The Gog and Magog pub
London Road
, Manchester

The Gog and Maygog. This was a large pub on London Road Manchester near London Rd. railway station; now Piccadily station. They had local bands on a Fri and Sat in the early 60s.

Geoff Brannick

Both The Vincents and The Neutrons played at the Gog and Magog on London Road. We played there two or three nights a week for much of 1963/64. Can't remember the landlord's name but recall him being a jovial Irish guy. Used to have a regular following (small but cosy) in those very ealy days. Good memories!

The landlord's name was Mick!

Peter Royle

Played the Strangeways venue a few times myself. 

Tony Garcia

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Topic: Gog and Magog pub
Paul Mackie says...
Played regularly there in the early sixties I was the drummer in the Sleepwalkers from Blackley we gigged there on the night JFK was shot in Dallas
16th August 2015 3:27pm


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