Does anyone remember "EXPLOSION", a night club down town Manchester. 1971-1972?

I remember the disc-jocky was a afro-american.. great guy, great accent, he also had a radio program. I remember some good looking guys. Ozzy was one, a great dancer.

Susan Osman

Explosion was a great club on High Street. It was one of Manchester's first Discoteque style venues, different from the likes of Rowntrees and Top of the Town which had gone before.

I can still remember my girlfriend, Janet (now my wife) and her friend Janice on the small stage area, both in tiny hotpants, dancing away to the music.

The building disappeared years ago with the demolition for the Arndale Centre. 

Martin Carling

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Is this site for real??? I've just added my previous comments at 23:00hrs - for you that dont know the 24 hr clock, that 11 pm and my post has jut shown uo as 7 pm????? what utter *****!!! so much for archive historical facts - I could have recorded so much here......
1st June 2016 8:11am
Carl Henderson
What a rude person. Historical facts? Learn to spell! Wounderful? Certainley?
People who live in glass houses ...
Site is better off without pillocks!
1st June 2016 5:59pm
I remember the explosion club manchester. Mike and Eunis were the owners when I was around. It was an amazing place. I was very close to Mike and Eunis and we all had a fantastic time; I met and got to know many celebrities in manchester and have many wounderful memories - those certainley were the days....
1st June 2016 7:57am
MIke was my Dad and Eunice my stepmom
16th September 2016 5:04am
Raymond Da Silva
I also remember the explosion, back in the day great club, great atmosphere. The Afro american DJ by the way was called Greg Edwards, he was a good pal of mine, did'nt see him much when he went down to london to do work for capital radio. He also use to work for time and place, I also met mike shaft there before he went into djing he was working there doing bar work.I was fortuanate to do a spot for dj residency
in the hope to get a job but was unsuccessful with the application.
29th October 2015 1:54am
I remember The Explosion Club on High Street. I was in a girl group and we used to rehearse there. It was owned by a couple called Sid and Jackie. Jackie was a huge Tom Jones fan and they put a Party on after his show at the Palace Theatre 1972 I think. We were invited to stay behind for this party. Lulu was there too as she was appearing at The Golden Garter. Happy Days .
13th March 2015 7:34am
netta hymanson
Yes remember well Jackie owned it and everyone who really was anyone went there
19th September 2016 6:53am
Ray Metcalfe
Sunday nights at 'Minderbinders' in the Explosion Club in 1971 was great. It was in a really small cellar on High Street - now demolished for the Arndale Centre. I think it cost 5 Shillings membership for a year and 5 Shillings to get in - regardless of which band was playing - and they had really great bands. We saw Thin Lizzy (in the Phil Lynott, Eric Bell and Brian Downey lineup), Supertramp, and many other great bands. The bands who regularly played there were Hackensack and Stray and John Cooper Clark could always be relied on to read us some of his poetry. They even had a stripper dancing to Samba Pa Ti by Santana, with a liquid wheel going in the background. Happy Days.

16th February 2015 12:11am
Sunday Nights at the Explosion were the heavy rock "Alternative" Nights. I was one of the promoters and I was usually on the door taking the money. We had many great bands on. A early appearance for Thin Lizzy, and John Cooper Clark doing his poems BEFORE he was a punk poet. Happy days !!!
23rd September 2014 3:15am
Stephanie Stace
I used to work at Explosion in 71/72. Mike and Eunice Sullivan part owned it. Kevin was the DJ.
Great times !
7th September 2014 9:23pm
geoff phillips
My band "Barnaby Rudge" used to have a Monday night residency there in 1972. As you can imagine, it was pretty quiet in there apart from the odd Coronation Street character and a group of nurses who came to see us. The Supremes were in there one night. Our singer Bernard chanced his arm with Mary Wilson, but she wasn't having any! Watch out in these pages for the upcoming Barnaby Rudge story!
12th September 2014 5:08am
John McGuinness
I remember that night well Geoff, I was also a member of Barnaby Rudge and of the early 70's scene. Great times !!!!
10th December 2015 6:37am
Geoff Phillips
Hi John, great to hear from you after all these years. Do you see anything of John Weston?
I'm still in touch with Lou on Facebook. He's with the Merseybeats now. Roadie Mike Butler lives in Bermuda. Bernard had moved to Cambridge last I heard. Happy days indeed!
17th December 2015 7:51am

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