Roy Mozley

Yes Matt Monroe was at the Talk of the North - I saw him about 1983 (not sure) I well remember a young girl asking me who was he! I knew a compere and got a free pass. I used to lean on the bar eating the glazed cherries until they took them away. What a great club!

Ken Partington

I remember working with Bob Monkhouse at the Talk when I was in a harmony trio called "Piece of Harmony ". On the first night Bob came into our changing room, and asked if anyone of us had a white handerchief, to put in his top pocket, we had one and let him use it. On our final show of the week, we came off stage to our changing room,to find 3 white silk handkies on our dressing room table. Still remember him being one of the nicest, immaculately dressed comedians I had ever met. A true gentleman.

Ted Tuksa

Hi. Good to see a memory about the Maori Volcanics from New Zealand who performed at the 'Talk' in the mid 70's. I was the drummer in the band at that time and have many terrific memories about our times in Manchester and playing at such a great club as the Talk of the North. Of interest, the band is based these days in Sydney Australia and still performs in this part of the the world. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Dean Ruscoe

I've loved reading all the comments about the Talk. My nana worked at the Talk for years as head cleaner  - she's called Alice Foy for anyone that would remember her. I'm going to visit her next week and I'll ask her about the club and post some of her memories on here for you to read .

I do remember going with her to clean on a Saturday morning after the night before to get the place spruced up for the saturday night and the smell of tobacco and stale drink. I must of been about 7-8 ish so were talking late 70s and I remember sitting in one of the "booths" on the left as you walked in to the main room and playing with my barbie dolls whilst Nana cleaned.

I also remember the pictures of famous people on the walls on the corridor. What a fantastic place to go to as a kid.. And even now if I smell stale drink and tobacco it takes me right back to the Talk . 

Vicki Russell

We were regulars every Sunday night and always sat with Father Dalston on his table (prime position on the balcony).

Johnny Mansell was the compere there for years, whatever happened to him ? 

John Ackerley

Does anyone remember Ronnie 'Cease' Smith - comedian at the Talk late 50's, early 60's? 

Wendy Mattioli

Hi Janet Gregory and Wendy Mattioli, I worked with Ronnie Cease Smith many times in the early 60s Manchester club scene, particularly when I was resident compere at The College Club in 1965 and resident compere at The Talk of the North in 1966/67.

He went to Australia with Eddie Grant (comedian) when I was already there after 1974. You should try and contact Al Showman (comedian) who is still working in Australia, likewise Noel Talbot.  You will get them both on Facebook.

Will be working in Oz myself in May,so will make some enquiries.

Good Luck!

Paul Stevens

Ronnie "Cease" Smith and I shared a bedroom Pro digs in the Argoed Arms South Wales and we worked together on a few occasions, a great guy and a great Comic, I was led to believe that the Cease was to do with Radio appearances, with only three minutes he didn't want the audiences laughter cutting short is time for patter.

We were also pals with another good "scouse" comic Al T Kossy.

Alec Owen

Went to the Talk of the North regularly as I lived in Higher Croft not far from the Talk. Saw all the main acts, remember the casino upstairs.

Had some great times. I used to work at the Rock Hotel and after closing used to go upto the Talk. Also remember the old Majestic, rode many range with old cowboy films. After the fire which burnt down the club nothing was ever built on it. Shame  - wish we had clubs like that nowadays.

Tony Bailey, your note on Rory Hadfield. I worked with him at Taylor Brother Steelworks in Trafford Park. What happened to him, would like to know.

Ken Walker

My dad 'Tony Evans' used to be the manager of the Talk of The North for some years whilst under the ownership of Roy Moseley. I have very fond memories of being woken up at 3am by my dad returning home with autographed pictures from the likes of the Drifters, Chubby Brown and the Grumbleweeds. I also remember various acts visiting our home which was quite unreal at the time.

I often drive past the site and its a great shame there lies an empty space.

Unfortunately, my dad is no longer in the best of health and if you read this Roy I'm sure he would love to hear from you.

Barry Evans

Talk of the North brings back memories from the 60's I remember working there early on in my days as a comic, Norman Collier was a great audience for a comic, and I first met an act called Edmundson & Elliot. Jimmy Edmundson did a great impression of Robert Mitchum, as did Dustin Gee, Peter Elliot went on to great things, and I remember them giving me some great advice, Thanks.

