The Regency Club
Didsbury Road, Heaton Mersey

Does anyone remember the Regency Club?

It was run by 'Major' Bill Reid and his wife and provided all us very thirsty youths with an after-time passport to the beer after a night in the Plough Heaton Moor and the HM Rugby Club on Green Lane.

As long as we got to the Regency before 12.00 the Major would allow us in for, I think 2/6d. In order to make it legal to drink till 2.00am a guest would have to have a 'meal' - which was a ham butty that was made by what seemed to be the million, by a little elderly lady in the kitchen. You got a raffle ticket receipt for your sarnie - proof that you had dined in the establishment in case any of Stockport's finest made an appearance to 'check-up'. I remember Bill well - he always had plenty of time for young people as long as they behaved themselves.

Some years later he had a Hotel in Burnage which we used to visit on a Saturday and if we had partaken of the waters to excess, Bill would stick you in a bedroom and you sorted it out the next morning with him - what a star!

Chris Thorpe

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Topic: Regency Club, heaton mesey
Lorraine Hayes says...
I happened to be looking up the Regency Club and saw your post. My Mum was friends with the Reid's about 1966-67. She used to go there and became friends with Doreen Reid. She took me a few times in the day time to visit Doreen probably to talk ... Read More
7th December 2014 8:41pm
dave moran says...
I have a photo of the club if you want to upload it. Contact me and I'll attach the shot.
18th August 2017 7:43am
Paul webmaster (Bairnsdale Australia) says...
Thanks Dave - much appreciated. Added to the page.
19th August 2017 10:27pm
Judy Swan (Stockport) says...
Hi Chris Thorpe,
Yes I remember The Regency well, as you say, after a night in The Plough it was the place to go and a great welcome.
Home to roost now and it is sad to see how the place looks, hope the new owners restore it to its former glory.
8th January 2018 10:38pm
Judy Swan (Stockport) says...
Would like to see The Regency restored to some semblance of how it used to be.
8th January 2018 10:41pm
Judy Swan (Stockport) says...
I have submitted a comment.
8th January 2018 10:42pm
Stacey porter (Manchester) says...
My mum and dad worked at the regency for years as a doorman and barmaid. We used to call Doreen the landlady Auntie Dodo.
26th January 2018 4:26am

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