Che Joey

I thought Che Joey was between Cannon st and Market st, up some stairs with a three piece band playing jaz and smooth music, before disco hit the scene.  I was well under age geting in there and only ever got in because my elder sister knew the bouncer.

John Gledhill

My late, great step father Edward Warburton [Trombonist] played here for many years.My goodness the stories that he shared with many,many fellow muscians was stunning what a great shame that jazz music was not enjoyable then as it is now to a girl born in the eighties. My father was a legend.

Long, live, Live jazz music.

Tracey Warburton (nee Bland)

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Topic: Chez Joey
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Shirley Jakeway says...
Yes the Trombone player was the fantastic Eddie Warberton , good times. S Jakeway /Cobb
21st March 2017 9:03pm
Eric Rowland says...
What wonderful memories of my youth it brings back to see mention of Eddie Warburton. We were friends in the mid 50s, and used to meet with others at a little cafe on Plymouth Grove, just past Nelson Street. Eddie was a lovely chap and, naturally, ... Read More
26th March 2016 7:18am
Jean Kinsella says...
Edward was my uncle. He passed away in 1991. He was great. As you say he was a great character and he really did love music. It was nice to read all the nice things you said about him
2nd September 2016 12:21am
Amanda campbell says...
I'm trying to find Joe plants family i believed they had the chaz / shaz joey nite club i would also like to meet up with tony hulme and billy ingham please contact me with any information thanks in advance
4th February 2016 12:09pm
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