I worked there many times, I met up with The Strand Showband, great, and Ray Miller went into the Agency side and later into video production. They were great days, not a lot of money, but good fun. I wonder if night clubs will ever make a comeback, I doubt it, the so called 'new wave' comics are making big money, but I would love to have seen Jimmy Carr doing his act at Redhouse in Sunderland, and then climbing out the window at the back, give me the comics of the 60's and 70's,  saw Johnny Casson recently, still a very funny man.

Tony Dowling

My friends and I would quite often go to 'The Talk' on Friday nights during the seventies after the typical pub crawl down Liverpool Road ending at the Packet House on Patricroft Bridge prior to going into the club in 2's or 3's. The doormen wouldn't let groups of lads in.

Remember when one of us didn't have a tie and he had to take a sock off and wear that as a tie, it worked he got past the doormen.

Friday was singles or hen party night, all I can say it was a brilliant place. Remember bumping into Bernie Nolan as she and her sisters were going onto stage cos there was a rear staircase and walk through at the back of the stage that I would use. I was surprised to say the least.

Steve Percival

When it was the Majestic I lived on Worsley road, then I lived at Patricroft Working Mens club in 1968 and we went over the road to the Talk at least twice a week and through to 1974 when I lived at Stretford Trades. When Ivy Benson and her girl band was there they came to our place to practice. Ricky Lee and her partner? became quite good friends. Matt Monroe appeared often until he got tipsy and insulted Mrs Pullen while on stage along with clientele. He had a very high opinion of himself. Fab voice but that for me was where it ended. Did the Tony Evans mentioned have a brother named Peter?

I remember the manager in the late 60s' was called Evans and would have been about thirtyish. He went to school with my sister. Vera Lynn went down a storm when her backing group dressed as the civil defence. The Dallas boys, Lulu, Soloman King and Julie Rogers were brilliant. The last celebrity I saw there was Steve Davis doing an autograph session. Great times.

Vera Wilson

Has the world gone mad,no more Talk of the North, and the Packet House for sale. I worked at the Talk in the seventies, I worked on sound and lights,a great experience, with the acts of the day.(real talent, no band in a box, take note Cowell).

Always got a ticking off from Gerry Stockdale,whilst boiling on top of the amps and kitchen,the phone would buzz "put your bloody tie on", God bless you Gerry. I miss my old partners in crime,they were great days, even Charles the pianist who was that tall he set the fire alarms off igniting his pipe backstage.

Love and best wishes to my old mates, need a get together, maybe a bbq on the old site,whoops sorry Joe.

Mark Howard

I worked at the Talk of the North for about three years as a waiter working under Roy Mozley and Tony, best job I ever had.  Met some fantastic people, and worked with a great bunch of guys. Big John Reagan on the door with Rusty and Mark Naylor, brilliant times.

Stephen Nixon

I used to live at Brookhouse Avenue, Peel Green.  My brother still lives there.  We used to do all the pubs in Peel Green and Patricroft before going into the Talk.  Seen some great acts there - Bernard Manning for one and all top acts of the day on fri-sat nights.  My mam used to work for Joe Pullen at the Wendover Hotel in Monton which Joe bought from my mam's friend Bertha Potts.  What a lady she was.  All the acts that was on the Talk used to stay at the Wendover Hotel.

David Retford

When I went to the Talk of the North it would have been 1976/77 and they must have been struggling to fill it because They used to serve Chicken & Chips in a basket complimentary to try and get more people in. Jim Bowen was one of the acts and until that night I didn't know what dying on stage meant, but he did and I felt sorry for him. 

I also went around 1984 when I think they had changed things and it was packed again but don't remember any acts, it might have just been a disco but for some reason I keep remembering a transvestite on stage.

