Blighty's (ex-Monaco)

Can't understand why "Blightys Club" which was located in Farnworth is not listed? This was probably the biggest Cabaret Club in the country in the early 70's.

Tom Casey

Does anyone remember Carol Cottam? She went in this club in the 70s and met a man called Ian Hamilton fron Irlam in 1977?  Would love to get in contact with him if anyone can help!! My email is, or if anyone has information on him thanks.

Kerry Henry

Blighty's was one of my favourite venues. Graham Warner was the manager then when I worked it. He also doubled as a musician in the band at times. Which was a 7-8 piece. I used to top the bill there on the "Spanish nights" because I think I was the only singer that could do a full Spanish spot.  Aaaaah ! great memories.

Blighty's is now a small housing estate. Sob.

Tony Garcia

Before it was Blighty's, it was the Monaco Club and was always packed at weekends. We went to see The Answers play there. Tom Casey was a real good drummer and Dennis Shuttleworth a fab guitarist. It was the best club outside Manchester city centre. It seemed to go more for a variety club feel when it changed to Blighty's. That's when I moved on to proper music venues.

Sandra Olive

I was stage manager @ Blightys in the early 70's for a couple of years when Gerry Slinger was manager (& his wife was THE BOSS). 1st nite Bob Monkhouse was top of the bill. More acts: the Four Tops, 3 Degrees, Tommy Cooper, Bruce Forsyth (when he was in his 60's!) an all-star jazz group - Art Blakey, Dizzy Gizzespie, Theloneus Monk, Kai Winding, Charles Mingus. LOADS more. 3-day week killed it.

Some great nites there. Days less so, cleaning bogs!

Tim Bayliss

I worked there and Dougie Flood was one of the owners.  He retired to Tenerife in the 70's - hope he is still around, he was a nice man. Last time I worked there, Frank Ifield was topping the bill, long time ago.

Tony Dowling

Worked Blightys many times and even before when it was the Club Monaco, owned by Ken Naylor who also had the EMPIRE CABARET CLUB in Milnrow; Ritz Theatre Bar in Oldham; Ritz Club in Brighouse and Candlelight Club (formerly Savoy Ballroom) in Oldham, who booked me for all his venues alongside Matt Monro, Tommy Hunt, etc.,etc., and I later went out with his daughter, Kathy Anders from Rochdale, who became Miss England and Miss UK.

After I won the Singer of the  Year award at the Broadway Club in 1971 (Norman Collier won the Comedian award and Black Abbotts the group), Dougie Flood opened a sister club in Farnworth called Blightys and Gerry Slinger the manager booked me all the time supporting Showwaddywaddy, Jack Jones etc., and The 3 Degrees, who came out of their dressing room wearing long, one piece, Mermaid style fawn dresses which were completely transparent and left absolutely nothing to the imagination, just as I came offstage! Never been the same since!!

Neither were the 3 guys sitting on the front table who fainted with excitement when they were introduced by Mort Allen the compere with the band called John Browns Bodies who had played at the Broadway Club. True story! Pics on my site 

Also, I did know Ian Hamilton.

Regards Paul Stevens

When I was s.m. there (posh job description for what it was!) Dougie Flood had another club on Rochdale Rd (Talk Of The North?) & Gerry Slinger was boss of Blighty's (& both, later Copperfields in Bolton). Gerry's wife Winnie was more bossy than the boss. Maybe she held the purse strings?

Tim Bayliss

Always a great night out. Tommy Cooper had the audience in hysterics before he said a word. Showaddywaddy were absolutely brilliant, especially with the smoke rising during ‘Johnny Remember Me’.

David Brown

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Topic: Blightys
Phil Middleton says...
The Four Tops at Blighty's Farnworth Bolton 1972
6th May 2014 9:25pm
Kath Scott says...
Can anyone remember what the club was called before it became the Monaco ?
8th May 2015 7:03am
Stuart Wilson Brown says...
Hi --- can I just clear up a few confusing statements about Blightys and ownership. Douggie Flood, Geoff Reeves (?), Gerry Slinger and Jack McCall all had shared interests in the Northern Club (above the Cintra Cinema) Rochdale Road, The Broadway ... Read More
10th June 2014 4:30am
DES BYRNE says...
jeff reeves died in the 90s. he was at the time being looked after by foo foo lamar at his house in alkrington during his illness. doug flood would send him a wage every week until his death. I used to take it.
11th February 2015 10:52am
stuart says...
Hi Des - thanks for that...... Foo-foo has gone up in my estimation because of your post. Jeff seemed a nice guy.
Thanks again.
14th February 2015 4:05am
Liz says...
Does anyone remember the Dj upstairs in the disco? His name was something like Jeff Bloom?
30th March 2015 2:49am
Bernard says...
Met my wife, Lesley, there on Friday 13th October 1972.
14th October 2014 3:02am
les brooks says...
Ken Naylor of Candlelight Club in Oldham died last week and a wake is being held at his club next Wednesday 22 oct 6pm onwards
20th October 2014 5:03am
Stuart Brown says...
In the Phoenix Nights episode where the doormen had walkie talkies and one of them goes to the chippie had you realised that the wasteland he walks across was actually Blightys after demolition - and the bit you see is just where the dressing room ... Read More
31st December 2014 11:20am
Harry bennett says...
I worked at blighties in 1971 in the kitchen with Bob the chef he was a brill man I got to be friends with lez gray singer with mud that played there I think twice a week
1st March 2015 1:07am

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