Mersey View Dance Hall

"Mersey View" Dance Hall in Frodsham was a well frequented venue.

I was present when The Beatles played there in April 1963 and rumour has it that the song Helter Skelter was inspired by an old wooden helter skelter that operated adjacent to the Mersey View Dance Hall (I got splinters in my rear  from it's wooden slide when I was a young kid).

I believe that there is still a show lounge at this location albeit rebuilt I am sure.

Roger Moors

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Topic: Mersey View, Frodsham
Vanessa Watkins says...
I remember in the late 1960's visiting the dance hall several times. My dad Mel Donegan played in a band with Don Morman and Brian Hilton (sometimes Bob Patterson from Scotland}. The band was called the Mersey View Trio when they played with a ... Read More
11th April 2015 8:38pm



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