I knew Joe Pullen well due to working at Lee Lighting we used to book lots of rooms at his hotel the Wendover. We also had our wedding at his hotel and I had wanted their resident DJ to play at my wedding and for some reason the GM or someone had fell out and a few weeks before our wedding I was told I couldn't have him (Vince & his Nebula One DJ) it upset me and Joe found out and telephoned me personally to say, it's your wedding day and you can have what ever you want. He also said he wouldn't be charging for the room hire or the DJ because of them upsetting me. 15 years later we had Vince for my hubby's 40th, tried to find him for our silver wedding anniversary 5 years ago but couldn't. Vince was good and knew how to get a part started.  

Linda Tonge

I remember as a young teenager winning a competition at the Talk of the North. It was miming to Cilla Blacks song 'Anyone who had a heart'. My prize was £5 and a meal with Freddie Garritty (of the Dreamers) I was presented with my £5 on stage, but there was no mention of a meal with Freddie! As I was too polite to ask about it, I just missed out on it, I seem to remember the groups who were playing that night was Johnny Peters and the Crestas, and Freddie Starr and the Delmonts. Happy memories.

Barbara Ray (Crowe)

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ian kinsey
I think TALK OF THE NORTH HOUSE would be more appropriate, and might stop poor Joe Pullen turning in his grave. This is a very historic site in Manchester's History to a lot of people and should be treated with considerable thought and respect for its famous never to be repeated fame and fortune to a lot of stars of the day, and many who made it as a result of performing there. I feel I speak for a lot of people, please respect this site, and there wishes.
6th April 2017 2:52am
Frank Hunter
PULLEN NORTH would a good name
4th April 2017 6:30pm
David Tresadern
Our clients who will be renting the apartments out are looking for an appropriate name to call the building so any suggestion are welcome.
4th April 2017 5:16pm
Frank Hunter
Pullen North
4th April 2017 6:28pm
David Tresadern
This site along with the former Barclays Bank (which is now demolished) is being developed into 19 affordable (rental) apartments which will be complete spring 2018
4th April 2017 5:12pm
Mike Batty
I appeared at the Talk back in the 60s, my act wa called the Meldini's a magic act which included 6 Java Doves and a pink poodle, it was a fabulous venue, Fond memories.
5th March 2017 12:14am
Ray dean
R u forgetting I was the compere for Joe pulled for sometime!!
26th December 2016 3:56am
Adrian Jay
I worked a resident DJ in 1985-86.I learned alot about performing from Wayne Check Allen .His Wife worked the bar too.Roy booked the very best acts & I was lucky enough to appear with The Drifters with Johnnie Moore singing.Bob Monkhouse Roy Chubby Brown . Candlewick green,The Merseybeats .Gerry Marsden The royal varietyb show band .Duncan Norville the list is endless.It was a pleasure to work for Roy Mozely & meet people I had seen only on TV .A drink after work then all pile down Liverpool Road to the curry house was it the Shabana ??
21st November 2016 8:00pm
Carl Fletcher
I'm trying to trace Wayne check Allen (comedian from Eccles Manchester) who was a close friend of my dad, are your referring to the same chap ?
5th March 2017 5:11am
Nobody has mentioned me I was Compere Booking agent from 1968 until August 1982 The longest serving Compere in the whole of Great Britain . I should be in the Guiness book of records. Unless anyone should challenge this. Please do. If any one wants good stories about acts that have topped the Bill there and stories that will amaze you PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME
15th November 2016 11:03pm
Johnny ,don't keep us in suspense post your stories on here.
16th November 2016 9:44am
ian kinsey
Hello Johnny I hope you remember me, Ian Kinsey the singer of Strange Brew ( Duo ) Melvyn Whitehead from Eccles was my duo partner. Our Manager and agent was Joan Davy, Melvyn's Dad was a friend of Joe Pullen. We played the Talk many many times, my then girlfriend was Jean Cass who had just become Miss Blackpool and Fylde Coast, and went on to become quite a successful actress in the U S A. the press followed us to the Talk and Paped us all night, Joe lapped it up and loved it. I appeared there with Matt Munro who I became quite good friends with, also Tommy Cooper, Bob Monkhouse, The Searchers Gerry and the Pacemakers Three Degrees The Fantstiks, and my then my good friend Tommy Hunt, and so many more even more successful stars. What a fantastic Club it was, fabulous memories how sad it is that it has now gone. I have since then carved myself a very successful career in the Motor trade. All the very best Johnny. Regards. Ian.
