Che Joey

I thought Che Joey was between Cannon st and Market st, up some stairs with a three piece band playing jaz and smooth music, before disco hit the scene.  I was well under age geting in there and only ever got in because my elder sister knew the bouncer.

John Gledhill

My late, great step father Edward Warburton [Trombonist] played here for many years.My goodness the stories that he shared with many,many fellow muscians was stunning what a great shame that jazz music was not enjoyable then as it is now to a girl born in the eighties. My father was a legend.

Long, live, Live jazz music.

Tracey Warburton (nee Bland)

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Shirley Jakeway
Yes the Trombone player was the fantastic Eddie Warberton , good times. S Jakeway /Cobb
21st March 2017 9:03pm
Eric Rowland
What wonderful memories of my youth it brings back to see mention of Eddie Warburton. We were friends in the mid 50s, and used to meet with others at a little cafe on Plymouth Grove, just past Nelson Street. Eddie was a lovely chap and, naturally, music mad. The one thing I remember clearly, is a song on the Juke-box "Why should I go home?" which we played continuously. Often wondered what had become of him in later life. A great character, one of those people you never forget.
26th March 2016 7:18am
Jean Kinsella
Edward was my uncle. He passed away in 1991. He was great. As you say he was a great character and he really did love music. It was nice to read all the nice things you said about him
2nd September 2016 12:21am
Amanda campbell
I'm trying to find Joe plants family i believed they had the chaz / shaz joey nite club i would also like to meet up with tony hulme and billy ingham please contact me with any information thanks in advance
4th February 2016 12:09pm
Ellie Fogel
My sister was married to Joe Plant so maybe I could help you but I would need your phone number as my email is not working at the moment
24th March 2016 3:58am
07519415244 mandy
24th March 2016 8:19am
Peter Maguire
I spent many a 'Double Diamond' filled hour popping up the bar at The Chez Joey. My main interest - as an aspiring jazz musician was Eddie Warburton the resident band's trombonist. A great musician - at one point he ran a jazz music filled shebean in his flat in Victoria Park - who I got to know well and shared the stand with him at many jam sessions. The diminutive Sheila Scott featured singer with the band also became a good friend. And of course Tony Hulme - who seemed to me at that time to embody a level of almost unattainable charm and sophistication. Another feature of Chez Joey was an internal telephone system - you could call up another table - a large round illuminated number was hung on the wall behind each table. Not forgetting that Chez Joey was also the preferred hang out for many members of the professional wrestling fraternity. Happy days indeed.
29th September 2015 7:40pm
Shirley jakeway
Wow how great to hear about the Chez joey. My boyfriend Sean Graham played Drums in the band with Eddie Warburton. Gosh I loved listening to him.and Tony Hulme singing they were fab times. Love to hear from anyone from that time.
12th September 2015 7:09am
Jean Kinsella
Hello Shirley. Edward was my uncle. My mother's brother. It is nice to read so many nice things about him. Jean
25th October 2015 1:44am
Stan wood
I was a M/c cabby 1959/68,always went to Chez Joey after work,it was run by Joe Plant,the doorman was Billy Ingham,a great guy.The home office closed 90 per cent of clubs around 68.M/c had over 500 late drinking licences in 64/65 every cellar was a club!
1st September 2015 6:02pm
Alan Bowden
A person has put the venue of a club in the wrong address. I'm saying the Manchester Club called The Chey Joey was in Gore Street just off Piccadilly and further add it was downstairs with expensive (in those days ) flock red wallpaper , the compare was the very smooth Mr Tony Hulme nick-named Mr Manchester, to me it was a real nice place, I finished my 21st birthday off in there, that was 1962
23rd March 2014 7:52pm
Tom Brown
the name of the club was Chez Joey and Alan Bowden is right about the site of the club. The upsatairs club between Cannon St and Market St may well have been Liston's Bar
18th November 2014 11:32pm

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