The Casino, Leigh

1972 I was a trainee architect in central Manchester. The firm got the job of providing drawings for the builder re-fitting after it burned out. It was a very large hall with balconies all round and a full proscenium stage at one end.

I was left to my own devices and went crazy and it got built. A huge space frame hauled up to the roof with smooth shiny aluminium foil covered panels on top (milk-bottle top foil), and several rows of hung scaffolding the full length with door blanks covered in the foil spinning along them. All full of lights. I never saw it finished but it did all go in.

Anyone remember it? 

David Lees

Great night out in the early 1970’s. Popular groups included Mud and Stoney End (Jenny Darren).

The local paper advertised the week’s acts and, on Friday, ‘something special for the gentlemen’.

Later Cleo’s disco opened upstairs. Paddy Shaw and Maurice H were the DJs and played Northern Soul records that some regulars had picked up at The Golden Torch and Blackpool Mecca. Fabulous venue.

Later became Reubens and Edwin Starr was always a popular attraction. Since demolished and now a block of flats.

David Brown



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Topic: Leigh Casino
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Peter Bowdler says...
Hi folks - does anyone remember the Co-op Hall, Leigh in the 60`s where groups entertained such as the BIG THREE, the HOLLIES and many more. These groups appeared lots of times and everyone really appreciated them. Its surprising how many groups ... Read More
29th December 2014 11:37am
Paul Shone says...
Very fond memories of the place, I still see many of the old faces knocking about in Leyth,Bent and Bongs, oh happy days.
ps I think Mrs Brierley passed away not too long ago, the lady must have been a fair old age.
23rd March 2014 7:55pm
ronnie carr says...
Winnie Brierley,owner of the Casino is still alive and kicking 94YRS OLD
wonderful lady and a lifelong friend
still going at 94 yrs old.
19th May 2015 3:13am
Tony Yates says...
Ronnie do you know how to get hold of Winnie Brierley.
4th January 2016 1:22am
ronnie carr says...
I do ,but I cannot give that info to anyone sorry.She is not in good health and doesn't want to be disturbed.Any changes in the situation I will post.
4th January 2016 2:03am
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