18th November 2016 10:04pm
ian kinsey
I have done many many weeks cabaret at the Talk of the North from 1968 to 1972 first in a group called the Buttons, there was me Ian Kinsey i was the singer,our Bass player was the immortal Ted Lee the guy who painted John Lennon's and George Harrison's guitars black. Our Guitar player and my best friend was Melvyn Whitehead from Eccles. Later with more success Melvyn and i broke the group up and became a duo called Strange Brew, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER US. Because lots of people knew us and because we were I have to admit pretty good we used to go down a storm, and Joe Pullen used to very often book us back through our lovely now unfortunately deceased Agent Manager Joan Davy. We played there with just to name a few, Matt Munro, The Fantastics (Something old something Blue)The Great Tomy Hunt, Lovelace Watkins, do you remember him,and Englebert Humperdinck.Joe Knew Melvyn's dad very well he had the fishing tackle, pet shop and gun shop just further down Eccles New Road,Gun ... Read More
15th September 2016 2:55am
Ron Turner
Hi Everybody, So pleased I discovered this Forum of the ''Talk'', about 2 weeks ago, as I was talking about the Strand Showband on here to Frank, their road manager. I lived in Stretford, and I started working there as a waiter on the opening night, (anybody know the date?) and the tables I served were the ones at the back, where the bar was. I started p/time as I was a carpenter in the daytime, but enjoyed it so much, and the tips were so good I began full time. There were so many acts on while I was there, but Shirley Bassey, Bob Monkhouse & The Strandsmen were my favourites.... I used to serve B/M in his dressing room when he arrived with a bottle of red label scotch. What a pro he was, as he was doing his early night act in Blackpool, then on to a club in Preston, then finished up at the Talk, about midnight. I will have to look back at where and when, and names I was there, as my memory was not as it was. Would love to hear from anybody who was there at the ... Read More
10th September 2016 2:50am
Paul Stevens
Hi Ron,i became resident compere there in 1966 and really enjoyed working there despite the megalomaniac tendencies of Joe Pullen which led me to telling him to stick the job where the sun didn't shine!He was ok really but very eccentric and his wife Doreen was lovely and his partner Fred Talbot was a nice guy.The Stan Martin trio were the resident band and acts that I introduced at that time were Strandsmen;Witnesses;Green Angels;Margo&The Marvettes(enough Irish there?);Original Checkmates and Ronnie Corbett.Went back there as lead singer with The Gibsons(great week with the ORIGINAL Ivy League)and supporting Solomon King there the first week in April 1968 when both my future wives were in the audience celebrating their 21sts!Great club which was 7 nights then but sadly went down to 3 with the demise of the club industry!Remember a lovely girl called Lorraine who worked behind the bottom bar(stage left)and her mum who was very friendly with Gerry the Penguin!(Maitre D)Happy ... Read More
10th September 2016 9:33am
Ron Turner
Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply, and for reminding me of some of the people. On your website when you were on the stage being presented with the trophy, was the guy next to your right, a compare from a club, maybe the Cabaret, as I think I knew him through Reg ?, who used to own a pub/restaurant in Canal St, and a gay club called the Queens, in Manchester? Chat again I hope, Ron
14th September 2016 4:59am
Paul Stevens
Correct and right Ron!That person is Tony Hume(still going)the compere at The Broadway Club then but well known around town(Blue Note:Chez Joey;Embassy;Northern etc.,especially in the gay sector!!Regards Paul
14th September 2016 10:56am
Bill Cocker
I emigrated to Canada in 1967, returned for a vacation in 1970. The Talk was still going at that time. My wife and I were called up on stage, why I still don't know why. The show we saw was Freddie and the Dreamers. Always remember that.
13th April 2016 6:18am
Bill Cocker
I emigrated to Canada in 1967, returned for a vacation in 1970. The Talk was still going at that time. My wife and I were called up on stage, why I still don't know. The show we saw was Freddie and the Dreamers. Always remember that.
13th April 2016 6:16am
Tony Devenport
Does anybody remember the Steve Davis exhibition night. That night i was taken on stage to compete against four others with a bull worker which i won.
27th January 2016 4:02am
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