The Broadway
Oldham Rd, Failsworth


Tony Hulme & the dancers back stage at the BROADWAY late 1974 when we had just been told that Doug Flood was stopping the cabaret & going disco.

Mike Hammond

This was one of the "big" clubs during the cabaret club boom in the late 60s and seventies and had a resident band if I recall correctly, rather than just organist and drummer. It was on Oldham Road Failsworth, just past the junction with Broadway on the way towards Oldham. I played there with Sweet Life (elsewhere on this site) a couple of times in probably 1968 or 69.

Although my musical career (I use the term loosely) up to 1980 (when I became more rock/pop oriented)was in cabaret I was a bit frustrated because whenever we tried something different it met with mixed reaction from the cabaret audiences.
Example - I arranged a version of "Rain" by the Beatles, nice harmonies, nice arrangement, and it seemed to baffle the audience because it had been a B side of I think Paperback Writer (maybe?) and obviously they only knew the A sides.

However, I recall that the club itself was really good. Last time I saw it, it had become a Jehova's Witnesses church. That was years ago so I don't know what it is now.

Bob Ainsworth

How well I remember that club ---- I used to date a guy called Terry Blezzard (who I believe was closely related to the owner).  My absolute favourite act there was:  Ronnie Dukes and Ricki Lee.   Marvellous.  Unfortunately Ronnie died very suddenly - but nobody could tell a mother-in-law joke quite like Ronnie. Loved the way he used to bounce around on stage.  And when Ricki came onto the stage in a Nun's habit and sang Ave Maria --- WOW.  

I remember there being a fire at the club round about 1970.  Is it still there???


I used to work the "Broadway" Frequently, when Bunny Lewis was the host there.
The audience used to clap him on when he would "cascade" down the stairs from the dressing room. Great character.
I worked ALL the "First house" group venues. Fantastic days,when audiences were so appreciative. All gone now.

Tony Garcia

Hi all,went past the "Broadway Club" today it was being pulled down 10/10/13,Played there a few times with my group "THE SCALES OF JUSTICE". In the 60's, great memories of the acts & stars who appeared there, Carl (Drummer).

Carl Dolan

I worked on the construction of the Broadway Club when I was with my father's firm, Hall and Hague Ltd. Dell Hickson designed the inside and outside. He was our draughtsman at the time. Dougie Flood had many a stand-up row with my dad, usually over money.

One of the bars we constructed was surfaced with one penny pieces set in resin.

Another designer who worked for us was called Tony Merrick. He recorded "Lady Jane" by the Stones and it got to number 40, I think.

Colin Hall

My late Father Billy Waterhouse worked there as a waiter in the early seventies including when it caught fire he also worked at Dougie Floods other clubs 'The Northern in Harpurhey, and Blighty's in Farnworth. regards

David Waterhouse

There was a disco upstairs with a dance floor that lit up in squares, very like the one in Envy today.  I remember in the mid 70s seeing Tommy Cooper, it was classed as one of the posher Oldham nightclubs.  Didn't know it had been demolished, so sad, another memory of my youth gone.  I believe there is also planning approval to demolish the Gaumont (with its many future names), although I believe it is in use, let's hope this piece of history doesn't go as well. 

Pam Taylor



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Topic: The Broadway, Failsworth
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Willie Williamson says...
I was in a NZ group, Double Vision, (two guys & two girls) and appeared at the Broadway Club around April/May 1973 and we were the support act to (the late) Del Shannon. A wonderful week!!
23rd May 2017 2:22pm
anthony mc donnell says...
It is Tony Hume's birthday this week he will be 85 on Saturday 8/04/2017 and will be singing and having a bit of a party on Friday 7/04/2017 at the Springbank Bowling Club Chadderton, if any of his friends wish to call in they will be most ... Read More
3rd April 2017 9:29pm
Mike Hammond says...
Hi Anthony, I have always been under the impression that after we ( The Music Shop ) left the Broadway in JAN 1975 it stopped cabaret & went disco. Now today I see a post on Ashton now & then showing a 1975 entertainment page from the MEN ... Read More
22nd May 2017 9:47pm
Anthony Mc Donnell says...
Hi Mike, I will ask Tony when I manage to get in touch with him, its a bit difficult at the moment as Tony had a fire which gutted his flat at Montgomery House and he was left only with the clothes he had on. He is at the moment in the process of ... Read More
22nd May 2017 10:51pm
Dave Lester. says...
I saw Tony Hulme yesterday in Tesco in Failsworth, he looks incredible for his 84 years. He is now singing at the Springbank Bowling Club Chadderton Oldham. Friday nights 9.00 til midnight. Going to go and see him. He spoke very fondly of The ... Read More
13th March 2017 3:17am
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