Previously Le Phonographe
King St West

My older sister was a regular here and took me along as a teenager in the mid 70's.

It was a pretty sophisticated place for the time and I was a bit too young to make the most of it!

Many of the pop/rock stars performing in Manchester would be in there after their shows, it was just along from Besty's old shop premises...

Salford Lad

The entrance use to be on the side street with a small peep-window in the door so that Steph the doorman could see who wanted to come in.

All the major artists appearing in Manchester use to unwind there, Tom Jones, Danny Larue, Des O'Connor, etc.

The tables in the alcoves were exclusive and I held court in one at least three times a week!!!


Blinkers was previously called the Phonograph and was the ultimate trendy place to go. The membership was £5 and that was when £10 a week was a good wage. You can guess the sort of people who became members. Riff-raff like me could only get in with a suitable companion.

Julie Driscoll got me in one night and then went off to sing with the Steam Packet at the Twisted Wheel. I couldn't even buy a beer at the Phonograph but that nice, rich lady Julie had dumped me:).

Stephen Wolstenholme

Nice to see the old me !!. I worked briefly for Selwyn at Blinkers on Sunday nights. I had a full time day job in the car business and worked at Mr Smiths 6 nights a week with "Jumpin" Joe Makin. Little wonder I didn't stay long at Blinkers. !!

Still see Selwyn around in Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. He has an animal sanctuary at his home and does lots for charity. Good Guy.

Eric Stanton

Joined as soon as it opened as Le Phonographe in 1965(?).  The manager was also manager of Lulu and the Luvvers. 

J Savile, G Best, M Summerbee there often, the Hollies occasionally.  Never saw the Stones there myself but I believe Mick Jagger said he liked it because it was the only club in the UK where he could go and not get mobbed by teenyboppers.  Membership was age 21+.

Le Phonographe did US disco groups such as Jr Walker, Temptations, Jimmy Ruffin, Four Tops, Sam the Sham, Arthur Conley, Smokey Robinson. 

Still remember Frank's bacon and egg butties. 

Moved to Canada about the time it changed to Blinkers and they put Norman Thelwell's ponies on the walls.  

Chris Jones

Had the pleasure of Meeting up with Selwyn Demmy last week. Still the same, sharp as a tack !. Was shown around his animal sanctuary. Amazing! Didn't stay in for too long having met Bruno the Rottweiler. Selwyn looking good and generous as ever. Thanks for the Easter Eggs.

Eric (RockinRic) Stanton

My mate was DJ there in the seventies, Dave Faversham, and he used to get me in there free, it was a bit expensive for me at the time and I would normally never have gone in a place like that. I met the owner, Selwyn, but I never saw anybody famous.

My mate was on early and Dave Lee Travis came on later, that's probably when all the "stars" came in. I was hoping to have seen Bestie but never did, until many years later when I met him when he played for Stockport County.

Dave Moore

Was working at the Manchester Evening News, had never been to Blinkers. Showed up for a blind dat e(local model Joanna King) at 1:00 a.m. Sunday after a freelance gig at the Sunday Express. Got nixed by the polite and gracious Stephan at the front door for not wearing a tie. Suit from Aquascutum, but no $#%$#$@ tie!

Got to know Selwyn later despite that (and "black sheep" brother Harvey). The place was a great dance spot; George Best invariably in descending stages of inebriation in a booth - what a WASTE of major talent; Wayne Fontana and others parading through; lubricious bartender ladies always up for a romp. Time is fleeting, madness takes its toll ...

Jack Grimshaw

Hi to readers

I worked at Blinkers Bistro, French, + Blinkers night club.

I was a young teenager working the kitchens, PACO, Bistro PACHI, French MORICE, was at French + club . They were superb chefs and all taught me a great deal especially Paco. lots of important people frequented all three places.

The DJ at the time was Eger Beever Dave. I recall the night when The king of r + roll Elvis Presley died I was the one to tell D J Dave, he then stopped the music and 1 minute silence fell upon the club.

Blinkers was a special place to work the staff were the best HOSEY, PAULO, FERNANDO,, ANTONIO, WHAN, MICHEAL.  MORITHIO. The manager. Tthey were fabulous.

Selwyn Demmy himself was by far the best person I have ever met in my life ,he was so generous and considerate a real man to look up to I owe him so much gratitude. 

