The Candy Club
Oldham Rd, Failsworth

I played regularly at this venue with my group the Don Juan Five.

The thing I remember most vividly about it was the ultra violet lighting they always used, which was great except that it showed up all your dandruff, and you couldn't see a thing from the stage.

Also, it was a bit difficult to read your running order, and, to be honest, we never memorised it beforehand so it was a bit hit and miss.

Nevertheless, it was a good, small venue, and we all enjoyed playing there.

Dave Ball

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Topic: The Candy Club, Failsworth
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David simmonds says...
The location of the candy/Devils cave was turn left at the bottom of old church st onto Oldham rd and the club was on the first or second block on the left .sinatras club was way up Oldham rd near the pole
17th September 2016 3:46am
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