The Garrick, Leigh

Unknown date 9 OCtober 1969
23 October 1969 30 October 1969
6 November 1969 13 November 1969
20 November 1969 27 November 1969
25 December 1969 1 January 1970

Top class cabaret promoted by the owner, Roy Jackson. A fabulous night when Showaddywaddy played (before they were famous). Other top acts included Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon and the Grumbleweeds. I saw the hypnotist Edwin Heath and wonder if the cheeky bloke in the front row ever got his hands free. Chicken in a basket was delightful.

Also saw a re-run of the 1971 Rugby League Cup Final when Leigh beat Leeds. The venue was shaped like a slice of cake – appropriate as it was later sold to a bakery.

David Brown

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Topic: Garrick Club, Leigh
Peter Bowdler says...
Hi folks - does anyone remember the Co-op Hall, Leigh in the 60`s where groups entertained such as the BIG THREE, the HOLLIES and many more. These groups appeared lots of times and everyone really appreciated them. Its surprising how many groups ... Read More
29th December 2014 11:39am
Richard Carter says...
Hi, I was a member of the resident group at the Garrick, The Q Factor. I remember all those acts well. Would be great to get a copy of the posters. Would it be possible to email them to me
2nd September 2015 3:45am
Paul webmaster says...
In an email Richard! Coming soon.
8th September 2015 7:57pm
Richard Carter says...
My Band, Q Factor, played there for quite a time and these posters bring back great memories, especially as we had to share dressing rooms (or should I say cupboards) with whoever was top of the bill. Not easy when they were only about 10 feet by 5 ... Read More
23rd September 2015 9:09pm
Trevor says...
I was the singer in Q Factor when Gene Vincent sang there and was sacked by Roy Jackson. Remember watching it the following day on Granada with Roy Jackson, Gene Vincent and Bob Grundy.
25th February 2017 12:09am
dave says...
saw many acts at the garrick,,one act was a husband a wife, dicky and dotty, she was a stripper. made an impression on me being a 17 year old
14th May 2017 10:36am
Paul webmaster says...
Hmmm - had a look on Google for them, as seemed interesting. Found this - which would be them: Bernard Stanley Arnold and his wife Lilias lived in this house between 1923 and 1948. They were an interesting couple with contrasting personalities; ... Read More
14th May 2017 11:29am
Paul webmaster says...
14th May 2017 11:36am
Richard Carter says...
I remember that and, of course, being on stage to play the music meant that we saw far more than the audience did when she had her back to them.
14th May 2017 8:25pm
Tony Whittaker (Warrington) says...
Many great nights here especially loved the Grumblweeds “After Ultra-brite everything else is just gobshite!”
Was Paul O’Grady DJ here in Lily Savage mode??
Resident band were brilliant - covered most hits really well.
28th December 2017 5:41am


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