My 2 years at blinkers I will never forget .       


My ex wife Pauline worked at The Phonograph when it first opened. I was in there one night with Wayne Fontana, Lulu was sat on my knee having a laugh, when Pauline came over and told her to "F Off", or else. 

Frank Renshaw

Eric (Rockin Ric) Stanton at a Chraity Do with Selwyn Demmys (Blinkers) Christmas ladies!

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Arnold Seddon
I take it you are the young woman I remember as Gay Gorna. Use to live in Hale (Late 60s)

If that's the case,Hello. I hope you are well and life has been kind.

If not, then my apologies for the intrusion.
10th January 2017 5:43pm
nelon diaz
i jus to go there on the year 1969 and knowed George best and jennifer lowe. i am from Venezuela 66 years oldcold
26th December 2014 8:25am
Sheila hoy
I wonder if anyone else has memories of steph on the door? He was my dad
18th August 2014 3:41am
hi sheila, l knew steve and family very well.He was my cousin
20th October 2014 9:01pm
Jack Grimshaw
Sheila: First time I met your dad (per my piece above) he kept me out! Dress code and all that ... no tie. He remembered my name an hour later, when I returned - and greeted me warmly by name every visit after that. A gentleman, a genuine nice guy and a pleasure to have known. And always immaculately dressed. He was especially charming to any good-looking lady one might have in tow!
20th March 2015 11:33am
Sheila hoy
Hi Tommy
Think there is a mix up here I am talking about Steph on the door not Steve, Steph is my dad
10th April 2015 8:16am
Sheila hoy
Yes jack a very true description of my dad, loved a pretty lady!!
10th April 2015 8:19am
Arnold Seddon
Met your Dad when I was taking over from him on the Door. We worked together for a couple of weeks in order for him to introduce me to the regular customers.

Only stayed for twelve months, late '69 into 1970. Dougie Fiddler was the manager at the time I started. He left and was replaced with John Stoy.

A great deal of building work went on in those 12 months, as the doorway was moved around the corner, opposite the Bus Stop.

They were fun times, I was 23 then, almost 70 now.
26th February 2016 6:30am
Bernadette Brown
Hi Sheila, I worked at Blinkrers same time as your dad, he was a lovely man very polite also..x
17th December 2016 12:12am
Dale kirk
I used to clean Karl's car!!! I am 55 now but when I was a child living on Lomond Road Karl lived across from us. He had the most amazing E-type Jag and it had wire wheels. He paid me 50p a wheel!!! My spends were probably only 20p a week at the time. Karl I hope you are well and forgave my uncle!!!
29th July 2014 12:12am
Alan Edmunds
Are you sure that the guy in the photo with the Christmas Babes is Eric Stanton? It looks like a guy called Graeme Jackson with whom I used to visit Blinkers in the very early 70's.
Alan Edmunds
8th July 2014 2:10am
Eric Stanton
Hi Alan. I can assure you it is me. Happy days. Eric
11th August 2014 5:00am
Alan Edmunds
Hi Eric,thanks for the confirmation. You and Graeme are so alike even down to the style of jacket and open necked shirt!My error was also down to 'circumstantial evidence' as Graeme was 'friendly' with a woman who had a model agency in Bolton and I thought the lovely girls may have been from her agency. I think her name was Pam Holt.Regards Alan
13th August 2014 2:19am
Linda Bilton
Jeffrey Stanton introduced me to Time and Place, Mr Smiths and Blinckers nightclubs., what fantastic memories ! Clubs ahead of their time . Special moments with special people Eric Stanton was introduced briefly.
6th July 2014 8:02am
eric stanton
Hi Linda. Nice to see someone remembers Jeff . Sadly passed away 4 years ago aged just 61. Left wife and three great kids. He is very much missed. One of the good guys.
12th July 2014 2:26am
Caroline Jackson - as was
I worked at the Phonograph during college vacations from when it opened till 1966 . I remember George Best when he only drank Coca Cola ! And what about Frank's steak sandwiches ! We used to get £3 per night and a free taxi home. Some of the best times of my life .
19th May 2014 8:06pm
Pat Elrington
I remember The Phonograph in 1964, so much fun and so many happy memories. I also remember Frank the chef, what a lovely happy man he was. Oh for a time warp so that we could be those revellers again!
26th September 2014 11:24pm
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