The Cromford Club
Cromford Court, off Market Street

Long lost under the magnificence that is Arndale!

The Cromford Club was run by Paddy McGrath, an ex-boxer.


Peter Byrne, spoke of Doorman BIG George on the Manchester Cavern page ... 6'4" and 18 stone was very big then.

That was my Dad, unfortunately he died early 2009, heart attack, running a pub, behind a bar and pulling a pint for a customer ... 69 years old.

In November 1964 he was running the Cromford door (with Jimmy "Swords"..anyway, one night at home I was sick, Doctor came out, gave my (8 months pregnant) Mum a prescripton, she got the bus into town where she went to the Cromford.

Dave Lee Travis (of course wearing his parker) took her in his Jeep across town to the all night chemist.

I remember a photo of Dad stood in front of Mick Jagger (Guarding him) who did a guest appearance on a tiny stage about a foot high...their heads were about the same level even though Mick was on the stage. I would sell my soul for a copy of that photo.

David Lloyd

Thank you David, it is very sad to hear of your dad's passing.  I will always have great memories about our time at the Cavern, and your dad, he was an important part of all our time in the sixties.

Take care.

Peter Byrne

Hi, My late Father 'Big George' Lloyd worked on the Cromford/Cavern door in the 60's. If anyone has memories or gossip about him while he was there please email me, all lowercase DML1D @ HOTMAIL.COM

If you're interested, in the early 70's my parents decided to try and get a pub, to do this my Dad went working at the "bottom Kings on Oldham Street (before anyone asks it was because there were 2 Kings pubs on Oldham Street, the other was at the top of the Street). Anyone remember him from there?

David LLoyd

Somebody must know. My late father was Big George (Lloyd) - the doorman. Whenever he spoke about this club he called it the Cromford Club, not the Cavern. Anyone know why? I suspect the staff called it the Cromford, the punters the Cavern.
If you know please advise.  

David LLoyd 

Hi David, I worked with your dad at the Cavern on Cromford Court from 1963-64. with Dave Hall. The manager was called Dave Sledge his wife was called Wendy she was on the till.

I know your dad didn't work at the Cromford Club -  the door man was Billy Gilmore from Salford.  He worked the door on his own for years. he was a good friend of mine.

Hope this helps.  Cheers!



This is my parents. My Mum worked a few places in town.
Not sure if this place is recognisable but.....

David Lloyd

David, re your Dad, George,  the Cromford Club he mentioned was in fact another club in Cromford Court - it was a Casino if I remember rightly and your Dad probably went there after his shift at the Cavern Club.

Grace Butterworth

Hi Dave

Rremember your dad, he worked the doors with Alan - prince to top man.

P Clarke

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Topic: The Cromford Club
Paul mlynarz says...
8th March 2014 10:33pm
Carol Smith says...
I was Carols daughter. George was my stepfather and David Lloyd is my brother.
8th September 2014 1:51am
carol Leslie smith says...
George was my step father . David and John are my brothers
2nd November 2014 10:18am
Thomas lamb says...
Big George , great bloke he also worked for George the Greek in a club in the Corn Exchange .. i have a photo of him and Alan Prince .. can't remember the name of the club there was that many .. image
22nd November 2014 5:26am
David Lloyd says...
Hi, He worked with Princey for Greek George at The Moonraker, a Press club.
4th May 2015 11:46pm
David Lloyd says...
Ji, Please could you email me the picture of my Dad and Princey at the Moonraker? Or send me your address, I will send you a stamped addressed envelope, I will copy & return.
26th June 2015 9:05pm
Tilly says...
my dad use to come here Tilly in the 1960's does anyone remember him. Mum R embers big George great to hear the stories..x
8th April 2015 4:19am
carol Leslie smith says...
Hey, David we miss you. Especially Brad. X
19th May 2015 10:23am
carol Leslie smith says...
I know David Brad misses you. X
19th May 2015 10:25am
carol Leslie smith says...
My mother was Carol Smith
My Step father was George Lloyd
My brothers: David &John Lloyd by the same mother
19th May 2015 10:32am
Chris Dan says...
Hello, long shot here but here goes..... I am trying to find a Peter Williamson or Williams who worked at the club and was once a bus driver and in the territorial army, approx early 70s years of age now, Does anyone know of anyone matching this ... Read More
4th July 2016 6:47am

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