Bier Kellar
77 Picadilly

Anybody remember the resident group at the Bier Kellar?

Led by Dave Pearson - an amazing guitarist/bass player/arranger and if I remember rightly was ex IVY LEAGUE (lives in Wythenshawe I think).

Drummers included Brian Pearson (ex Henderson Chambers and Jimmy Ruffin), Derek Carr (ex FOUR TOPS UK tour, London Palladium, Strictly Top Cats? with Wolf Montgomery) and Dave St.James.

I joined on Hammond organ in 69/70 ish (7 nights a week) and stayed for 7/8 years.

We were unfortunately called the Kellermen by the management and did everthing from sing along to rock covers.

Visiting cabaret included Light Fantastic from Birmingham, Sweet Chariot (when Pete Oliver was driving a Bentley), Wayne Fontana (we were the Mindbenders with no dots!), a topless all girl group from Sweden, Stoney End (Jenny Darren & Tony Baker on keys (now Peter Kay's MD), Mac and Katie Kissoon (USA).

For Nathan Solomon, your dad played with us on a sunday night along with Ray Johnson on Saxes and Syd Ayhurst on Trumpet.

Anyone remember  Big George at the Auto Club (I Know Pete Olly will) - best steak in town.

When I started at the Keller there were 32 house bands (from keyboards and drums upwards) in and around M/c Centre - when I moved on in `78 there were 3. All replaced by DJ`s I seem to remember. 

Glynn Buckley

Yes, Glyn, I remember the Bier Kellar very well - from the other side of the stage!!  I will never forget your bad jokes or your brilliant keyboard playing - it was all part of my youth in the seventies.  Did you work with a drummer called John Broome (Groome) at the Keller?  and maybe Martin St John? 

Great times - Thank you.

Wayne Critchley


I'll never forget the "Kellar".

I spent many a happy night there. I went virtually every Friday or Saturday night between 1969 & 1975.

I remember that the Kellar had a fantastic band that really kept the place bouncing. For me, the one thing that stands out was the really good vibe it had. There was very rarely any bother, everybody just wanted a good night.

I was there when Mac & Katie Kissoon performed there one Thursday night!! There was about 20 who turned up which was a shame because they did a brilliant set. I also had my 21st Birthday bash there with a large group of friends. Oh happy days.

Brian (Bury)

Yea there were 2 Bier Kellars one on Oxford Road facing Tiffany`s and one on London Road just before Piccadilly Station approach.

I remember those large wooden tables and those ltr stein glasses it was like entering a different world  of getting drunk. ha ha 2s.6p a pint wow.

Manchester was a great scene for night clubs in those days. Also the Auto club at the back of the Union pub on Canal St. Tee Shirt George as you say did the best steak n greek salad in the world.

George took over the Century Club around 1977 down the stairs next to the British Protection pub in on Albion St rear of Central station and again produced the best steaks in the world after a few beers, wow what a taste George eventually sold up and moved to Australia and last I heard he`s passed away God bless him.

Happy days and don't get me going over the Cypus Tavern on Brook St ha ha. Chow.

Alan Forrest

Bumped into Pete Oliver out in Benidorm where he lives, still married to Laverene who used to work for Frank Lamar I think.

As for the Auto Club, the greaytest 'secret' in Manchester at the time! Knock on for Yannis to let you in, always say hi to Billy Pillin the owner (had the Green Door as well) and definately have a steak with greek sald done by Peter the chef. Great crowd of regular characters, tiny dance floor with a free play juke box, just brilliant...

Bier Kellar after a few Aussie Blobs in Yates, happy and irreplaceable days!

Salford Lad

Dave Pearson now works with The New Batchelors....with his long time friend Jonathan Young...he replaced the sadly missed Kevin Nield  (Niell?) formerly with Karl Denver. Glynn now works with a band called Timeless....based in and around the Hyde area. Still Crazy after all these years!!!!


Bier Kellar in Piccadilly, swimming in beer by end of night. 1970's Oompa band dancing on tables  - should have worn wellies!!!

Ruth Hayes

The accordionist was Johnny Coleclough who I had the pleasure of working with in his day job. He later worked the Tower Lounge, Blackpool. I saw him a few months ago. Now in his 80s he lives in Spain. A Google search will find his website and Youtube performances.

David Brown

I remember the Bier Keller well.  Dancing on the tables and burning our names on the ceiling with the candles that were on the tables and an Oompa band straight from the beer halls of Munich  - of course they were not.  In fact one of them, Bruce, married a friend called Sheila.  Very happy days.

Dont think Health and Safety existed there but we are still here to tell the story .

Rita Nickson

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Topic: Bier Keller
sue says...
Hi there I love these manchester forums does anyone remember the piccadilly club where you walked through the elephants mouth I think it was near the auto club used to go there loads great place
14th April 2015 4:06pm
PatShort says...
Hi Guys, I seem to remember 3 bier kellars in Manchester. 1)Piccadilly, 2) Baron's Bier Kellar, Oxford Street and 3) Wood Street Bier Kellar, Deansgate.
Greatplaces, great times.Latter 2 were hosyed by DJs.
18th June 2015 3:51am
peter says...
I went to the bierkeller a few times 1978 - 1984 including stag nights , always a good night with a great oompah band some nights . there were signs saying no dancing on the table but everyone ignored them , i ran across a table not looking and ... Read More
8th July 2015 6:24am
Steve Holmes says...
Spent many a beer filled evening at Bier Kellar Oxford Road ! Until I got 'sophisticated' and started going to Placemate (old Twisted Wheel) !
24th October 2015 9:09pm
Steve Holmes says...
Not to do with the Bier Keller, but does anybody remember the name of Dave Eager's intro music at the Top Ten Club ?
2nd January 2016 11:43am
Juke Jules says...
Can anyone give some details of the record, and some dates? Thanks, Jules
27th December 2015 8:20am
Dave Spink says...
Hello Juke, thanks for your interest.The recording was made as a demo in 1964 and was never released.It was an audition requirement for a Ready,Steady,Go competition.If you want any further info just get in touch.
Dave Spink
27th December 2015 10:11pm
Dave Spink says...
Sorry, should have put Hello Jules. Smile
6th January 2016 8:45pm
Juke Jules says...
Thanks Dave. I've forgotten just which record we were discussing, but even if it was an unreleased demo or acetate it would be good to see an image of it here, or uploaded to the relevant page on 45cat
7th January 2016 4:40am
Liz rinaldi says...
I will never forget the Bier Keller. I Started work there the first night it opened and stayed for about 2 years. mr Riddley was the boss I think he had The Southern Hotel in Chorlton Brilliant times and all the best people came there Never any ... Read More
23rd February 2016 1:49am
Ann (fleetwood) says...
I wentto piccadilly bier Keller about 1969 then started going to wood street, chunky was the dj and Neville was a bouncer loved it miss those days
21st December 2017 5:11am

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