The Candy Club
Oldham Rd, Failsworth

I played regularly at this venue with my group the Don Juan Five.

The thing I remember most vividly about it was the ultra violet lighting they always used, which was great except that it showed up all your dandruff, and you couldn't see a thing from the stage.

Also, it was a bit difficult to read your running order, and, to be honest, we never memorised it beforehand so it was a bit hit and miss.

Nevertheless, it was a good, small venue, and we all enjoyed playing there.

Dave Ball

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Ian Kinsey
I sang at Sinatra's many times I was the singer in the Buttons,Ted Lee was my bass player. He was the guy who painted John Lennon's Rickenbacker and George Harrisons Gibson black as the manufacturers did not offer them in that colour at the time. Sinatra's was a great club, overshadowed by the Broadway just down the road of which it simply could not compete with. Great times, now sadly gone forever.
16th September 2016 5:32pm
David Summerscales
If I have it right this was once the Popular Picture Palace, later Sinatra's owned and run by one of the Bolger brothers.

I think it burnt down and reopened as Candy Club.
27th April 2014 10:23am
Mike Hammond
I think it must have been the Candy club before it became Sinatra's because after it burned ( arson I believe ) the insurance didn't pay out so the then owner, Arthur Goulden couldn't rebuild. The site was flattened & a factory/warehouse built. I was in the resident band, The Music Shop from 1969 to 1972 when we moved to the Broadway at the request of good old Dougy Flood. One of the building inspectors for Oldham/ Failsworth at the time had previously been our drummer.
5th November 2014 7:35pm
Alan Murphy
I used to go to the Candy Club in the early 60's remember it well. It was in Newton Heath not Failsworth on Oldham Road just past Dean Lane towards manchester.
19th October 2015 10:25am
David simmonds
The candy club was in Newton Heath ,before or after it was the Devils cave, the club that was Sinatras was a different club
16th September 2016 6:54pm
David simmonds
The location of the candy/Devils cave was turn left at the bottom of old church st onto Oldham rd and the club was on the first or second block on the left .sinatras club was way up Oldham rd near the pole
17th September 2016 3:46am



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