Whitworth Street

I remember Annabella's which was a bar that opened up on Whitworth Street, just above the Everest Restaurant.

It was run by a real eccentric called John Stanistreet - a mad Dusty Springfield enthusiast who had several signed pictures knocking about the place. It used to be the place to go before Time and Place although it was open for a fairly short period of time before the Everest had it closed down due to the noise. It had become very popular and played wall to wall Dusty.

John then took over the Black Lion for a while before disappearing off the radar. Not before he had come on holiday with our gang to Benidorm in 1970.

I don't think the youth of today appreciate the fact that when they party abroad they are following in the well trodden footsteps of their forefathers who set the ground rules re: drinking, falling in the hotel pool drunk and generally upsetting the natives.

The main difference was that when we flew in the Comet, otherwise known as the flying coffin, we were justified in having to get tanked up first.

Bob Cummings

Wednesday nights at Annabel's was a must in the late 60's wonderful disco and music!  Great memories for a 63 year old grandmother!  

Jean Kennedy

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Topic: Annabellas
Linda Gorton says...
Annabels was on Brazennose Street. It was a bar & disco they didn't have live acts. It would have been opened 1970 - 1971 and was only open of a couple of years. James H Reeve was the DJ. George Best was a regular at the bar.
8th May 2014 8:02pm

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