The 88 Club
Wellington Street, Gorton

I have wonderful memories from when myself and my sister Shirley and friends Pat, Sheila, Pauline, & Cath went mostly to the Jungfrau & The Oasis clubs.

Before we were able to frequent the above and other clubs, we went to the 88 club, this was in cellars of a house on Wellington Street, Gorton, near where the cinema was in Manchester and was run by Mrs Folkes and her son.

It was a youth club, and went there and the Sacred Heart youth club when we were 14,15 and 16, it was brilliant, a disco and soft drinks. The youngsters of today, probably don't have anything like this now a days, a sad sign of the times.

Pauline (nee Dunn)

I would love to hear from Pauline or anyone who remembers the 88 CLUB. The lady mentioned was my auntie and I used to help out doing the door at the club.

Derek Wood

Hi everyone  - the 88 club was started in 1964 by myself and Les Foulkes.  We had some great times.

It was in 1966 that we had a huge do there it got a little out of hand.The neighbors and one or two shop keepers complained so Auntie Marie (Mrs Foulkes) took over and never missed a night. They were great times and very fond memories of all the members.

Keith Buckley

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Topic: The 88 Club, Gorton
Carol Isles says...
I was born and grew up at 88 Wellington Street and my grandad lived there until 1970 when he died at the age of 91. Being stone deaf the club noise never bothered him. Auntie Marie was my foster mother. Unfortunately I never went to the cellar as a ... Read More
31st December 2014 10:42am


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